OTC: Who Broke The Hali Signing Story? / Fescoe Dubs Over SSJ’s Voice For Playback

“You heard it here first on 810! I broke the story last night from training camp that the Chiefs signed Tamba Hali to a five-year contract.”
Steven St. John, on his live cell-phone report Wednesday night to 810’s “3 Guys in a Garage show,” 810 AM
GH: St. John told his Thursday audience how he ran up the steep hill at MoWest’s Spratt Stadium to call Jay Binkley and Frank Boal with the news of Hali’s signing. SSJ then played a cut of his report and accepted congratulations from his co-hosts on breaking the story. 610 Sports has another version as to who broke the story. Read on.

“The man who broke the story last night on the signing of Tamba Hali, our Chiefs’ insider, Adam Teicher!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Teicher didn’t acknowledge Fescoe’s introduction nor did he correct him. I don’t know who should be rightly credited with breaking the Hali signing news. It is usually a difficult thing to determine who breaks a story when you are talking about so many mediums. Did St. John break it first on radio? Did Teicher break it on Twitter first? Did
some unknown reporter elsewhere else scoop them both with the news? Who knows?
But in this Radio War, the combatants continue to fight for every feather.

“I got a chance to talk to Ricky Stanzi, the Chiefs’ rookie quarterback, after practice yesterday and I want to play you that interview.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: The Stanzi interview was interesting for a couple of reasons. One was that Stanzi verbally jousted with Bob Gretz when the Flintstone-like Gretz stumbled for an analogy for Stanzi not having a chance to look at a Chiefs’ playbook prior to camp. Gretz asked Stanzi if it was like being dropped into the middle of Spain and not knowing the language. Stanzi, who has “Born In The USA 1987” tattooed on his back, shot back he has
never been to Spain and has no desire. When Gretz changed the venue to
Birmingham, Stanzi told Gretz to go find someone who’d been to Birmingham and
also played in the NFL. I am going to like Stanzi. I just hope he can play.

“What has it been like to work with Jim Zorn?”
Steven St. John, in a question to Ricky Stanzi, 810 AM
GH: I heard the playback of this interview three times. Once on Kevin Kietzman’s Wednesday afternoon show on 810, a second time on SSJ’s Thursday morning show on 810 and then a third time on Bob Fescoe’s Thursday morning show on 610. There were at least three media voices in the 810 version of the interview – Steven St. John, Bob Fescoe and Bob Gretz. When I heard the interview played back on Fescoe’s show, it sounded
to me like St. John’s voice had been removed or dubbed over. In place of SSJ’s
voice, it sounded like Fescoe’s voice had been added to ask similar questions
that were originally asked to Stanzi by St. John.  Apparently, Fescoe doesn’t like giving air time to the guy he is competing with each morning down the dial – even to the
point of doctoring his digitally recorded interviews. Radio Wars continues and
the Marquess of Queensbury rules do not apply.

“I think they’re better with Brodie Croyle as their backup rather than Tyler Palko or Ricky Stanzi right now.”
Adam Teicher, 610 AM
GH: I heard Kevin Kietzman state he would much prefer to have Stanzi start in place of Cassel this season instead of the much-maligned Croyle. He may get his wish if Cassel gets injured but I don’t think he or we are going to like what we see from the rookie signal caller. Stanzi is Iowa raw as an NFL player. There is a reason he is the last player
off the field after every practice – he desperately needs the work.

“I didn’t see any other members of the media mingling with the fans in the stands (Wednesday) night at Spratt Stadium.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Is that a positive or a negative?

“No, not really. I don’t think anybody came in (to NFL camps) well conditioned for football. This season, more than any other season, you’re going to see the season take place in the latter half of the year. This season is going to be a little bit different.”
Jay Glazer, of FoxSports, in an interview with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, when asked if he was surprised at how well conditioned players were despite missing OTAs, 610 AM
GH: We are going to hear a lot this season about conditioning and how this or that injury was caused by the lockout. Injuries are caused by 300-pound men and 230-pound men hitting each other really, really hard. Show me the OTA drill that prevents that.

“Ummmm, Seattle? Uh, no, that’s the NFC. They all have issues. They all have problems. I think the division is wide open.”
Jay Glazer, when asked by Fescoe who he liked in the AFC West, 610 AM
GH: Too often we glorify any member of the media with a national platform. We all see Jay Glazer, Adam Schefter and the like on TV. They MUST be the best and most knowledgeable sources on our teams, right? Wrong.  Glazer had trouble
even remembering what teams were in the AFC West. These guys typically know
just enough to make them dangerous and no more than they read on Twitter.

