OTC: TMZ Trumps Compromised ESPN On Ray Rice Video / Stan Weber Is A Treat On KSU FB Broadcasts

“A 24-hour cable network devoted to sports couldn’t hold the NFL accountable. But a gossip website/syndicated TV show did.”
@jasoncherkis, on TMZ breaking the story on the Ray Rive video inside the elevator, Twitter
GH: The question isn’t whether or not ESPN or any of the other sports-related media could or could not have produced that video from inside the elevator. The question is why they chose not to. As Mark Mangino so aptly stated years ago – “You know what this is all about? Dollar signs.”

“Always, this story would have to be broken by someone outside the league’s purview, which meant that the likes of Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen, Peter King and Jay Glazer – those insiders feeding us morels of preapproved info – were never going to get this scoop. They are not outside the NFL’s culture. They inhabit it.”
Mike Sielski, columnist, on TMZ breaking the Ray Rice video, Philadelphia Enquirer GH: What a deliciously perfectly worded description of those NFL insiders who are far more NFL carnival barker than NFL tipsters. TMZ is looked down upon by the mainstream media for dealing in gossip and paying their sources. I think all news sources deserve to be paid. When the media stops charging consumers to sample their product, then we can go back to expecting a news source to provide them with free information.

“I’ve always said this – what we do in the dark is eventually going to come to the light. It all comes out eventually.”
Herm Edwards, on the NFL turning a blind eye to the Ray Rice elevator video, 810 AM

“Whoever is asking those questions (of Ned Yost), is always trying to paint a negative tone around the Kansas City Royals. I think that was the dude from The Kansas City Star. An unearned run is a run!”
Bob Fescoe, after Andy McCullough asked Yost if he was concerned that the Royals win in New York was due to two unearned runs, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe has made his sports talk show host reputation by making outlandish statements and often playing the fool. What he does not seem to understand is that his constant homerism for local players, coaches and especially the teams that his radio station is contractually tied removes all credibility from him and his show. McCullough is simply doing his job when he asked Yost about his team’s lack of run scoring ability. For Fescoe to criticize The Star’s beat writer for doing his job is simply sad coming from a guy who actually went to college to study journalism.

“I think Phys has been awesome – AWESOME – on this road trip! With the excitement and making you want to be there!”
Bob Fescoe, on Physioc’s work as the Royals lead play-by-play voice this road trip while Denny Matthews remained back in KC, 810 AM
GH: If Fescoe truly believes Physioc has been AWESOME during this road trip, he is likely in the minority. Physioc’s work has replaced Rex Hudler’s as the most criticized on my Twitter feed. Not that Physioc doesn’t have his moments. Read on.

“Joba the Chamberlain. He looks like he just got out of a boxcar after traveling across the country in the Grapes of Wrath era. … He looks like Hagrid from Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Hair is just exploding out of his face, it’s not organized at all. He’s got orange shoes on. He’s a big bear of a man…”
Steve Physioc, describing Detroit’s reliever Joba Chamberlain as he pitched against the Royals Monday afternoon, Royals Radio

“The kind of guy who fishes without a fishing rod.”
Steve Stewart, chiming in on Physioc’s description of Chamberlain, Royals Radio
GH: By the way – how can Denny Matthews take this road trip off? Unless Matthews is ill or has some grave personal issues, he needs to be calling these games on the road in the first meaningful September for any Royals fan under the age of 40. It is called a pennant race, Denny. Time to strap up and get your game on.

“Biggest series of most of our lives coming up. #Royals”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, on the Royals trip to New York this week, Twitter

“I looked down and wasn’t totally sure about that ball.”
Wyatt Thompson, who missed that Kansas State’s Randall Evans had ripped the ball from the Iowa State receiver and was credited with an interception, Wildcat Radio Network
GH: Stan Weber kept the radio audience informed as to what was happening on the field when he said, “Who’s got the ball?” I was left to listen to the K-State game at Ames and the Missouri game in Toledo on the radio last Saturday. With MU cruising most of the afternoon, I spent more time listening to Thompson’s and Weber’s call of KSU’s wild 32-28 comeback win at Iowa State. I was reminded again just how good Stan Weber is as a radio analyst. Thompson has a good radio voice but he misses more than he catches of the nuances of the game. Weber is simply like listening to a genius at work. He saved Thompson on this play – the most crucial play of the game. He also correctly predicted that ISU’s decision to begin spiking the ball to stop the clock on their final drive would be fatal in their own comeback effort. In a word, Weber was superb.

