OTC: What KC Radio Station Is Your Go To Football Station? / Keith Olbermann Defends His Friend Ned Yost But Fails

“Unless you fancy yourself a scout there are ZERO reasons to watch the #chiefs game tonight.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: Not quite what you would expect to hear from the sports talk radio station that promotes itself as the leader in Chiefs coverage. But it is what you might expect from the station that is the Royals Radio rights holder whose competition up the dial is contractually bound to the Chiefs. Business too often gets in the way of just producing good sports talk radio.

“No one does football like Sports Radio 810 WHB!”
Radio Promo, 810 AM
GH: 810 rolled out these promos a couple of weeks after 610 went after them with a similar promo. What station covers the Chiefs best? Overall I would still favor 810. I would give the nod to 810’s Soren Petro over 610’s Jay Binkley as to who is the most knowledgeable Chiefs voice on local sports talk. But that is a close call. TJ Carpenter is 810’s Chiefs insider but the former Razorback just doesn’t seem big enough to fill those shoes yet. As far as college coverage, 610’s Carrington Harrison is well versed on the three local teams and the Big 12 and SEC – but Steven St. John is probably his equal. But if I had to pick one radio voice to answer a football question it would be Stan Weber.

“Look, let’s be honest about the (Chiefs) offensive line’s play at this point. It’s been horrible up front in the preseason. Alex Smith refused to blame the front line on Sunday, but at least Andy Reid was honest enough to say it needs some work. Pro Football Focus gave all five Chiefs starting linemen negative grades against the Vikings, and the unit could get worse before it gets better. After all, four quarters of fatigue make a big difference. So does playing against first-team defenses when real wins and losses are at stake.”
Matt Conner, writer, ArrowheadPride.com
GH: Man, those are some depressing words. So let’s allow Conner to follow up his negative comments about the Chiefs offensive line with some positive thoughts…

“At this point, and this might be a bit sunny side up, but these Chiefs linemen are only going to get better. They’re the youngest offensive line in the NFL, which means growing pains are ahead. The good news is that they’re in the hands of a veteran coaching staff who has implemented the learning curve for dozens of linemen year after year. There’s also an intelligent veteran under center in Alex Smith, a guy who can minimize mistakes and ease the transition along.”
Matt Conner, writer, ArrowheadPride.com GH: We can only hope.

“This remains my favorite @ArrowheadPride support email. From a reader who couldn’t access the site at his office: ‘I cannot see any comments or post any of my own. This has been very tough on me considering that is the main reason I come to work.’”
Chris Thorman, @christhorman, Twitter

“I’m a blessed man! I’m an incredibly blessed man! My faith has gotten me through this!” Dan Meers, aka KC Wolf, returning to his job as the Chiefs mascot after recovering from his serious zip vine injury from last November, 980 AM
GH: I understand that a lot of youngsters and Chiefs fans think a lot of KC Wolf. I do not share or understand their passion. 50-year-old costumed men don’t need to be trying to zip vine into a stadium or attempting other death-defying acts to excite a crowd. That’s kind of what the football team is supposed to do. KC Wolf could just disappear and many of us would never notice he left.

“Just got hit in the head by an alex gordon foul ball in the press box. It was awesome! Safest place to hit me.”
Brad Fanning, @bradfanningshow, KCTV 5 sportscaster, Twitter

“A Hosmer return pushes either Butler or Willingham to the bench. But the way Butler has been raking, you absolutely cannot justify sitting him down more than once a week. And at this point in the season, I have much more faith in Willingham than I do Hosmer. In my mind, this is how it ends. An inflexible manager reinserts a subpar hitter into a key spot in the lineup and bounces two hot hitters in and out so they lose their groove. The offense sputters down the stretch and the Royals don’t make October. You can see it, can’t you?” Craig Brown, writer, RoyalsAuthority.com
GH: Brown is not alone in his thinking that the Hosmer/Butler controversy is akin to the Grbac/Gannon debate from Marty Schottenheimer’s most perilous decision. I truly believe the next five weeks of the Royals season are going to make one helluva book. I just hope the ending isn’t what we are accustomed to here in Kansas City.

“If you’re not bouncing off the walls over the Royals now, I don’t know what it’s going to take. To me, having Liam Hendriks come in and do what he did makes you think the Royals front office knows what they’re doing.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Hendriks is the kind of story that NEVER happens to the Royals. Dayton Moore looks like Billy Beane’s mentor in how his moves have played out since the All-Star break. How great a story would it be for this guy from Perth to make the postseason roster and win a couple of games in the postseason? He looked a lot better than Detroit’s David Price did last night.

“It wasn’t the best (crowd) but I think they’ve been pretty great all year long, so I think they were a little tired after the Jeter night and cheering for him all night and put a lot into that game. So maybe they took a night off and hopefully they’ll come back out tomorrow.” Alex Gordon, when asked by Todd Leabo what he thought of the crowd Tuesday night, 810 AM
GH: There was only one person I know of who heard Gordon’s comments and decided they were controversial. It was Kevin Wind-Aided Kietzman. Read on.

