OTC: Travis Ford Takes A Shot At KU’s Wiggins’ Hype / Mizzou FB Looking Like 2007

“Kansas is still the favorite. (Andrew) Wiggins is, from what I understand, the best player to ever play. I’ve seen him play and he’s really good. They’re still the No. 1 team and should be. They’ve got tons of talent, they’ve got depth, they’ve got the best player to ever play at Kansas and that’s a pretty good deal.”
Travis Ford, head basketball coach at Oklahoma State, Big 12 media days
GH: It is still October but the football seasons at Okie State and at Kansas haven’t really lived up to expectations this fall. So why not set off some sparks to the upcoming basketball season between these two burgeoning rivals? OSU is Bill Self’s alma mater and the Cowboys have long coveted his talents as a head coach – much to the displeasure of Kansas fans…and probably Travis Ford. Read on.

“I don’t think it’s right at all for another coach to talk sarcastically about somebody else’s players.”
Bill Self, on Travis Ford’s comments about Andrew Wiggins, 810 AM
GH: Self tried to play it cool while being interviewed by WHB’s Nate Bukaty but he let this gem slip. He quickly followed it up with coach speak but it appeared clear that he was not happy with Ford taking a verbal swipe at his first-year phenom.  

“I’m not sure (Travis Ford) meant it in a way that is negative toward Andrew. I thought it was probably taken a little bit out of context but I think that’s the kind of stuff that (Wiggins) loves. He likes to be challenged in ways like that. So I think that’ll be good for him.”
Bill Self, 810 AM
GH: Out of context? I guess Self felt he needed to soften his earlier comment with this stale “out of context” excuse but there is nothing in Ford’s statement that appears to be so. It just adds a bit more juice to the Jayhawks and Cowboys two (or more) Big 12 games this season. 

“He’s not going to put up 52 (points) and 31 (rebounds) in his first game like Wilt did.”
Bill Self, when asked if the hype and comparisons being made about Andrew Wiggins and Wilt and Danny Manning are fair, 810 AM
GH: I was too young at the time to remember Wilt’s years at KU but I heard all the stories. Can you imagine first-game numbers from a player today matching what Wilt did in the ‘50’s? ESPN and Twitter would explode!

“I think the extra hype will toughen him up. I think it will harden him a little bit and make him a little bit tougher and mentally make him a better player.”
Bill Self, 810 AM
GH: If Wiggins truly is the kind of player who feeds off of those who doubt him, he will be a very special player. That is one trait I never saw from Xavier Henry at Kansas. The really great ones live to quiet those who doubt their talents.  

“The former head men’s basketball coach failed to meet his responsibilities as a head coach when he did not monitor the activities of his assistant coaches, and attempted to cover up the booster’s threats to disclose incriminating information, according to the committee.”
NCAA Report on their ruling for the Mizzou basketball coach in the Miami scandal
GH: Haith will miss the Tigers’ first five non-exhibition games against Southeastern Louisiana, Southern Illinois, Hawaii, Gardner-Webb and IUPUI. I guess it’s a good thing Haith didn’t get paid in tattoos. 

“This (Missouri basketball) team needs to win – because if people are unhappy, this gives them the ammunition to make a move. If there are any forces that want Frank Haith out, they now have ammunition. I don’t think it means anything unless he gets off to a bad start.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I don’t think the Miami suspensions will carry any weight at all with Mizzou or those who might grow weary of Haith’s teams losing. MU expects to compete in the SEC for conference titles. If Haith is not able to deliver, he will be canned on that premise. They won’t need excuses born in Miami.  

“My son’s a big KU fan…”
Dennis Dodd, Mizzou alum, while discussing how good Andrew Wiggins will be this season at Kansas, 810 AM
GH: There is just no telling what team(s) the son will favor no matter the father’s interests. My two sons love when Nebraska gets beat. Bastards.  

“Watching MIZZOU Florida. Time Warner Cable’s dumbassery can’t be denied. Multiple (ad) spots touting their coverage of Kansas athletics in KC.”
Randy Withers, @RandyWithersKC, Twitter
GH: Does TWC understand their audience at all? Did they think there were a number of Kansas fans tuned into the UF/MU game that it warranted 20 showings of their KU commercial? If anything, those repetitive ads had to have Mizzou fans wanting to call a satellite provider.  

