OTC: Unpopular Josh McDaniels Looks To Be Leading Candidate To Replace Haley

“Josh McDaniels is clearly a candidate for the Kansas City job.”
John Clayton, ESPN Radio

“The rumor in the [MNF] press box last night was Josh McDaniels [as the Chiefs next head coach], which would be a horrible way to go.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Todd Haley’s firing has created a deluge of names for the Chiefs to hire as his replacement. The 35-year-old boy wonder from New England/Denver/St. Louis is quickly becoming the name most repeated as Scott Pioli’s top pick. Read on for what some are saying about McDaniels. 

“There’s a lot more reasons in Denver that he failed than his inability to be a head coach.”
Michael Lombardi, on McDaniels, 810 AM
GH: Lombardi is a big supporter of McDaniels. He is not in the majority. Read on.  

“He’s not a good people person. He caused a lot of devastation here for the Broncos.”
Les Shapiro, sports talk radio host at Denver’s 102.3 The Ticket, 610 AM

“I can’t imagine that any other team in the National Football League thinks that Josh McDaniels is ready to take on another head coaching job. Josh became a runaway train [in Denver]. He made demands left and right. He didn’t treat people well. He was overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of being a head coach in the NFL.”
Les Shapiro, sports talk radio host at Denver’s, 610 AM

“I think [McDaniels] has some characteristics that will help him become a very successful coach some day in the NFL.”
Michael Lombardi, 810 AM

“Everybody you talked to for whatever reason was really turned off by the guy.”
Kevin Harlan, on McDaniels, 810 AM

“[McDaniels] was extremely arrogant for a gentleman of his age and stature. I would be skeptical of hiring him in any position of any authority. I think Josh McDaniels just needs some years to grow and to grow up.”
Les Shapiro, sports talk radio host at Denver’s 102.3 The Ticket, 610 AM
GH: Sounds a lot like the guy hosting the afternoon drive sports talk show in KC on 610 AM. 

“I do believe my track record today may be stronger than it’s ever been.”
Nick Wright, as he verbally patted himself on the back for his ability to break news on the Chiefs, 610 AM

“I don’t think a McDaniels hire would be as bad as a lot of people are thinking it would be.”
Ross Tucker, 810 AM
GH: The opinions on McDaniels as a viable candidate for the Chiefs job differ wildly – but most I heard do not believe he is the answer for what ails Clark Hunt’s team. If this guy is as big an ass as Harlan and Shapiro believe, do we really need that here in Kansas City? My OTC column wouldn’t mind but how would Karen Kornacki handle him? 

“Brutal! Brutal! An unacceptable question of the highest order. The guy has another year on his contract, making millions of dollars. … A joke! That was absolutely laughable! ”
Danny Parkins, after replaying TV 9’s Karen Kornacki’s question to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt, asking them why they felt the need to fire Haley so close to Christmas, knowing he has five children, 610 AM
GH: Here is a thought, TV 9 needs to consider firing Kornacki this close to Christmas. I didn’t hear Kornacki’s question live but I would hope she was booed loudly and kicked in the ass by at least a couple of her peers. . Kansas City has two of the more clueless sports
reporters in television in Kornacki and TV 5’s Michael Coleman. It’s a pick ‘em
as to which one is worse.

“First off, if you’re going to have an existing general manager, [Bill Cowher] is not coming. Second, is there a quarterback?”
John Clayton, on NFL jobs that might interest Cowher, ESPN Radio
GH: Clayton was sizing up Cowher for the Dolphins job. I didn’t even hear him consider the former Steelers’ head coach for KC. Cowher can go anywhere he wants, which pretty much eliminates the floundering Chiefs organization that has two negatives; 1) Pioli 2) winter.

“One of the reasons I was a fan of Todd Haley was because I don’t respect the way Scott Pioli does business. You almost feel like if someone is being done dirty, somebody should have your back.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Just once I’d like some organization to pay me millions for an opportunity that only 32 men at a time get the chance to do – in a role I have never held. Bathe me in soot and ash and call me Pigpen.

“With the way [Haley] dressed… He was unlike any other coach I have ever interviewed in any other professional sport.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Haley conducted himself at times like he dared his employer to fire him. He made the comment earlier this year to Mitch Holthus about his beard not being in regard to the team’s winning streak but rather it was personal. Guess what happens when an employee gets in a personal grudge match with the guy who hires and fires? Bye-bye employee. 

“Todd Haley changed quite a bit in his short time with the Chiefs. He didn’t always look like he rolled down a hill and jumped out of a gutter and onto the sideline to coach.”
Steven St. John, after viewing a montage of photos of Haley in his three seasons with the Chiefs, 810 AM

“We don’t need slogans. We don’t need everybody telling us how great everything is. We don’t need all the BS! Stop the sales pitches and just work! Just keep working and strive.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas sounded almost hurt on Monday as he discussed the dire state of his former team. I hope The Clarks were listening. 