“Jake Waters? Amazing! Amazing running the football!”
Stan Weber, on the KSU quarterback’s game-winning TD run and incredible day in Ames, Wildcat Radio Network
GH: I knew Waters could throw, but who knew he was/is a miniature Collin Klein? Weber’s descriptions of him pausing and waiting to rush the line of scrimmage and then relating that to his work with Coach Klein on the practice field painted a picture in my mind of how Waters sliced up the Cyclone defense.

“Stop. Go. And then stop. Ohhhh, that is so tough to stop for the defensive back!”
Stan Weber, describing a successful pass route by KSU’s Tyler Lockett, Wildcat Radio Network
GH: Having played some defensive back in my day – but never having to cover anyone with the talents of Tyler locket – all I could do was whimper for the ISU defensive back. There is no hope of covering this route unless the pass rush succeeds.

“I think that’s a real nice win for (Kansas State). I think North Dakota State’s better than we think.”
Soren Petro, after K-State won a back-and-forth 32-28 battle in Ames the week after NDSU embarrassed Iowa State in a 34-14 loss, 810 AM GH: This is a big win for Kansas State, despite ISU’s loss the week before to NDSU. It is a conference win on the road in the second week of the season – at one of the more unfriendly venues in the Big 12. There is no reason for the Cats to hang their helmets after this win.

“Winning the Big 10 is like being named the top chef at Olive Garden.” @FakeSportsCenter, after the Big Ten spent the second week of the season making the other four months appear to be about as important as an intramural league, Twitter
GH: The gap between the cold-weather schools and the warm-weather schools appears to be growing at an alarming rate. Recruits continue to favor the sun and fun over the past and done.

“Right now – right now – (Eric Fisher) is horrible for being the number-one overall pick.” Steven St. John, on the Chiefs’ starting left tackle, 810 AM
GH: If there is a local sports personality more upset about the Chiefs than SSJ – I have not heard or read them. St. John is in full Gunther mode this week.

“Donny Avery should not be on this roster anymore.”
Jeff Chadiha, ESPN NFL writer, on the Chiefs’ number-one receiver against Tennessee who garnered 13 targets from Alex Smith, 810 AM GH: The more in-depth analysis I listen to this week about the Chiefs personnel decision making the more depressed I become over the home team’s chances this fall – or next. Could John Dorsey and Big Red really be this brain dead?

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52 Responses to OTC: TMZ Trumps Compromised ESPN On Ray Rice Video / Stan Weber Is A Treat On KSU FB Broadcasts

  1. FJH says:

    I find the outrage (regarding the newly released Ray Rice video) a little odd. The NFL – and everyone else – saw the video of RR dragging her unconscious body out of an elevator. Shouldn’t that video have been enough? What did Roger Goodell think happened in the elevator?

    • Brummy says:

      I completely agree…I found the coming changes to the drug suspensions reactive as well.

    • Phaedrus says:

      It seems like the media is nothing more than a contest to see who can sound the most outraged at things, whether it’s the Ray Rice situation, the reaction to Stephen Smith’s comments, the Donald Sterling comments, etc.

      Everyone wants to show that THEY are the one that is most offended by the racist/sexist/etc activity. Where it will lead to or when it will stop, nobody knows.

      • Phaedrus says:

        Of course, one place it leads to is the Hawks owner selling his team because he wrote an email that wasn’t racist, but did use the words “white” and “black”

        • chuck says:

          You guys are all right in my opinion.

          The media cricus got all fired up and th contest to see who was more indignant or offended was ON!!!