“He likes to chat. I get along real well with Todd (Haley). You’ve got a great coach here. He’s a chatty coach, yeah.”
Ed Hochuli, NFL referee, when asked what kind of a sideline coach Haley is, 810 AM
GH: Hochuli is the big-bicep referee who we all have seen on our television sets for years. He is in camp with the Chiefs through Saturday, working with the team on the new rules and understanding what referees look for during a game. Hochuli could not have
sounded like a nicer guy during his interview with The Border Patrol. Maybe
Fescoe can download a copy and make it his own.

Nate Bukaty: “You never told us how much you bench?”
Ed Hochuli: “You won’t find out either.”

“They’ve got a lot of guys to get the ball to all of a sudden. I don’t know if they have enough balls to keep everybody happy.”
Adam Teicher, on the Chiefs’ offense, 610 AM
GH: Bowe, Moeaki, Charles, Le’Ron McClain, Breaston, Baldwin… Is that an embarrassment of offensive riches? I’m not ready to call them the Greatest Show on Turf but it will be fun to watch this circus.

“That’s going to be it for Thomas Jones. I don’t think you’re going to see him make the (Chiefs’) final roster.”
Frank Boal, on the Chiefs signing former Ravens’ fullback, Le’Ron McClain, 810 AM

“That age does wear on you as you get up there in age.”
Tony Temple, former Mizzou running back, on the Chiefs’ veteran running back, Thomas Jones, 810 AM

“We spoke to Thomas Jones last night, he seems happy about the move. Kent Babb thinks he’ll make the team. He calls him insurance. I think it is absolutely possible that Thomas Jones gets cut.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Jones cannot be happy with competing with a much younger McClain. I am with Boal – I think Jones gets cut in camp.

“Kelly Gregg is not going to play a lot of snaps. First and second down is when he’s going to be in there. I don’t know that Kelly Gregg is going to play any more than 50% of the snaps. Evidently, they went out and got the best guy they felt fit their system.”
Adam Teicher, on the Chiefs’ new nose tackle, 610 AM

“They were going to take care of us and we were going to have all these things I place to make sure that whatever injuries we incurred when we were playing ball that everything would be fine and we’d be good to go for the rest of our lives. We were in this elite
fraternity, this family, behind this shiny NFL shield of the NFL Players
Association. The reality is, none of those things are there to protect you.
Those shields are not there to protect you. Those shields are there to keep you
out once you’re gone.”
Kyle Turley, former Chief, on the former NFL players’ frustration with the current players’ and the lack of assistance for retired players in the new CBA agreement, Jim Rome Show

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22 Responses to OTC: Who Broke The Hali Signing Story? / Fescoe Dubs Over SSJ’s Voice For Playback

  1. KCGolffan says:

    ““I think they’re better with Brodie Croyle as their backup rather than Tyler Palko or Ricky Stanzi right now.”” – Teicher has seen Croyle play, or should I say attempt to play, right???

  2. smartman says:

    Greatest Show on Turd is more like it.

    Does it really, really matter who broke the Tamba story? Didn’t we all KNOW that a deal would get done? That’s like broadcasting from HyVee that fat people buy Doritos. Sports radio in KC really does leave a whole lot to be desired.

    Ed should have asked Nate how much he benches.

    I do like Stanzi. Hard to tell which way he goes though. In as much as I see Tom Brady, I also see Matt Leinart.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Every late draft pick, big white guy, Big 10 QB carries the burden of fans wanting him to be the next Tom Brady. I’m guilty. It was my first thought when the Chiefs drafted Stanzi. But from what I saw at Iowa and in St. Joe, he will need time — and lots of it.

      • Edward says:

        Stanzi’s the guy who led Iowa to a 10-2 record as a junior, including the win at Michigan State on the last play of the game, and threw at least four pick-sixes (including the Orange Bowl).

        He’s also the guy who drastically cut down his interception rate as a senior, was much more efficient with the football… and the team was 8-5. The only late game he won was at Indiana, and Iowa won that game only because the IU receiver dropped a 4th-down TD pass with 15 seconds left. He was unable to move the ball in the two-minute drill against Arizona, Wisconsin and Ohio State, all games in which Iowa was either ahead or tied in the 4th quarter.