“Jesse Palmer follows it up by saying Mizzou ‘got really lucky, I want to see them beat somebody good.’”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, on the former Florida QB and current ESPN college football analyst, Twitter
GH: It appears the Chiefs and Mizzou share the same questionable undefeated resume in that many believe they have yet beaten a worthy opponent. What a joke. Mizzou won at Georgia! They beat Florida – who everyone says has one of the greatest defenses this side of the Great Wall! I love to watch Palmer and his pec-tight button downs because he reminds me that no matter how ridiculous I think my college-age kid is, there is hope he too will find gainful employment. 

“Mizzou was picked to finish No.6 in the SEC East at (SEC) Media Days. In the first BCS (ranking), the Tigers are No. 5 … in the nation.”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter
GH: No one with a more prominent stage in college football chastised and poked at Mizzou last season with the same glee and disrespect that Finebaum performed on his syndicated SEC-rich sports talk radio show. You have to like that Finebaum has enough character to give Mizzou props this season with almost the same enthusiasm as he did when he was slighting the Tigers last year. 

“Wasn’t sure I’d say this again in my lifetime, starting to feel a lot like 2007 around here.”
Dave Matter, writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Mizzou building what could become as special as their number-one ranking after their win over Kansas at Arrowhead in 2007, @Dave_Matter, Twitter
GH: Note to Kansas – you too can rebuild your football program to the same heights you enjoyed in 2007. But somebody better get serious about the rebuilding immediately.  

“Michael Sam is a better player right now than Jadeveon Clowney.”
Dennis Dodd, on the Missouri defensive lineman who has now been named the SEC defensive player of the week three times this season, 810 AM
GH: How crazy would the hype be for Clowney if he was having the same kind of season that Sams is producing at Mizzou? Hype is just hype. I’m still not convinced Clowney is worthy of the top pick in the NFL draft. 

“Mizzou opens as a 6.5-point underdogs vs. South Carolina. Line has already moved to 7.5 at some places. Poll voters believe in MU. Bookies don’t.”
Ross Dellinger, writer for Columbia Tribune, @RossDellenger, Twitter
GH: I don’t know where this line is today but when it came out I saw Tiger fans online going crazy with how their team was being disrespected by the bookies. Is there anything that matters less to the outcome of a game than the betting line on that game?

“I think Missouri’s defense is underrated.”
Dennis Dodd, 810 AM
GH: Anybody remember when the Mizzou defense was getting deservedly ripped by MU fans earlier this season in their non-con games? These Tigers now look like an entirely different animal.  

“Mark Mangino was fired one win away from becoming the all-time winningest football coach in Kansas history.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I do not think Charlie Weis is going to threaten that number. 

“Okay. All crazy and myopic folks pls unfollow me ASAP. Just do urself and me a favor. I say what I think. Doesn’t mean I’m right. Just my opinion.”
Kirk Herbstreit, @KirkHerbstreit, Twitter
GH: Doesn’t Herby know he is in the “crazy and myopic folks” business? Why these network guys who are paid to offer opinions overact to fans who overreact continues to amaze me. Kirk should be happy this country is so crowded with crazy and myopic fans who care enough that ESPN pays him a ridiculous salary to discuss college football. 

“After every Chiefs’ win we have another phenomenal Monday. The phones are ringing, people are coming through the door, it’s been quite an experience.”
Brian Nelson, with Tickets for Less, on the interest in after-market Chiefs’ tickets this season, WDAF Fox 4
GH: Sean McDowell, a reporter for Fox 4, did the story on how hot the resale market is this season on Chiefs’ tickets, some going for as much as $500 each. But he went a bit a bit goofy when he warned the public about waiting to but from these brokers. Read on.

“(Ticket brokers) advise the Chiefs’ fans who are looking to save a buck or two on tickets, don’t wait to buy if you’re thinking of doing it. As the team continues to get hotter and hotter, the way the Chiefs could this season, prices will only go up.”
Sean McDowell, reporter, WDAF Fox 4
GH: Come on, Sean. Be a reporter, not a salesman. Of course these guys want the public to NOT WAIT and buy now. Chiefs’ tickets are going for top-dollar right now with the team 7-0. And yes, they’ll go up if the team remains undefeated and in contention for the AFC West. But guess what happens with that first loss? Don’t do their work for them, Sean. BTW, Brian Nelson reported that there has NOT been a big demand for Mizzou football tickets, despite their 7-0 record. That might be because Brian doesn’t have many MU tickets to sell.  

