OTC: Wainwright Silences Royals Bats W/ Brilliance (But Not KK) / Mad Jack Says Retirement Talk Is Premature

The view from my seat Wednesday night at The K.

The view from my seat Wednesday night at The K.

“I think there’s a good feel to our offense now.”
Ned Yost, in his postgame comments following the Royals extra-inning 5-2 loss to the Cardinals Wednesday night, 610 AM
GH: Yost was excited that his offense was able to come back Tuesday from a 0-4 deficit and win and 0-2 Wednesday night in the ninth to tie the game. But this Royals offense is far from making anybody outside the opposing pitcher feel good. Watching the game in person last night it was painfully obvious just how broken Eric Hosmer’s and Mike Moustakas’ approach is at the plate. And get this – Hosmer is far more broken than Moose! At least Moose is making solid contact at times. It’s scattering his teammates in the dugout but it’s at least well hit. Hosmer is swinging at pitches that are bouncing. Billy Butler just looks like he is rather bored with his chosen profession.  

“I saw a lot of red shirts in the stands. But I thought it was a great atmosphere.”
Ned Yost, when asked to comment on the atmosphere at The K Wednesday night, 610 AM
GH: The Cardinals fans catch all kinds of heat in Kansas City for their arrogance and success. Kevin Kietzman went off Wednesday on how he hates the Cardinals, hates their fans, doesn’t like Yadier Molina and thinks he’s lazy and verbally battled with an old lady who identified herself as a Jayhawk and Cardinal fan and a well-spoken gent who refused to allow KK to flip his switch. I did not see one asshole Cardinals fan last night at The K, nor did I see any jerks wearing Royals gear. It was a beautiful night for baseball in Kansas City and about 24,000 baseball fans came out to enjoy it. 

“The Cardinals have WAY bigger issues that the Royals as far as I can see!”
Kevin Kietzman, while discussing the Cardinals with Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“I think you’re being silly.”
Danny Clinkscale, responding to Kietzman’s above take on the Cardinals having more issues than the Royals, 810 AM
GH: Clinkscale could probably replay this comment once a segment when responding to his boss. 

“Anytime you have a change you have a period of some good results. Number one, this team wasn’t that bad. Maybe there was just an overload of information there with Pedro Grifol. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes coaches get a little too crazy with it and they try to do too much. … I still think they can win 84 games.”
Brian McRae, when asked by Soren Petro if the Royals switching to Dale Sveum is going to make a difference for the Royals, 810 AM GH: Judging any team’s hitters when they are facing Adam Wainwright is not fair. The Cardinals’ ace was brilliant Wednesday night. Let’s hope Gordon, Infante, Perez, Cain and Escobar can somehow carry this offense until everybody else wakes up. 

“I think Bubba will see the big leagues. I don’t know if it will be as a player or a fan.” Brian McRae, 810 AM
GH: That reminds me, the MLB draft is tonight. Prepare to hear names you have never heard before become millionaires. Did Bud Selig schedule this draft to go up against LeBron and the NBA playoffs opening night? 

“Sounds like Jack (Harry) is going out on his own terms.”
Kevin Kietzman, opening his Wednesday show by responding to an interview on Metro Sports that Leif Lisec conducted with Jack Harry that alluded to Harry retiring after 44 years in broadcasting, 810 AM
GH: Harry sounded surprised to hear his golfing buddy report he is retiring. Read on.

“We taped that a couple of months ago. Leif and I had a nice conversation. … When you announced (I was retiring) at two o’clock my phone started going off. I said, ‘It’s nothing. It’s no big deal.’”
Jack Harry, when asked by Kietzman about announcing his retirement on Metro Sports, 810 AM
GH: Maybe this is why KK was so sideways with Harry, the Cardinal fans who called his show and even Clinkscale. Harry pretty much denied he has any set plans to retire. Instead he said he signed an 18-month contract that he and KSHB will review at the end to discuss an extension. 

“That’s what these OTAs are all about. They don’t trust these guys to go away somewhere to get fat or arrested.”
Danny Clinkscale, on the NFL scheduling non-contact workouts in June, 810 AM

“College athletics is the biggest money grab this side of the Republican Party.”
Bob Fescoe, while discussing Nick Saban’s bonuses as Alabama’s head football coach, 610 AM
GH: I am not sure what Fescoe means by this statement but maybe he is not in favor of the RNC holding their convention in Kansas City? Is he afraid they’ll ride elephants around downtown? 

