OTC To Return On Tuesday / Meanwhile Chiefs 9-0!

I am traveling back from New York today a tad sore from running the marathon but with a smile on my face after the Chiefs remained undefeated. I wore my brand-new, never worn Nike Chiefs shirt for the NY Marathon, despite the “nothing new” rule in distance racing. I can report that even though the Chiefs were in Buffalo, NY to play the Bills, my Chiefs logo elicited a lot of positive responses from the thousands of marathon spectators.

Heard a lot of, “You’re undefeated!” And “8 and 0!” Andy Reid is also a favorite back in NYC. Big Red was getting a lot of love from the crowd. When I flipped on the Chiefs/Bills game, KC was down 3-10. Hali got the first defensive touchdown shortly after and things just got better from there. I hope to have some material for my OTC column on Tuesday and a recap on my run in New York later this week. See you then.

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5 Responses to OTC To Return On Tuesday / Meanwhile Chiefs 9-0!

  1. Say What? says:

    What is a Nothing New rule, and why is it needed?

    • Gavin says:

      You aren’t supposed to wear anything new in a marathon because it won’t have been broken in and you have no idea how it might rub, chafe, blister or generally fuck you up. New shoes are obvious, but socks a re a similar problem. A new shirt might rub your nipples raw (ask Greg about that) and now shorts or a new jock might cause some rubbing that could turn into bleeding by the end of the race. It makes sense if you consider how many times you will be making the s ame motion over and over again during a marathon.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Not to be a “dick”, but Smith had the first D touchdown.

  3. nick says:

    Speaking of rubbing raw…

    Is this WHOLE week of sports media gonna be along the lines of “the Chiefs are pretty good, but they can’t play like they did in Buffalo and expect to win in Denver, let alone a playoff game”?

    Pardon my French, but uh, yeah, no shit!

    Chiefs are 9-0! Reid gets two weeks to prepare. Sutton gets 2 weeks to break-down Manning and Denver’s O. Alex Smith and Reid will get together and figure out they best think they can score some points. Jamaal gets to rest. McCluster and Bowe get 2 weeks to re-focus and prove their drops were a fluke. All pressure’s on Denver in 2 weeks, especially if the Broncos lose at San Diego, which is very possible. Our defense has stayed back a little lately, likely ’cause they hoped the young opponent QB’s would crumble. And they eventually have! The D knows how great Manning is and will be focused. Manning has ankle issues, and the Chiefs could be one big hit from hindering the great one.

    I’m gonna focus on that for 2 weeks.

  4. Tigerpiper says:


    Greg, here is an article about running the NYC marathon with a blind person. Thought you’d enjoy.

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