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54 Responses to OTC: Travis Ford Takes A Shot At KU’s Wiggins’ Hype / Mizzou FB Looking Like 2007

  1. Gavin says:

    “My two sons love when Nebraska gets beat. Bastards.”

    Excellent. Just excellent. Love this.

    But did you mean to say what this suggests about your bride?

  2. Chaz Weis says:

    Rustin Dodd article on Dennis Dodd’s comment:
    “Lawrence — Here’s hack writer Dennis Dodd, patriarch of the Dodd family, making my job harder by selling me out as a Kansas fan.”

  3. Jim says:

    This Jayhawk forked out $100K to the University of Missouri for his son’s education. Note to future dad’s that suffer this same fate: You can write WHATEVER you want in the memo line of your checks and MU will cash everyone of them. (i.e. Tigers blow, RCJH, et al…) Made the process more fun and a little less painful! haha

  4. DG says:

    Greg – first off the MU defensive standout’s name is Sam not Sams – and I don’t get the Vegas line reference. MU is favored by 3. Should be a great game.

  5. Alphonse Tooty says:

    It’s Sam, not Sams.

    • Gavin says:

      You guys be careful. Merde Tagliaducci will have a low opinion of you based on this.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        People can’t just read Greg’s blog, they have to police it. I’m glad we have those people around to make the world a better playce.

        Also nice to see I’m still living rent-free in your head Gav.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    What I find hilarious is all the idiots who say Mizzou played a wounded Florida and Georgia teams, and use it as an excuse…it’s a flawed arguement and here’s why…

    1. Every SEC team on MU’s schedule last year played a wounded Tiger team, decimated with injuries. All the fans and pundits simply said that in the SEC you needed depth and was a sign that MU wouldn’t be able to compete. Now these same jerkoffs want to use the injury excuse for FL and GA. You can’t have it both ways.

    2. Mizzou’s defensive line has been the most impressive unit, and the injuries that FL and GA suffered were NOT on their offensive lines. Michael Sam, Kony Ealy, Shane Ray, & Markus Golden have just been pimp slapping these big bad offensive lineman.

    3. Let’s not forget that Mizzou mauled the Florida defense with a back up quarterback. A big bad SEC team like Florida that loads up every season on the highest level recruits, shouldn’t be getting dominated just because a couple defensive lineman are out, should they? No.

    4. Mizzou didn’t just squeak by FL and GA, they dominated them for the most part, especially Florida. If Missouri had barely won, maybe you might be able to justify they “we were missing some players” excuse. But when you get your ass stomped, you should just tip your hat, and STFU.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Couple of nitpicks…since I know you love them so much. ;)

      You said, “Mizzou played A wounded Florida and Georgia teams.” Should be, “Mizzou played wouldn’t Florida and Georgia teams.”

      You said, “…pimp slapping these big bad offensive lineman.” Should be, “pimp slapping these big bad offensive linemen.”

  7. Biff says:

    In 2007 KU got to a #2 BCS ranking. last year K-st was at #4 in the BCS ranking at this time. Its not that big of a deal. . Must be the reason why there are tickets still for sale for the MU/SC game. or MU is still having troubles selling tickets.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      We get that you’re jealous. How many times are you going to post this?

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Oh his chronic case Butthurt Redass is worsening by the week. I’ll use Merle’s quip from above with a slight twist… It’s nice to see that Mizzou still lives in Biff’s head, rent free. Hey Biff, from what I understand, KU was showing the Mizzou-Florida game on the stadium scoreboard prior to the game, per Todd Leabo on 810. Facking hilarious!!

        • Biff says:

          Have to make stuff up. Wow! I was at the game MU/Fla was not on the scoreboard.
          MU has one of the smallest stadium in the SEC and it can’t sell out its games during one of its greatest season ever. Whats the problem?

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            I wasn’t making stuff up, only reporting what Todd Leabo said on the radio. According to Leabo, the game was on until the KU band made it’s way to the field.

