OTC: WHB Piles On Ned Yost For Being Surly / Petro’s Work At Spring Training A Surprise

“Is everything crystal clear now about the new rules?”
Doug Stewart, in a question to Ned Yost after Yost had attended a meeting Tuesday regarding MLB’s new rules about how a base runner can no longer charge into a catcher at home plate, about 810 AM

“What new rules? They’re not new rules. These are just old rules. ”
Ned Yost, responding to Doug Steward’s question, 810 AM
GH: This curt answer from the Royals’ skipper resulted in the following short exchange between the WHB reporter and Yost…

Stewart:               “So no big change?”
Yost:                      “What are you talking about?
Stewart:               “About blocking the plate?”
Yost:                      “No, no big change.”
GH: This then prompted other members of the media to engage in this discussion, resulting in a frustrated and ornery Yost doing what he typically does when he’s interviewed by Nate Bukaty…

“You can’t barrel into a catcher! That’s really it. Nothing else really changes except you can’t barrel into a catcher anymore.”
Ned Yost, 810 AM
GH: In Stewart’s defense, that is a pretty big change to the game of baseball that has allowed base runners to blast into defenseless catchers for the past 150 years. Yost did not need to be so surly. On the other hand, this short exchange between Yost and the media did not deserve the attention that WHB decided to give it over the next 24 hours. Read on.  

“There’s an etiquette in how the conversation is supposed to go. He’s the manager, you’re the reporter. The other reporters are there. You can’t just say, ‘Hey, go blank yourself!’ That’s what I would do if we were two guys standing there.  I don’t care how he deals with his players. I don’t want to sit here and talk about Ned Yost pissing and moaning. I’d rather talk about the baseball team.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Should Yost have been more tactful? Yes. Are the boys at 810 searching and reaching for a story with nothing more to cover in Arizona than practice and cactus? Yes.  

“We’ve got a lot of people in this building who are smarter than Ned Yost!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

GH: KK really went off on Yost, even to the point of challenging his intelligence. So Kietz and Petro cannot believe Yost would choose to be a bit surly about answering questions from a radio station known to blast him and the Royals at almost every opportunity? So how would Kevin like me in his office once or twice a day for the next seven months with a microphone in my hand asking him questions about how he conducts his job? Do you think happy-go-lucky Kietz would get a bit touchy at times? Kietz has trouble staying civil when .

“When I listened to (Doug Stewart’s) moment with Ned Yost, I just have to smile because I feel like I’ve been in that seat before.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“I like Ned. I like that he’s always sparring with the media. I like what Ned is doing. I really do. I like the feel of confrontation there. I think that’s healthy.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Mad Jack gives off more mixed signals than J. Edgar Hoover in pantyhose. Jack almost quit his TV job not long ago when some Kansas fans rode him too hard about his persistent KU slurs. So now we are to believe that the guy who wilts at email confrontations from fans is a big believer in going head-to-head with Nervous Ned? Not buying it, Jack.

“To me, I don’t know if you need this rule. I think you leave it to the players to play the game and allow the good catchers to get out of the way. And let each organization set the culture of your clubhouse. Instead we get a rule (to a game that) is already a three-hour event.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I think Petro is an intelligent person but this comment makes little sense. He wants each team to determine which catchers are disposable and which one is not? This is one of the dumber plays in baseball and needed to be eradicated a century ago. Yost is dead wrong and I would have enjoyed it far more had Stewart stood up to him and challenged him about it. 

“I don’t sit around at home at night and think about (the new rule). This is the first time I’ve thought about it since two months ago when somebody told me, ‘they can’t run into catchers anymore.’ I said, ‘That sucks. I love that play.’”
George Brett, KMBC TV 9

“I think people expect us to be in the postseason. It is not good to always fly under the radar. … If you cannot handle the pressure you are in the wrong business.”
Bruce Chen, when asked by Petro what the expectations are for the Royals this season, 810 AM
GH: Petro and Stewart have produced some of my favorite sit-down interviews of the new year with their work this week in Surprise, AZ. Read on for more. 