“These people in college athletics! What a racket you’re running! It’s almost like legalized stealing.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: How is college athletics legalized stealing? I think the finances associated with college sports are way out of whack but no one is forcing anyone to part with any of their money they don’t want to spend. One of our country’s greatest attributes is that we allow you to price your goods and services at whatever you believe the market will bear – and the college sports market has proven to bear grizzlies. 

“(Emanuel) Cleaver believes that five republicans and five democrats in a room with some pizza and beer can solve a lot of problems.”
Bill Grady, reporter, 980 AM GH: Or create a great deal of problems if that room isn’t well ventilated. 

“I couldn’t do anything else (sports-wise). When you’re cut from the church baseball team, the junior high basketball team, and you can’t make the junior high track and field team… I’d go to bed at night and I’d say, ‘Dear God, if you’ve got a plan for my life, I’d appreciate it if you’d show up sooner or later, because it’s not really going very well.’ I found myself trying out for the cross-country team and running two miles even though I’d never run that distance before. All of a sudden, I made the team, I got a letter jacket, and I started thinking there’s a girlfriend behind the letter jacket. But that’s how it all began.”
Jim Ryun, on how he started running at Wichita East and eventually was the first high school runner to break four minutes in the mile, Wikipedia
GH: Today marks the 50th anniversary of Ryun’s incredible feat as a high schooler at Wichita East. I still believe Ryun, Wilt, Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders to be four of the greatest athletes to make their name in the state of Kansas. Who else belongs on that top-five list?

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48 Responses to OTC: Wainwright Silences Royals Bats W/ Brilliance (But Not KK) / Mad Jack Says Retirement Talk Is Premature

  1. brett says:

    i think fescoe’s legalized stealing comment was in reference to uncompensated athletes, not stealing from the fans.

    greg you are right that one of the great things about this country is that you can price your goods and services at whatever you believe the market will bear. unfortunately, college athletes are not allowed to partake.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I didn’t get that Fescoe was particularly upset about college athletes not getting paid but that very well may have been the case. He was more upset at the time with the bonus structure Alabama was paying Nick Saban.

    • Will says:

      College athletes are partaking Brett. The market is bearing a free college education + room and board + a nice per diem for the travel. I don’t get where people miss this.

  2. Jackson says:

    I would like to add Bubba Starling and Jack Sock to that list of greatest athletes in Kansas High School history.

  3. Free Lance says:

    Disagree with Jackson on Bubba but agree on Jack Sock. How about including Lucious Allen on that list?

  4. Allen says:

    Hey Greg, Good pick with Jack Sock but what about Walter Johnson. He is #. 2 in major-league victories. 1st in shutouts, 3rd in innings,5th in complete games, 9th in strikeouts. Career 2.17 ERA. Charter member of the Baseball Hall of Fame (with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Honus Wagner).

  5. Skippy says:

    Lynette Woodard for you male chauvenist pigs!

  6. Ted says:

    ” One of our country’s greatest attributes is that we allow you to price your goods and services at whatever you believe the market will bear – and the college sports market has proven to bear grizzlies.”

    Unless you’re a college athlete!

  7. Stringer Pete says:

    Proofreading Alert: The Royals hitting coach is Dale, not David, Sveum. (I’m guessing it’s not usually his first name that requires correction.)

  8. Stuart says:

    John Riggins. A Pro Football Hall of Famer and a great HS track athlete as well.

    While Sock had a great HS tennis career here, he spent a lot of time growing up in Nebraska, and he needs some more professional wins on his resume.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Poor little red-assed, green eyed, KK. The two things that he’s most jealous of, KU basketball and Cardinal baseball, routinely make him utter some of the most jackassed statements ever spoken. His “lazy” comment about Molina was either made as stinkbait to drive callers/listeners, or just pure idiocy on his part.

  10. Greg says:

    Go screw yourself Stringer Pete!

  11. Nevin says:


  12. Jayhawk Jeff says:

    Jack Sock is the # 15 player in the World so he gets my vote!

  13. Guy Who Says What Other People Really Think But Are Afraid To Say says:

    I think Kietzman is a total asshole who just relies on his good looks to get by…. Not a big fan of his to say the least

  14. John Giardino says:

    Posted by Greg, OTC on 6/7/2011:

    “It was after 6:30 PM Monday when I heard Bud Selig announce the Royals had drafted Bubba Starling. As I drove past Jasper’s Restaurant near 103rd & State Line, I hit my car horn in a series of loud and long celebratory beeps. We got him!”