“We were all together in Cleveland. I couldn’t think of a nicer human being and a great coach.”
Michael Lombardi, on Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz as a possible candidate for the Chiefs head coaching job, 810 AM
GH: Sounds like Ferentz and McDaniels could not be two more different personalities.  

“I think this is a hire they are going to make before January 1st. They must have a pretty good idea right now.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

“For all we know, Ricky Stanzi is the next Tom Brady.”
Trent Green, former Chiefs QB, on the Chiefs’ yet-to-be-seen rookie QB, 810 AM
GH: I expect Stanzi to start against the Packers this week. Why the hell not? 

“It was a brawl. There are no sucker punches in a brawl.”
Todd Leabo, on the on-court fight between Cincinnati and Xavier Saturday where a Cincinnati player opened a bloody gash with a sucker punch to the face of a Xavier player, 810 AM
GH: This wasn’t a brawl. This was a college basketball game! I don’t know how many brawls or sucker punches Leabo has been involved with, but a sucker punch is a sucker punch – and that was a sucker punch!  

“If somebody put their hands in your face or try to do something to you, where we’re from, you’re going to do something back. We’re not going to sit there and get our face beat in by somebody like Yancy Gates. … We won’t let that happen.”
Mark Lyons, Xavier guard who got a two-game suspension, in his postgame remarks, ESPN

“That’s what you’re going to see from Xavier and Cincinnati. We got disrespected a little bit before the game guys calling us out. We’re a tougher team. We’re grown men over
here. We got a whole bunch of gangstas in the locker room, not thugs but tough guys on the court. And we went out there and zipped them up at the end of the game. That’s our motto: Zip ‘em up. And that’s what we just did to them.”
Tu Holloway, Xavier senior who was given a one-game suspension, ESPN
GH: These postgame comments are why the murder rate in American neighborhoods where young black males frequent are at a ridiculous high rate. Holloway promotes being a gangsta and thinks that is what being a grown man is all about. I cringe to think impressionable young men of all races heard his words and cheered in their living rooms.  

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30 Responses to OTC: Unpopular Josh McDaniels Looks To Be Leading Candidate To Replace Haley

  1. scott says:

    Holloway should have got more then one game for the comments alone. You say you’re sorry and it never should have happened, not say you’re a gangster.

    • Sirr Parker says:

      Not to exonorate Holloway for his comments. He said a moronic thing and scott is right, he should have gotten way more than a one-game suspension.

      But how absolutely stupid was it for Chris Mack and Xavier SID to allow him and Lyons on the podium?

      • Greg Hall says:

        It was the first thought I had when I saw the Xavier players at the postgame table talking to the media — who let them in front of a mic 10 minutes after they were fighting on the court? You expect more from upper classmen but you’re right, the coach and AD were even more at fault.

        • xaviere university says:

          As an alum, I have never been so embarrassed by the events. The only saving grace for the Universities in my eyes was the kids were required to get back in from of the media the next day to face their accusers. They both appeared genuinely contrite as the sobbing looked uncontrollable…dont know how many true gangstas/thugs apologize in tears.

          While they are men, they are kids who do stupid things – stupid things that could have really hurt someone and create a very poor image for themselves, their schools and other impressionable kids.

          The optimist might conclude they realized the magnatude of their stupidity while the cynic concludes they did it to save their own hides. Perhaps the rational one suspects the truth lays somewhere in between.

  2. Jim says:

    I’ve grown tired of all the talk about the way Haley looked. I don’t give a shit if the guy wears cut-off overalls, a straw hat and flip-flops. I don’t care if he bathes, shaves or bikini waxes. It’s about the W’s! Do you think anyone at KU gave a damn that Mangino looked like the surviving tail section on the Hindenburg when they were winning? This whole “face of the franchise” is bullshit. Winning takes care of EVERYTHING. The rest is just noise. Haley didn’t win. He was fired. Who’s got next?!

    • Greg Hall says:

      What Haley never understood is that his employer is the Hunt family, whose roots are so deeply engrained in the AFL/NFL that Lamar’s name is attached to the AFC trophy. As the face of the franchise, Haley refused to wear that role with dignity and honor. He was more interested in showing his boss he was a maverick. Great. Ride on out of town, maverick. There will always be someone else who wants the job you never respected.

      • Jim says:

        You missed my point, GH. He was a maverick that LOST. Jack Del Rio cut one HELL of a figure in Jax. Daper, suits, et al. Where is he now? Why is he there? He lost. Period. It is the ONLY thing that matters in the NFL.