“I really thought Alex Gordon’s comments about Derek Jeter were more damning than Ned’s. Gordon said the fans were probably all tired from cheering for Derek Jeter the night before and needed to take a night off. When he said that, you know the players were talking about (the small crowd at The K Tuesday night) on the bench. It clearly didn’t sit well with Gordon. I think it was more of a shot at Royals fans than Ned Yost. Gordon gets away with this. Ned never would. Boy, if Ned Yost had said that he would have been skewered in this town!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Good to know that Kietzman is still on his “ridiculous professional roll.”

“He’s almost like Spock. There’s no feeling. He just says things and that’s the way it is.” Kevin Kietzman, on Alex Gordon’s lack of emotion in his comments, 810 AM
GH: KK might have a bit of Vulcan in his blood as well.

“Anybody who tries to spin it like I was being critical or getting on the fans is dead wrong.” Ned Yost, when asked about his comments about the crowd size Tuesday night, 610 AM
GH: Bullshit, Ned.

“I admit this – Ned is a baseball friend of mine but I have criticized before. This time he is getting a raw deal.”
Keith Olbermann, naming Sam Mellinger the runner-up for his worst person in the sports world award Wednesday for his column blasting Ned Yost’s comments about Royals fans, ESPN
GH: Stating that Ned is a friend of his doesn’t absolve Olbermann from the crime against journalism he is about to commit. It condemns him. If Ned is your friend, you don’t get to weigh in on your nationally televised show in an effort to prop your friend up. A big swing and a miss for Mr. Do Right.

“Those who heard it said it was anything but a rant. That’s not a rant. Ned sounds drained and sad more than angry.”
Keith Olbermann, after playing a portion of the audio from Yost’s postgame comments, ESPN
GH: Olbermann makes a blanket statement here that states all of us who listened to Ned’s comments think like Olbermann and Ned’s other friends, Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler. Newsflash, Keith – we don’t.

“Without putting (Yost’s) tone in the correct context, the quote might as well be fabricated.”
Keith Olbermann, basically calling Mellinger a liar for having a different opinion than his own, ESPN
GH: Olbermann appears to think of himself as God, as he is the one who can declare proper tone to his friend’s words. Maybe he is. All the more reason to find a new religion.

“If I’m Sam, to get that kind of national exposure, I just hope he pronounces my name right.”
Blair Kerkhoff, fellow KC Star columnist, 810 AM
GH: Well, Olbermann screwed that one up as well. He didn’t do his research into how to properly pronounce the hard “g” in Mellinger.

“Bob Glauber’s going to have to work a lot harder today because Soren is not here to ask four-minute questions.”
Danny Clinkscale, who filled in for Petro on Friday as the host of The Program, 810 AM GH: Yes, Danny Clinkscale does have a sense of humor, folks. It will be interesting to see if Petro does after reading this quote.

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50 Responses to OTC: What KC Radio Station Is Your Go To Football Station? / Keith Olbermann Defends His Friend Ned Yost But Fails

  1. Kansas Marine says:

    I’m not sure why, but KK hold a strong grudge against Alex Gordon. Perhaps it’s because he’s a Cornhusker, but nothing would surprise me with KK.

  2. The Independent Rage says:

    Yost quits on his team and the fans Thursday night, throws in the towel against the Twins, and throws soft-tossing, end-of-his-road Bruce Chen out there to the wolves to give up 6 runs in the 10th. Maybe Yost can blame the loss on lack of attendance/fan support and have radical political ideologue Keith Olbermann back him up again? But even if Keith sits this one out on the golf course, you can go ahead, Ned, and blame the fans for tonight, you incompetent prick(ly) asshole jackass buffoon — because Fesco and the rest of his 610 flunkies will back you up (no matter what)! Or maybe I’m just failing to “turn the page” over here, right 610 so-called “talent”?!? G-F-Y, out-of-towners. You as well, Ned. As Hal MacRae might say, stick “G-F-Y” on your “turning page” and smoke it.

  3. Steve says:

    While I agree KK’s dislike of Gordon is always evident, I kind of agreed with him on this one. Gordon’t comments were clearly just dripping with sarcasm and probably some frustration, and if Ned had said them instead of Alex there would have been a shitstorm. As it were, Ned put his foot in his mouth anyway.

    • ed shaffer says:

      Gordon’s comments were obviously sarcastic. Only question, in my mind, was whether he was directing his words at the fans or at Royals management for promoting the Jeter night so heavily.

      Greg, as usual, is completely tone deaf and missed the meaning of this. Much easier to take a shot at his enemy KK rather than use his brain. Put another one on the board for Greg Hall in continuing contest with Fescoe for dumbest sports guy in KC.

  4. RickM says:

    As someone who’s already commented on Olbermann’s putdown of a fellow journalist on the prior day’s thread, there’s not much more to add except that he also counts Rex H as a friend. The impression is left that Keith has a lot of such cronies sprinkled throughout MLB and woe be to anyone who criticizes him (them).

    I realize the bar is set lower for sports scribblers, but to throw a local journalist under the bus from your perch in Times Square for doing his job (opining) is unseemly at best.

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