          Jesus what a load of crap. No doubt the dude was wrong and should be punished, but this is in NO way about punishment, it is a feeding frenzy by talking heads who need to sell advertising and keep their jobs. Only once out of the dozens and dozens of times I have seen the “elevator video” have I seen it backed up to the point, where before Ray and his wife reach the pole right outside of the elevator, she slaps him full on on the face.

          Again, I am not making excuses for the punch, but the hue and cry for Ray to go to anger management excludes his wife, who, if I am seeing the video correctly, hits him three times before he hits back.

          AGAIN I am saying Ray was wrong and should have jsut grabbed her, she couldn’t hurt him. I get that. That said, they are both drunk in a casino, fighting ove somehting stupid no doubt and it escalated.

          Here is the deal, I couldn’t find (Maybe there is something, I don’t know) ANYTHING that Ray Rice has EVER done that wouldn’t be a credit to his team and the NFL.

          This is breaking the butterfly on the wheel in pursuit of personal and business aganda that has less to do with correction than revenge, catharsis and ignorance.

    • HARLEY says:

      all these guys beat their women. Whats news. 1 in 8 relationships involve domestic
      problems. What do you do…suspend a player every time it happens. There’d be
      no more than half the players left in the nfl.
      rice is an animal. that’s what footballs about…hit/hit/hit….don’t think…hit someone…
      don’t worry…its part of the game.
      he should serve time….pay his dues….then let the owners decide if someone
      will take this guy for heir team.
      one guy killed dogs…he’s back playing….that’s pretty gruesome…and now
      no one cares about the incident.
      the nfl is all about money and image. they saw him drag his fiancé/wife out of the
      elevator then marry the woman to avoid prosecution…
      why get worked up about it….domestic violence is everywhaare…anyone who
      hits a woman should be banned period….but it aint gonna happen.
      I know two top chiefs players who were charged with domestic abuse….they played
      for 8 years each….even derrick Thomas had this problem….threw his girl out
      the window…
      another example of money over morals.

  2. Jim says:

    What the fuck did Goddell THINK happened in that elevator? The chick was knocked out and he KNEW that part. Why did seeing it happen change anything he originally did? Personally, I don’t think this is the end of it. I think he and his $44MM salary are in trouble. It’s a really bad look for him and the NFL.

  3. Brett says:

    Greg, Joba is with the Tigers now:)

  4. TMZ Fantasy Football, play today! says:

    She walked into an elevator and was dragged out. It is not a mystery what happened in-between. Leave it to the National Felon League to put on the blinders and pretend something else happened.

    • P says:

      So, reading between the lines of what has been said about the incident, Ray Ray made it sound as if his fiance went all ‘Solange Knowles on Jay Z’ so to speak and was hitting him etc and he just reacted and swung. Not right either way but I think most people (ie his teammates) felt the guy was reacting to a woman going off on him and he snapped and hit her to defend himself. Obviously from the tape, he wasn’t ever hit and decided to slug his fiance as she stepped toward him. After slapping her.

      • Brummy says:

        Its certainly doesn’t justify him hitting her, but apparently she spit on him. Everybody knows the civilized response is to spit back.

    • rkcal says:

      EXACTLY. As someone on twitter put it: Goodell, the Ravens, ESPN, etc……reacted not because they “finally” saw the video, but because WE saw the video. Save me the hand-wringing outrage.
      Props to TMZ.

  5. Mike says:

    Avery did the Chiefs no favors. For fuck’s sake, he FELL DOWN route-running on two of those targets from Smith. Gotta stay upright to catch the ball, son.
    That game went downhill the moment half the fireworks failed to go off at the 11:00am warning, and the player-intro fireballs didn’t ignite as the team ran onto the field.
    It was that kind of day for nearly all.

  6. The Independent Rage says:

    I think the social media is about go Mangino all over Roger Goodell. May even make Goodell consume some burning bear claws on his way out the door.

  7. Say What? says:

    I think Physioc has been pretty good on radio this year. He brings energy to the game (Something Denny has lacked for years), great descriptions of the game and keeps it light-hearted. Is he Vin Scully, obviously not, but he is better than Denny Matthews at this point.

    • mike says:

      I seriously have no idea what is going on when Phys is calling the game.