    Bubba is hitting below the Mendoza line in Single-A, three years after he was drafted. This is nothing more than a monumental failure. The reason Royals fans got Royalized and fell in love with this kid in 2011 was because he’s from a local high school.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I was very excited about Starling when he was drafted by the Royals partly because he was one of the greatest HS athletes I have ever seen. And yes, he being a local kid also fueled my glee. But the kid just ain’t cutting playing in A ball. That doesn’t change that I was happy. It just means I was wrong to be happy. But I think there is some great HS talent here in KC and there is no reason for the Royals to NOT draft a player because he happens to be somebody we have heard of and know. I know you know the Albert Pujols story…

      • John Giardino says:

        Honestly he may have been a good prospect…I have serious questions about the Royals development system. Hence, we all, including Starling, may have been “Royalized”…ruining both young talent and fan expectations in equal measure.

  15. The Independent Rage says:

    I think Bubba Starling eventually sees that top-5 list. But only as a reader of this website. Meantime, I think Fesco’s on to something: Having effectively exhausted the realm of asinine sports opinions, he should venture out more into the world of politics. It would be high entertainment (at least momentarily) and might actually prompt me to listen to his show longer than my typical 5 seconds and click. He should get that old Cardinal/Jayhawk broad onboard as a sidekick for the new format and book Petro as his first guest to debate gay marriage. Just call him Fesco the Politico! And Lord help the world after that.

  16. Gavin says:

    The greatest athletes to make their name in the state of Kansas? Other than the guys you mentioned? Well, I still think Wes Santee would have been the one to run the first four-minute mile if he had been given Bannister’s advantages of not having to carry a whole team and run three or four (or more) races every meet and just concentrate on the mile and have three rabbits there to pace him and also not a rabid and corrupt AAU there to beat him down every chance they could. Billy Mills also comes to mind.

    Lynette Woodard.

    Maurice Greene didn’t exactly gain his fame in Kansas, but he’s a Kansas boy too.

    I’m deliriously happy to claim Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders both, but did they really make their fame in the state of Kansas? Sayers was a stud at KU, no doubt, but I think most people, especially people who aren’t KU fans, think of him as a Chicago Bear more than anything. And Barry Sanders, god love him, did anything great in Kansas as a high school player or when he visited Lawrence or Manhattan when he played for OSU. is it really fair to say he “made his name” in Kansas? Just asking.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Gavin is more right than I am on this point. Sayers and Sanders made their fame after their stops in Kansas more so than while they were in the Sunflower State — although both were damn good while in KS as well.

  17. Hoppy says:

    It’s almost sad at this point that KK is spilling his incredible insecurities out on the air like this. Hates the cardinals, hates ku, hates mizzou’s move to the SEC, talks down to all callers especially the one’s who are about to run him, never lets clinker disagree with him…all of this is just insecure envy shrouded in him coming up with ridiculous arguments while all of his stuff is nonsense. I certainly am not a big of his, but he’s had a successful radio show, looks to have made some money…I’m not sure why he feels the need to act like a little man on the air.

  18. Gavin says:

    What about Danny Manning? I know he was originally from North Carolina, but he did go to high school in Kansas (yeah, yeah, for only a year) where was was Kansas player of the year and then went on to what every KU fan will be glad to tell you all about for much longer than you really want to hear. Can’t believe he didn’t make your list, Greg.

    • yuri says:

      My senior year in high school, Danny Manning shows up at Lawrence High and Rodney Peete shows up at SM South. Certainly raised the profile of the Sunflower League class of 1984.

    • Greg Hall says:

      G, Danny definitely is a strong contender and deserves to be mentioned with any great Kansas athlete.

    • Tim says:

      If there is a truck driving hall of fame, Danny’s dad could make that one.

  19. Renton says:

    Maybe KK got confused when he heard Jack Henry was going out of business.

  20. Notme says:

    As an Olathean who watched him outrun the neighborhood kids 20 years ago, I nominate Darren Sproles to that list.

    • Greg Hall says:

      The best HS football player I ever saw play the game. And I have seen a few HS football games. Sproles was almost impossible to stop, catch, touch — you name it and he could leave it behind. My gosh he was fun to watch.

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