        As a junior, Stanzi converted those opportunities and they won the Orange Bowl.* As a senior, he didn’t and they went to the Insight Bowl.

        *Speaking of, would you take a two-year period, winning say 19 games, but a) one year would be a magical year and winning a BSC game and the other being a somewhat pedestrian year with a minor bowl game… or b) back-to-back years of 9-3 and going to an upper-tier bowl? That was Iowa in 2009-10, and Kansas in 2007-2008. Both won the Orange Bowl and then the next year won the Insight Bowl. As an Iowa guy who’s seen back-to-back 9-3 teams go to the Capitol One Bowl… I’ll take the BCS version.

        I like Stanzi a lot. But I can see how people who watched only his senior year got a certain impression of him.

  3. Muley says:

    From what I saw on Twitter last night, Steven St John had the news of the signing of Hali on Twitter before Teicher. SSJ even retweeted Carrington Harrison, who is a part of Nick Wright’s show, when Harrison congratulated SSJ for the scoop.

    Fescoe is an assbag. Dubbing over other reporter’s questions is petty and childish. I have more respect for Harrison acknowledging the scoop.

    Radio wars is fun, and good for listeners. But congratulating the other guy shows good form.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Muley, I missed those Twitter exchanges Wednesday night between CDot and SSJ but they are very telling. Carrigton appears to have his head on straight, despite being one of the lower-level voices at 610. Either that or he’s picked which team he thinks will win RadioWars and he doesn’t want to be a POW.

      • DonkeyPunch says:

        Here you go GH:
        Thanks….RT @cdotharrison: @SSJ_WHB Good scoop

        I agree with what Muley said, even the competition offered congrats to SSJ. This whole Radio Wars thing is pretty funny, however nobody (Fescue doesn’t count) rips on SSJ. Shows how much he is liked by everybody

  4. Fake Ned Yost says:

    The only thing Fescoe has broken is wind.



  5. jjskck says:

    I find myself shaking my head when I hear about all the “weapons” the Chiefs now have. Charles is the only star-level performer on the offense. I wish he got more touches, but I also get the feeling that the coaching staff knows he can’t stand up to the beating.

    Everyone seems to think Bowe is now an elite receiver. I hope they’re right, but keep in mind that a year ago most Chiefs fans wanted the team to cut him. Also, he was frustratingly inconsistent last year. He reached 70 yards in only 6 games last year. He had 5 games with less than 20 yards.

  6. Java Man says:

    How is resigning your own player considered breaking news? The tounge bath the media gives themselves is disgusting.

    On another topic, what is up with the lack of diversity in KC sports radio? (insert Nick Wright joke) These revolving white boys are all starting to sound the same.

  7. The Independent Rage says:

    If Fescoe wants to entertain me, then he’ll dub his voice in place of some of the athletes he interviews on tape. If, as a special added attraction, he also attempts to disguise his dubbed voice and impersonate the athlete’s way of talking, then I’m really going to be impressed over here.

  8. Rick says:

    Jones won’t get cut. Then i’ll tweet how much smarter I am then Boal and Hall. will u tweet me congrats?

    • Greg Hall says:

      Is being labeled smarter than Frank and me really worthy of a tweet? I’ll send my congrats now just in case I forget. If Jones does get lanced, send me a full rack of Jack Stack’s baby backs. Seems fair.

  9. Hal from Hallmark says:

    What nobody realizes is that Fescoe is a master puppeteer and had his hand stuck up SSJ’s rather large ass, and he really did ask the questions!

    Problem solved!

  10. royfan says:

    Fescoe is completely useless. He is the worst single host on KC sports radio. Even the night guys on 610 are better. Clinkscale by himself is better than Fescoe. Hell Chris Hamblin when he completely sucked after Cowboy was fired and he did the show by himself was better than Fescoe. Only Roger Twibell was worse and that was due purely to the excruciatingly boring shows he did.

  11. Brencado says:

    Who the hell gives a shit who scored the scoop. The only guys who who care are the D-Bags at each station. I for one could care less. I am just glad that he signed.

  12. Old Man Kissel says:

    Looks like 810 scoops 610 once again…..

    It’s football season Wigger Wright. Do you kno where your ratings are?

  13. Bob says:

    Wow old man is still alive

  14. uk directories says:

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