      • LSmith says:

        Same here. I went 45 minutes riding in a car not knowing what the score was on Sunday. For a guy that doesn’t shut his mouth for 2 seconds during a game, he sure doesn’t give up much actual information.
        And can the Royals pay to have Steve Stewart’s depth perception checked. Not every ball hit to the outfield looks like it’s going out. I’ve never heard a man so excited about a pop up to the left fielder.

  8. Juan Pablo says:

    Jake Waters? Amazing! Amazing running the football!”
    Stan Weber, on the KSU quarterback’s game-winning TD run and incredible day in Ames, Wildcat Radio Network
    GH: I knew Waters could throw, but who knew he was/is a miniature Collin Klein?

    He is a good runner but they use him to much.. He does not have the size to run a lot. Klein got knocked out of a game with a concussion. Waters looked like he got knocked out on one play vs ISU. , I was surprised the let him back into the game. I don’t think Waters wlil make it trough the year if he keeps running the ball a lot.

    • Kansas Marine says:

      Sadly I agree. Klein is 6 ft 5, 235 lbs. Waters is 6 ft 1, 205 lbs. Klein is built like a running back and Waters is built like a quarterback. If they keep running him 10+ times per game it’s going to catch up with them sooner rather than later.

  9. nick says:

    Regarding Bob Fescoe’s defense of Yost and Physioc:

    – Yost’s lineups are often head-scratching. Thankfully, it matters little cause we have a solid starting staff, super studly defenders, and the 2nd coming of Eckersly/Gossage/Rivera in the bullpen. I think Yost thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room when he talks. It annoys me. Maybe that’s my problem, but don’t think I’m in the minority.

    – Physioc (and Stewart) seem like good dudes, but listening to them is a chore for me. I too wondered where Matthews was.

  10. b12 says:

    @say what. Say what? Phys has the energy and enunciation of someone reading a bedtime story to a child that can’t understand English. Denny is not what he once was, but he still “paints a picture”. Phys has the pipes, that’s it. Steve Stewart is as vanilla as it gets…and he’s better than Phys.

    • Steve says:

      Exactly. When the two Steve’s are on the broadcast, I try and get to a TV fast. Fescoe’s constant defense of Ned and hatred for The Star is puzzling and childish. Ned’s right that he should be glad they won, but his continually hitting Infante second along with leaving Butler out the lineup is not helping. The Infante thing is just infuriating.

      As for Weber, I only listen to him when he’s on Keitzman’s show and I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stand the guy. Maybe he’s better during an actual game.

      • Mike says:

        It’s because that in-game, Stan actually has to get quiet when the offense approaches the line so Wyatt can set formation and call the play. In a talk show setting, Stan has no such constraint, and can ramble like hell for a 4-minute answer to a basic question. It’s why a 25 minute interview with Stan consists of a salutation, 3.5 questions, and then a wrap/close.
        Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m sure Kevin enjoys the time off.

  11. D says:

    Why is nobody talking about how good Mizzou looked last week? Soren Petro picked Toledo to win and now so far this week he has yet to even mention the game. Does the KC media have their noses so far up the Texas 10’s asses that they won’t talk about the SEC at all? Sure seems that way. I know I’ll be listening less and less to the local stations this fall.

    • MIZ-SEC says:

      D, you hit the nail on the head. Ever since we moved to the best conference in America the local KC stations have treated us like an outsider. In the fall its all about KState. In the winter its all kU Gayhawks. Who gives a fuck about the retarded Farmagedden game or kU v Okie St in hoops. I want to hear about my school and the teams we play against. The KC media can go fuck themselves.

      • sporty says:

        You are kidding, right?? 810 and 610 talk constantly about mu. In my opinion, who cares about mu. They played Toledo, big deal. When they get crushed by Georgia and S Carolina (who sucks), then I will love listening to the mu whiners.

      • BlackJack says:

        Why is it then that it seems that I cannot turn on the radio without hearing Gary Pinkel giving his patented coach-speak answers as a guest on somebody’s show.

        It seems that Tuesdays especially are Pinkel Blitz radio.