  8. I think Weis can become the all time winningest football coach in Kansas history. But it would take until somewhere around 2043, and unfortunately I don’t see college football still being around at that point. Sorry Charlie. Gotta pick up the pace, man!

  9. Big D in the O says:

    I took Ford’s comment as sarcasm directed at the media and their ridiculous labels and expectations.

    And I am not a fan of the lil guy…even if he was in Hoosiers.

  10. Hoppy says:

    “BTW, Brian Nelson reported that there has NOT been a big demand for Mizzou football tickets, despite their 7-0 record. That might be because Brian doesn’t have many MU tickets to sell.”

    Or maybe Tiger fans aren’t doing business with a ku grad/supporter owned one like Tickets for Less

    • Biff says:

      MU still has tickets for sale so why would people pay high prices from him. I think they still have a promo for 50% off some tickets.
      I do see Tickets for Less has a lot of MU tickets that are cheap ,

      • Bob Sacamano says:

        Considering they are selling $25 tickets for $72 bucks and parking passes for $95 I think that is pretty good markup. Last week, you could get KU vs OU tickets for $11 after fees at Stub Hub. Sadly, they were still overpriced by $11.

  11. Say What? says:

    If Mizzou continues down this path of winning the SEC East and going to the SEC championship game, it will basically be the final nail in the coffin of the MU/KU rivalry. Their rivalry will be fun history to look back on, but irrelevant to the new rivalries now that Mizzou is taken seriously by the other SEC teams.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Because they have 1 winning (?) year and get rear pummeled by Bama? That ends your perception of a rivalry that hasn’t existed in 2 years? Perhaps it’s already done, despite what your pathetic attempt at rehashing something that continues to be a non-factor. Why must Slavers continue this route. Enjoy your victories, and cry at the loss at the end of the year, if not this weekend.

    • Biff says:

      The rivalry is already over. KU has already set its non con games for the next 5 years and every year there is a road game.
      The New SEC east is now like the old Big 12 north . just a bunch of weak teams. All Big 12 fans want to thank MU and TXam for showing the SEC is over rated. .

      • baxterdogg says:

        yep.. one of sports greatest rivalries..

        until the Tigers made like worms and slithered off for
        bigger bucks in the Goober conference.

        Have a nice life ,Mizzou.

        Great while it lasted, but now its over and out.

  12. bodhi says:

    With the Tigers 7-0 record against cupcakes.. Mizzou will be saddled with Pinkel for the next 5 years!

  13. Will says:

    Fans of ku thinking their football posts have merit. This sight is the best.

  14. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Reading KU lash out at Mizzou’s SEC success is so satisfying. Keep it coming guys. Love it!

  15. artemmis says:

    During SEC halftimes, they show old HeeHaw reruns on the scoreboard screen.

  16. nick says:

    MU football has been great this year. Pinkel deserves a lot of credit. But they HAVE benefitted from a good schedule and fortunate circumstances (their toughest road opponent, Georgia, is “good” but nothing more. Florida, South Carolina and A&M are home games — and all 3 had/have QB health issues, no Alabama-LSU-Auburn on the MU schedule).

    Barring a major choke job, MU will be playing Alabama in the SEC title game.

    KU football sucks at the moment. But the Jayhawks DID win an Orange Bowl not long ago. Let’s see if MU’s magical year can equal or better that.

  17. mike t. says:

    nick… that orange bowl victory seems like a long, long time ago now. i certainly hope ku football will turn around… one day… in the not so distant future… like before i die… 25 years from now…

    • nick says:

      Yeah, it DOES seem a long time ago. KU will turn it around, but a BCS bowl again? Maybe not.

      It’s HARD it is for a program like KU or MU to get to a big bowl game.

      I wouldn’t be shocked if MU never has this BCS Bowl chance again in the next 25 years. Like KU in ’08, all the stars seem to be aligned. KU took advantage and brought the trophy home. It was a BIG win.

  18. dangertim says:

    What trophy? That’s right, the Big XII North Runner-up trophy.

    You’re right though, the stars did align, and you got beat by the only team you played that had a pulse….

    And yes, it will be almost impossible to get to a BCS bowl after this year. (hint: there will be no BCS after this year.)

    We have an orange bowl trophy….and a sugar bowl one too. In fact we have more bowl trophies than ku has bowl appearances.

    Do yourself a favor and wait until BBall season to post.

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