OTC: Why Does Kevin Kietzman Despise Alex Gordon? And Has KK Overstepped His Frienship W/ Billy Butler By Stating He’s Unhappy?

Sure looks like Alex Gordon likes Terrance Gore in this photo from Wednesday night.

“I don’t want to read too much into this… I didn’t like the look of Alex Gordon (Wednesday) night.”
Kevin Kietzman, who then proceeded to read a lot into Alex Gordon’s postgame reaction to he and Terrance Gore being interviewed by Joel Goldberg Wednesday night as he was soaked with Gatorade twice by Salvador Perez, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman has to fill 20 hours of radio time each week and that can be a challenge when his show follows eight hours of live shows that basically cover the same players, teams and topics. For this reason KK likes to stretch the boundaries of reason, common sense and reality from time to time in an attempt to be unique. Another way to put it is to say sometimes he just makes shit up. This would be one of those times. Read on.

“(Gordon) almost seemed annoyed that Gore was getting the attention and was getting splashed with the Gatorade bucket. … I don’t think Alex Gordon ever looked at Terrance Gore (during his postgame interview with Joel Goldberg Wednesday night). I don’t think he ever smiled, patted him on the back, whatever. … He didn’t want to be there. I don’t know what that was about.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: A better question is what is KK’s rant out Alex Gordon all about? Why does Kietzman despise Gordon? It can’t be just because he is from Nebraska, can it? Did Gordon not genuflect in front of Kietz in The K’s parking lot back in 2009? Whatever is fueling Kietzman’s constant attack on the Royals perennial All-Star and Gold-Glove winning left fielder, someone close to KK should let him know just how foolish and ridiculous he sounds by perpetuating his Gordon grudge.

“To a lot of people this sounds unthinkable, trust us on this. Trust us. … I think it’s a very interesting topic. When you start bringing in guys who they don’t know their name? It’s a whole different deal. I don’t want to make too much of it…”
Kevin Kietzman, after explaining his belief that the veteran players on the Royals are upset with the expanded roster and having to travel, locker alongside and find playing time for the call ups, 810 AM
GH: When Kevin Kietzman tells me to “trust us” on something, I run the other way like I was Terrance Gore trying to avoid a Gatorade bath.

“Now Gordo’s not a high-high, lo-low guy. He’s very even-keeled and whatever, so I don’t want to read too much into it…”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Trust us, Kietzman LOVES to read too much into his fairytale scenarios. Read on.

“He had his arms crossed. You talk to any person who studies sociology and arms crossed is a defensive position. ‘I don’t like what you’re asking me. I don’t like the person next to me. I’m very guarded right now. I don’t like this.’ That’s the posture of ‘I’m not real pleased with my position.’ Everybody knows that. … It was a weird dynamic as I’m watching this thing. It did not feel right.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Gordon standing with his arms crossed during his postgame interview with Joel Goldberg, 810 AM
GH: I have to wonder what a person who studies sociology would say about a guy like Kietzman who twistedly turns Gordon’s celebratory postgame interview after he had hit a two-run homer after the Royals swept the Rangers into a negative, narcissistic and egomaniacal depiction of Gordon.  

“I could totally be reading too much into this. I’m not stating this as fact…”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: For some reason KK believes that if he repeats this disclaimer often enough, it allows him to basically make up any story and air it to his audience. Very professional.

“For some guys, trust me, having a guy like Terrance Gore that’s five-foot-six on the team that really can’t do anything except run on the bases, is an insult to what they do for a living. I think there are some of these (Royals) players going, ‘We worked out butt off to get into first place and this thing’s become a three-ring circus with Gore out there stealing bases and all these pinch runners?’ I think somewhere at least in the back of their minds they’ve got to be thinking that. I know Billy Butler does. If he’s coming out that early in a game (for a pinch runner), he doesn’t like what he sees.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman may have overstepped his microphone cord by stating, “. I know Billy Butler does.” KK has stated in the past how he considers Butler a personal friend. If Butler is confiding in Kietzman that he is unhappy with the number of players that the Royals have called up then Butler deserves to be outed on the radio. BUT…if Kietzman is just talking out of his ass and throwing Butler’s name out there as one of the disgruntled veteran Royals without any facts – then the other owners at WHB needs to step in and put a sock in Kietzman’s make-believe radio world. Either that or wait for Billy Butler and the Royals to do so.

“We would have probably flushed their heads in a toilet and pulled their socks down.” Kevin Kietzman, when asked by Danny Clinkscale how he would have reacted in high school if his baseball coach had promoted a number of JV players up to the varsity for their state title run, 810 AM
GH: Isn’t Kietzman the guy complaining about Grunhard and Maas flushing his ego in WHB’s toilet?

“I for one thought they should have found a way to keep Bruce Chen on the team. If everything they said about him (as a locker-room presence) is true…”
Frank White, 810 AM
GH: I agree with Frank. Chen is washed up (at least for this season) as a contributing pitcher but he could have been a nice locker room presence and comic relief for Yordano Ventura and the club during the pressure month of September.

“LOATHE with a capital ‘E’ at the end! We call them the ‘Skankees’ for a reason.”
Mike Mcfarlane, when asked by Steven St. John if he hates the Yankees, 810 AM
GH: Three games in NYC with the Yankees is a great way to start off one heckuva sports weekend here in Kansas City. BTW, “Beat the Skankees” would make a great T-shirt Tuesday slogan next season. [email protected] and @greghall24

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    It’s funny to read people complain about this guy sometimes, but listening to him is boring at best and painful at worst. As a male age 18-35, I really enjoy Parkins and Carrington. Those guys have a clever and funny show, without all the soap opera, grill sales and cookie diets that I don’t miss hearing.

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