        As far as complaining about KU v Okie St getting of coverage, you’re kidding right?

        • Not a Texas 10 fan says:

          KU vs Okie St in basketball? It’s par to MU vs. Kentucky or Florida.

          Yet the KU game gets more coverage here.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        It’s been my experience that the amount of coverage has been very fair. You guys are just oversensitive. You want exclusive MU/SEC coverage? Tune into the SEC Digital Network or the SEC channel. Otherwise, have some cheese with your whine, and STFU.

      • Fred Flintstone says:

        You haven’t heard?
        KANSAS City is Big 12 Country, always has been, always will be.
        I personally LOVE the lack of attention MU/SEC get in KANSAS City. It’s about on par with what the population roots for.

        KANSAS City’s loyalties:
        1. Chiefs
        2. Royals
        3. KU Basketball
        4. KSU Football
        5. Sporting KC
        6. KSU Basketball
        7. MU Football
        8. MU Basketball
        9. High School Football
        10. High School Basketball
        11. Jim Kottie from Smoke & Fire Bar-B-Que
        12. Women’s Professional Soccer (FKC?)
        13. KU Football

        With the exception of Grandpa Jack on Ch 41, the rest of the KANSAS City media pretty much follows this fan pattern for the success of their stations.


        • Joe Blow says:

          *Yawn*. KANSAS is pretty goddamn terrible.

          The actual Kansas City is in MIssouri…but I’m pretty sure we’ve been through this many times.

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Your state was named after a city in Missouri. Your list is laughable. So are you. #YabbaDabbaDUH

          • Fred Flintstone says:

            My list was silly after #8, I’ll admit. (Note the TIC?)
            Now I’m ready for a REAL laugh, let’s see your list.

            • Joe Blow says:

              Silly after #8?

            • Alphonse Tooty says:

              Mizzou football wouldn’t be any lower than 4th on that list. Probably more like a tie for 3rd. Kansans seem to live in this fantasy world in which they dominate KC. Are there more Kansans in KC than Missourians? I don’t think so. There is quantitative evidence that there are signficantly more KU alumi in KC but does that really translate to more fans? There is qualitative evidence to the contrary. If you were in Kauffman Stadium for the celebrity softball event during the All Star game festivities and heard the boos that rained down on Bill Self when he came to bat, it hardly sounded like a KU dominated city. It’s a silly argument anyway. There are plenty of fans from all three schools in the KC Metro and media outlets devote fair amounts of time to all.

              • Fred Flintstone says:

                I call BULLSHIT. I WAS at the All Star Game celebrity softball game, and heard the “BOOS!” for Bill Self. THEN, when he went downtown on the next pitch, I heard the stadium ERUPT into cheers and applause, while all you MU fans sheepishly slumped back into your chairs….just like when Self and KANSAS owned your sorry asses in basketball for all the years you were in the Big 6/8/12 with us.

                You fool. You just said, “There is quantitative evidence that there are significantly more KU alumni in KC..” but didn’t finish the thought. “More alumni in KC than any other fan base” is what you conveniently left off, or didn’t have the heart to type.

                Then you further embarrassed yourself by asking if more alumni translates into more fans? WTF are you asking? It’s like you know what the facts are, but just can’t stand to face them. Kansas (KU and KSU) and the Big 12 OWN KANSAS City. MU and the SEC has an insignificant slice of the pie, right along there with Sporting KC. hey not bad company to be in, ‘eh? At least they’ve WON some championships.

                • Alphonse Tooty says:

                  Haha … you’re such a putz. Thanks for proving my point on the Kauffman Stadium issue. Yes, there was significant representation from each fan base. If KU dominates, wouldn’t there have been an eruption of cheers to drown out the boos when he came to the plate?

                  Do I really have to complete the sentence for you to understand the point? Who’s the fool here, peabrain?

                  Even if KU has the biggest alumi base, what percentage of the city’s population do you think that would amount to? Pretty small, right? You make a blanket statement that “KU and KSU and the Big 12 own Kansas City.” But you offer no evidence. It’s just your opinion and you don’t have much to base it on. But if it makes you feel better about yourself to claim KC as “your” town … by all means, have at it.