“Salvatore Perez is funny, so sometimes I steal the jokes from him. He says funny stuff in Spanish and so I say it in English and steal all the credit.”
Bruce Chen, when asked who the second biggest joker is in the Royals clubhouse, 810 AM

“Uh, no. This is a tough game. You’ve just got to rely on what your strengths are. You can’t worry about what lies ahead in the future. When there’s a guy up at the plate trying to do damage, you’ve got to go with what works.”
Greg Holland, Royals closer, when asked by Soren Petro if he is concerned about being a power pitcher and how he might need to adjust to secure he doesn’t get injured as his career moves forward, 810 AM
GH: Petro’s chat with Holland was maybe my favorite. Holland is as down-to-earth as the come. He doesn’t appear to have any of the macho bravado that we often see in closers but the guy gets it done as well as anybody in the league.  

“I’ve got a couple of new tattoos. I’ve always had a couple of tattoos. I’ll be able to cover it up though. I enjoy getting tattoo. But on the other hand, we’re a professional organization. We’re a professional team and I like to be able to cover them up. Other guys have a preference of showing them off. I’m not much on the showing them off side. I kind of like to hide mine a little bit.”
Mike Moustakas, in an interview with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro continues to debunk Danny Clinkscale’s report that Moose had inked up both arms from shoulders to fingers. I found Moose’s shyness about not wanting to display his tats in uniform surprising. Isn’t that why guys get them?

“Moustakas is probably the single biggest key to whether this team can be better than good. If they’re going to be a playoff-type team, they can’t have their third baseman swinging a paper bat. You figure Hosmer will hit, Butler will hit, Perez will be a star. There are some relative knowns here, but Moose could be awful at the plate again (whether they say it or not, that’s part of why the Royals traded for Danny Valencia) or he could hit .270 with 25 homers and drive in 80.”
Sam Mellinger, KCStar.com

“If there is going to be a James Shields-like clubhouse leader after James Shields is gone, I think it’s going to be Eric Hosmer.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“Happy Cactus League: Aoki 9, Infante 4, Hosmer 3, Butler DH, Gordon 7, Perez 2, Moustakas 5, Cain 8, Ciriaco 6, Chen 1.”
Andy McCullough, @McCulloughStar, Royals beat writer for The Kansas City Star, tweeting out the Royals lineup today for their first game against the Rangers, Twitter
GH: Gordon fifth? He has got to be in the top three of this line-up. I would bat him second and slide Aoki to seventh. It must be getting close to baseball season since I’m already bitching about the lineup.

“Congrats to Hall-of-Famer, Lenny Cool.”
Michael Coleman, as he reported on his Wednesday’s sportscast that Len Dawson would be receiving the Lamar Hunt Award at the 101 Banquet, KCTV 5
GH: I played Coleman’s comment back a couple of times and each time he left out that three-letter word “the.” It’s Lenny the Cool, Michael. That’s like calling George Brett, “Good old Number Six.” 

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24 Responses to OTC: WHB Piles On Ned Yost For Being Surly / Petro’s Work At Spring Training A Surprise

  1. Jim says:

    KK spent 2 days talking about how smart he and all his WHB brethren were because of their college educations and J-school degrees. College degrees and intelligence are two entirely different things. It was a complete tongue-bathing of each other for being “smarter” than coaches and athletes.

  2. Gavin says:

    Greg, you have gotta make it stop. Make the endless cut-and-paste comments stop now. Make people use their real names, institute a character limit, register with you, something. Anything. Geezuschrist on a cracker make it stop.

  3. geoknows says:

    Really? An entire column about the Royals, not one mention of football, and the very first commenter feels compelled to post a 50+ paragraph soliloquy about NFL free agents?

    Anyway…Greg, didn’t you read anything at all about the Royals this offseason? Sub Escobar for Ciriaco and today’s lineup is the one they have been saying all winter they will use during the regular season.

    • PJ says:

      Yep, Yost has been wanting Hosmer to hit 3rd for 2 years now. If you want Gordon to hit 2nd then move Infante down, not Aoki. OBP at the top.