        • Brummy says:

          Jack Del Rio did it for 9 years (68-71). There are no lifetime contracts. It would be the same at my job, if I fail they find someone else.

    • trajantiborgermanicus says:

      Ditto! This must be a generational thing( I’m the same age as Haley). I have a beard and have been known to wear sweatshirts so I didn’t think Haley looked all that disheveled or more casual compared to many NFL coaches. If his pants were hanging below his hips, he had a nose-ring and a soul-patch I might view it differently but that might be, god forbid, the way coaches dress in another 30 years.

  3. newbaum turk says:

    Is the way Haley looks worse than that helmet-hair Clark walks around with? The guy is a Donald Trump Jr. The anti-Josh McDaniels venom in this town is almost unanimous. They simply cannot hire him. The Rams offense is almost as bad as the Chiefs and they have a #1 pick at QB (who has regressed since McDaniels arrival) and a stud running back in Jackson but they are still terrible. Since the Chiefs seem to hardly ever do the right thing here is my prediction: They hire McDaniels and don’t draft one of the good quarterbacks coming out of college this year in the first round. Then we will get to watch Luck, RGIII, Barkley, and Moore (from Boise St.) go on to have good to great careers in the NFL for the next 10 years. The next 5 months could easily set this franchise back another 10 years depending on who they hire as coach and their first round pick next year IMO. Cassel is a good QB but you need a great one to win the Super Bowl. Unless they are going to build a great defense they need a great QB.

  4. Hokey says:

    Bill Cower would be perfect for Miami. His doppelganger Dave Wannstedt was already a head coach there.

  5. rkcal says:

    that picture of McDaniels reminds me of Jim Carrey circa “Dumb and Dumber”…..also the best caption for Hunt/Pioli press conf. yesterday

  6. Mighty Mo says:

    Bill Maas. Classic. Should be the speech given to Pioli by Hunt. But I was slightly encouraged by Pioli’s press conference statements. Talked a lot about the fact that he needs to build a better roster using all available sources of talent. Can it be true? Almost an admission of failure.

  7. smartman says:

    Boys in da hood will be boys in da hood. This is a G-THANG. It’s taken root in the NBA and NFL and is trickling down to the college game. Raise those academic standards and it all goes away. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee but ya’ can’t play ball with a GED.

    If Trent Green thinks Ricky Stanzi is the next Tom Brady he took way too many hits to the head. Stanzi looks scared shitless just standing on the sideline watching the game. He’s not the answer. He’s not even the question.

    Nick Wright and Karen Kornacki are fine examples for all young children that in America ANYTHING is possible.

    • Gavin says:

      I’m going to give Green the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t say that Stanzi is the next Tom Brady. He said “For ALL WE KNOW, Ricky Stanzi is the next Tom Brady.” And he’s right. For all we know Satnzi could be the next Tom Brady. It’s more likely that Stanzi will be the next Brody Croyle, but as we’ve never seen Stanzi in a game, we really don’t know. I suspect Green was just finding another way to say “Play Stanzi. At least we’ll know what we’ve got.”

  8. Arte says:

    Agree on your take about Karen Kornacki and Michael Coleman. There has to be better people available. I know some who live in this town now and can’t get a job in TV.

  9. Hot Carl says:

    After the debacle in Denver and the debacle that is the St. Louis offense, not to mention that the guy is an A1 cock-holster, how in the world can Pioli even think about selling us McDaniels as our new head coach or offensive coordinator?

    As to this comment above:
    “But I was slightly encouraged by Pioli’s press conference statements. Talked a lot about the fact that he needs to build a better roster using all available sources of talent.”

    Why the fuck didn’t Pioli use all of his available resources, i.e. millions of dollars under the cap, to build a better roster this year? There is NO excuse for saddling us with players like Tyler Palko, Sabby Pischitelli, Barry Richardson, etc, etc when you’ve got a goddamn pot full of money sitting at your feet.

    Pioli is a douchebag, plain and simple.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Pioli was either told by Clark to squeeze the spending or he/they decided to strap Haley with limited talent before the lockout was over because they needed cause to fire him. If the stories are true, Pioli wanted Haley gone before the season even began. Sabotaging your team to set your coach up to fail may sound implausible but you have to remember the biggest driving force behind this entire franchise right now: Scott Pioli’s ego.

      The main difference between Pioli and Carl Peterson is Peterson didn’t hide his ego. He waved it around everywhere he went in those black leather trench coats. Pioli puts on a front. That outward manipulation, that effort to control public perception, is exactly what you see when his players talk. They’ve all been coached to speak without saying a thing. Is there a more boring team to listen to in the league? Being a beat writer tracking the Chiefs has to be like watching paint dry. We’re a long way from Bernard Pollard dancing in the locker room on Hard Knocks. Was that even the same franchise?