      • keitzman wants an intern says:

        You are right about that MIZ…. Much of the sports media is from KU, they did not have the talent to go to bigger and better things.
        Fescoe is a NY Yankee fan and hides it, almost! He went to KU, got thrown out of STL and says some dumbass stuff on the radio. Talk about a schill for the teams his station supports….
        Most of the rest of the media is in w / KU and won’t say anything bad about them.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      KC is a KU town, . Nobody cares about MU in KC , MU has trouble getting their games on a radio station in KC . I think they are on some news talk radio station this year.

      • @mizzoukcfan4 says:

        Nobody cares? Uh, that’s pretty inaccurate. The Mizzou fans care. And there are plenty of us around here. The problem with living in the KC area is even if the local stations give equal coverage to all 3 schools, I’m not going to care about 2/3 of their programming. Not sure how many other MU fans feel like I do on this, but I don’t give a damn about the Big 12. I’ll watch Alabama vs East Central Georgia Baptist or whoever over KState/Iowa State. The SEC is the league my school is in and that’s the league I care about. Unfortunately, KC is only 33% an SEC town. That’s just the way it is. I’ll just go on ignoring the Big 12.

  12. Coffee Ready for Frank says:

    By the time the Chiefs roll into the week 4 MNF match with New England, can we please ditch our stupid effort in trying to ‘overtake’ Seattle for the noise record? I don’t know if anything will be more embarrassing than a 2/3- full stadium attempting to break this (already) lame feat. Uncle Mitch may be the only proponent of these bad marketing campaigns, and listening to him schill this shit is getting to be more than a bit annoying. While Seattle is unfurling a SB banner, we are eating last night’s popcorn and sipping flat soda out of a collectible Chiefs cup. This will prove as bad an idea as Lamar Hunt’s want of filling Kauffman Stadium for a MNF broadcast against Seattle back in ’99. ABC was courteous enough to NOT show the 500 people who showed up and occupied one section behind home plate.

    • Kyle R says:

      Wait…filling up the K because Arrowhead was already full or what?

      • Coffee Ready for Frank says:

        Kyle– It was his plan to get 120,000 people all into the complex, to set a ‘record’ for MNF. One with an asterisk, of course. Pretty sure that he would not have turned down the parking $

    • keitzman wants an intern says:

      Awesome idea coffee. It will Not break the record. The Chiefs brass can’t draft football players. That is a problem.

    • Mike says:

      I will hazard a guess that we won’t hear any more about another attempt to edge out 137.6. The Chiefs promoted the new attempt during the first half of the game, but not so much in the second half.
      I’ll also guess that we won’t hear a peep from Mitch about it anymore for now either, because if the team is wise, they’ll rescind the attempt for at least a year, if not longer. You need a qualified defense in order to generate noise. With a shaky secondary, no DJ, and a shit wideout corps and awful O-Line, the noise effort is already futile.

  13. Kansas Marine says:


    Is it necessary to express your reverence for Stan Weber each and every week? Stanbot does an ok job, but I find him to be over the top and incredibly biased every time he appears on 810. Had I not listened to him agree with everything KK says for years I might have more respect for him. He’s yet another 810 KSU cheerleader who ties everything back to Kansas State regardless of the topic.

    • sporty says:

      I call Bulls##tt. Stan Weber is very good at what he does. He has good insight on all the local schools. He is a great broadcaster for K-State. Not a cheerleader like the “radio guys” for Ku. Wow, they are so hard to listen to. Everything is “us, we, our”. So unprofessional. But, they do have to sit through Ku football games til the end, so I do have some sympathy for them.

    • yuri says:

      Have to agree with Sporty. Stan was one of the few that was waving the red flag after the 2003 season that the Cats would likely struggle when everyone else had them picked to finish near the top. I guess I would also like to see this roster of KSU cheerleaders who appear on 810 and compare it to the airtime for the other programs. Last I checked, the KU sideline and TV voice has a 4 hour show every day with 2 other KU fans.

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