  4. kylerohde says:

    Having watched Aoki play for the Brewers for a couple years now, the Royals would be wasting his talent having him bat 7th. Here’s how I’d line up the Royals most days:
    1. Aoki (RF)
    2. Infante (2B)
    3. Gordon (LF)
    4. Hosmer (1B)
    5. Butler (DH)
    6. Perez (C)
    7. Cain (CF)
    8. Moose (3B)
    9. Escobar (SS)

    I could see switching around Hosmer and Butler but that seems to be the best, IMHO.

    • mike t. says:

      okay, kyle, educate me here. is selecting the batting order a matter of percentages, as in aoki is lead-off hitter because his on base percentage is x? I truly don’t know… hep me!?

      • kylerohde says:

        I’m no baseball expert or sabermatrician, but Aoki has good speed, hits for a good average (.286 last year), doesn’t strike out much (only 40 last year) and gets on base (OBP of .372 last year). All that makes me think he’s the best option the Royals have there, with the belief that Gordon has too much power to hit leadoff.

  5. JP says:

    I caught Stewart’s discussion with KK and Clinkscale on Tuesday. It was one of those discussions that 810 does way too much. Basically, after talking about Yost, Clinkscale was whining that the players will get more standoffish if the Royals start winning, and won’t want to talk to the press. Once again, people like Clinkscale (and KK for that matter) take themselves so damn seriously, like they are the conduit to the fans. If this team wins, no fans will care if the players are dumping Gatorade on Clinkscale in the locker room. Just win, I can use less of this insider BS that 810 loves to give us. Do your jobs and Shut the F UP!!

    One other point, don’t they teach journalism students to have thick skin and not take stuff personally, because I think KK missed that day of class.

  6. Mike says:

    ‘Hank’ is a fucking dick. A retarded fucking dick. Hey, ‘Hank’, true wit is based on intelligent, artful, original thought, not some dumb cut-and-paste followed by ‘Duhhhh, whaddyou think?’

    On a different topic, and tone, Greg, didn’t William ‘Action’ Jackson have a myriad of faux pas when he was at 5 all those years? For some reason, 5 seems to have the guys that trip up on-air when it comes to the area’s sports icons.

  7. Paracelsus says:

    Make that 3 days, Greg, 3 days of whining, though KK’s rabid meltdown was probably the best part. It must be a very small, very fat and entitled bubble these radio guys live in. Panties bunched and ruined after one brush with a well-known curmudgeon? Seems like we need a bunch of visits to the low-T center STAT.

  8. Java Man says:

    Bitch, bitch, bitch. This town could use a healthy dose of Joe Posnanski.

  9. Old Man Kissel says:

    KK and the 810 crew have been on fire this week!

    Keep it up guys!

    810 scoops 610 once again..

  10. RoyalBlue says:

    Hey Kyle do you have to post something every day? It’s okay to take a day off and maybe… I don’t know… actually work for a living! No disrespect but stop comindeering these Blogs with your opinion.
    I can’t stand KK and can’t listen to his shit anymore. I hope Danny K takes over the show soon….

  11. Mysterious.j says:

    Uh, you got Aoki to lead off.

  12. kylerohde says:

    Just post a link, geezus. We all know how to work the “Internet” at this point.

  13. PJ says:

    Why couldn’t you have just posted a link to the article rather than copying and pasting the entire thing (although you conveniently excluded giving the author any credit) into a poorly formatted comment?

  14. Jim says:

    Haven’t you figured this dickhead out yet? It has nothing to do with information or opinion. It’s just shitting all over this blog. That’s it.

  15. Gavin says:

    No kidding. This tool is just getting off on making people scroll past his shit. Mommy and daddy aren’t paying enough attention to him. Or maybe he’s pissed at Greg for a personal slight. Whatever it is, he’s a dickhead alright.

  16. Jim says:

    Greg handled it.

  17. Phaedrus says:

    It’s probably KK, Petro or Stewart. :)

    Or it could be the teens over at 610 that are starving for attention.

  18. Richard Cranium says:

    Who’s a Whatsit Now?

  19. mike t. says:

    glad I missed it. already deleted when I checked in today.

  20. JP says:

    I nominate Kurtis, it’s the kind of draft page he would do. KK doesn’t follow the draft, Stewart and Petro would have sent a spread sheet with fantasy numbers that nobody could follow.

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