      If Pioli hires McDaniels, he can go fuck himself. He will have ostracized himself from the fanbase and sentenced this town to 3-4 more years of trying to create the Kansas City Patriots. He’s so committed and bound to Matt Cassel that I don’t see how McDaniels isn’t brought on as either the OC or the HC. He has to make Cassel work. That will be the sell to fans. “Matt and Josh have a long history together and are very close.” You can predict exactly what kind of lipservice he’ll spew during the Josh McDaniels introductory press conference.

      There’s going to be a lot of empty seats at Arrowhead if it happens. Is Clark listening? Does Pioli care? I wouldn’t bet on it.

  10. Java Man says:

    I was surprised to hear Bob Gretz go all hard ass on Pioli yesterday. Trying to pin him down on where it all went wrong.

    • JP says:

      As much as Gretz was bashed in the Carl days, he showed that he can be persistent with this line of questioning. It was fun to listen to Pioli squirm.

      • Greg Hall says:

        Gretz’s website has been rumored to be funded in part at least by Carl Peterson. If that is true, it would make some sense why he is far tougher on Pioli’s Chiefs than he was in the King Carl era.

  11. scott says:

    That’s right. How let those guys up there after a brawl to answer questions about it?

  12. chuck says:

    “GH: This wasn’t a brawl. This was a college basketball game! I don’t know how many brawls or sucker punches Leabo has been involved with, but a sucker punch is a sucker punch – and that was a sucker punch! ”


    The guy throws the punch, while hiding, over the shoulder of another player, into the face of a guy who is trying to break up the fight (Looked like that to me…).

    We will all see those same shitheel thugs in Vegas during All Star Weekend. Get mom, and bring the kids.

    smartman is right, the gangster, thug/life crap is everywhere in sports now.

  13. Mike says:

    I agree with Java. Hearing that presser, I couldn’t help but think, “That’s GRETZ???”
    Oh and I know folks that can run circles around Kornacki and Coleman, and would like to be working in this market. But we have to worry about a head coach’s kids first.

  14. Observer says:

    You want to stop even the consideration of McD being hired by the kidney trust at One Arrowhead Dr.? I suggest fans occupy some local establishment on the Plaza with signs and sit ins and a few drum circles. Get the X-Factor there, too! Make your voice heard, but don’t forget to tip your wait person.

    Dang, just bit my tongue.

    I’m hearing lots of complaints about the potentiality of McD being hired. But, if it happens, yes people will rail. Yet come next fall when everyone is hungry for the NFL, they’ll forget their anger at the hire … just as people forgot how bad the Chain’ts are because they stole a few wins in the middle of the season. How short people’s memories are.

    There is no savior coach out there because even Cowher couldn’t fall into this pile of doo and come up smelling like a rose. As one commenter wrote, settle in people.

  15. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Here’s a little trip down memory lane for everyone. Jack Harry explaining the ridiculous process of trying to get Pioli to agree to an interview last year…


  16. brencado says:

    The Xavier AD and coach ought to fired for allowing that dumbass player to even talk to the media. He thinks it is gangsta to say “zipped ’em up”. Does that dumbass even know what he is saying? “Zipped ’em up” is street talk for putting someone in a body bag. Is that what Xavier represents….murder??? His ass should be kicked off the team. If I was a high profile donor to that school, I would pull all donations until pieces of shit like that are off campus. Let’s face it…half these ballers speak and read at a 3rd grade level and do not value education. Most will be dead before they reach 40…and hopefully so.

    Kornacki is a dumb bitch and has been since she arrived 30 years ago. Think about that. This dumbass has held that job longer than most of your readers have been alive. The only sports that I watch in this town is Mad Jack…just because he gives strong opinions and covers the teams without all of the butt jelly.

    If Pioli hires McDaniels, we should light torches and storm Arrowhead and drag him out on his ass. Beat the shit out of him and put him on the first bus out of town. Surely Clark cannot be that fucking dumb…but then again listening to this train wreck of an owner makes me squirm. How uncomfortable can one dude be in front of the cameras. Lamar is spinning in his grave right now. The reality is that he was no better.

  17. Ron says:

    What is the difference really between Karen Kornacki and Mitch Holtus? None that I can see.

    The reason why Clark Hunt is so far under the cap is obvious. He got a lot of undeserved credit for spening $150 million of his own money on the stadium renovations because now he’s just trying to make his money back by having an artificially low payroll. Good business is all it is.

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