OTC: Wiggins Shows He’s Human / Pinkel Ignores Criticism / NU’s Pelini On Hot Seat

“Coach, I was so nervous.”
Andrew Wiggins, according to Bill Self after the highly-touted freshman scored 16 points in his college debut in KU’s 97-57 win over Pitt State, KansasCity.com
GH: What a surprise – Andrew Wiggins is human. He gets nervous just like most 18-year-old athletes – even in an exhibition game against Pitt State. I know it is impossible but I’d like everyone to back off about four feet and allow this kid room to be a freshman. Better yet, I’d like KU to make their hoops games available on TV carriers other than TWC and Comcast. Did Turner Gill cut that deal, too?

“He’s a thinker right now. All freshmen are thinkers right now. There’s very few freshmen that are reactors. So he’s gotta get comfortable. But he’s thinking too much, which takes away from his explosiveness. … To me, you look up, he’s got 16 points and he really didn’t play that much and really didn’t make any shots. And that’s pretty positive to me.”
Bill Self, KansasCity.com
GH: I did not get to watch Wiggins’ debut but I listened to most of the radio broadcast from Bob Davis and Greg Gurley. The Jayhawks sounded like a young team that is still trying to find some rhythm. But they still won by 40.

“I don’t know. Really, I mean, I was expecting a lot more out of him.”
Cody Gafford, Pitt State forward, when asked about the play of KU’s Andrew Wiggins, FOXSportsKansasCity.com
GH: Join the nation, Cody. I can’t imagine the expectations for a player who gets 16 in his first college game and it is considered disappointing. But that’s what big-time college hoops do.

“I think this is a very raw (Kansas) team. It’s going to take some time for them to mesh.”
Henry Blake, 610 AM
GH: KU plays Duke in less than two weeks. Time’s up.

“Best thing about tonight: I got to witness the (Rock Chalk) chant at the end of the game… Always thought it was crazy.”
Joel-Hans Embiid, @jojo_embiid, KU freshman center, Twitter

“Andrew Wiggins was only made available to Canadian media after the game. The Star may need to look into opening a Toronto bureau, I guess.”
Rustin Dodd, KU beat writer for KC Star, @rustindodd, Twitter
GH: This is just ridiculous. How can a university with a school of journalism practice this kind of unfair tactics in their own barn? Props to Dodd for calling out KU and sending out that tweet that I am sure KU officials will not be happy to read.

“If this going to be college basketball this season. ..no thanks. Free throw shooting contests arent my idea of a good time.”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, on the high number of fouls called during the Pitt St./KU game, Twitter
GH: I am hoping the refs have ramped up their strictness to try and prepare the athletes for some tighter officiating this season – and that they’ll back off when the games get real. At least I hope so. Few things less exciting than a three-hour free-throw contest.

“Xavier Henry final stats: 22 pts, 6 rebs, 3-4 from deep. IMPRESSIVE!!”
@LakersNation, Twitter
GH: X is now with the Lakers? Good to see the kid break out.

“It’s a sports renaissance in Kansas City! The Chiefs are good. The Royals are good. And now it’s time for UMKC (men’s basketball) to be good. And it’s going to happen.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: There is a lot of buzz (at least for UMKC buzz) about Kareem Richardson and what he is bringing to the Roos’ scuffling basketball program. He’s signed a lot of local high school talent and the few fans that UMKC has are encouraged. I am at least intrigued.

“When was the last time you were at Municipal Auditorium?”
Steve St. John, 810 AM
GH: Good question. I think the last time I was at the Muny for a basketball game was 2002 or 2003. I was writing for The Pitch and I stopped in to catch the second half of a UMKC conference game. UMKC’s SID at the time let me know he was not happy that I hadn’t informed him prior to the game that I would be one of the few hundred people attending the game. I typically don’t stick around where I am not wanted so I closed my laptop and left – and I have not been back. Maybe this year.

“Just don’t read it. Don’t look at it. Just shut it down and don’t look at it.”
Gary Pinkel, when asked by Bob Fescoe what he tells his players, especially his placekicker, Andrew Baggett, about how to handle the sometimes vicious criticism they receive via Twitter and Internet message boards, 610 AM
GH: Is this really the best way to deal with criticism? Even over-the-top visceral idiot criticism? I just have never thought isolationism is all that effective of a strategy against an attack. It seems to me part of the college experience is teaching students how to deal with adversity – and assholes.

“For a 20-year-old kid…I’d back off, man. He’s one of my players. He had five field goals the week before against Florida. … Back off of him because we need him. We’re trying to make a run here.”
Gary Pinkel, on people criticizing Baggett, 610 AM

“I haven’t read a newspaper article about me since 1992. I haven’t read one article about me since 1992.”
Gary Pinkel, on how he copes with criticism in the media, 610 AM
GH: And Pinkel is proud of this??? Grow a pair, Coach.

“I don’t need the criticism. Most of it’s been positive, thank God.”
Gary Pinkel, 610 AM
GH: So how does Pinkel know “most of it’s been positive” if he’s not been reading anything about him for the last 20 years?

“There’s no league like this in the country. Every single week we’re playing great teams. What a great opportunity for us. We wanted to be exactly where we are right now. We’re here, now we’ve got to go take care of business.”
Gary Pinkel, 610 AM

“Mizzou still controls its own destiny, it still feels weird to say that. #SEC.”
@SEC_Logo, Twitter

“At a wedding… But I got football on my phone. #gomizzou #WatchESPN”
Max Scherzer, former MU pitcher and probable Cy Young winner this season, @Max_Scherzer, following the USC/MU game on his phone, Twitter

The reason Missouri built such a fine journalism school is that it needed great writers to tell the story of heartbreak.”
Les Carpenter, @Lescarpenter, Twitter

“Blue Springs defense is the best I have ever seen…EVER. Cats, Jags, Indians have had great D teams in past, but speed makes Cats special.”
Bill Althaus, longtime sports writer for the Independence Examiner, @AlthausEJC, Twitter
GH: There have been some Missouri HS football teams that have entered the playoffs as the dominant favorite but this year’s Blue Springs’ squad is one of the more impressive in some time. It also helps that there doesn’t appear to be much opposition in their top class on this side of the state. They should get to St. Louis for the title game without much struggle.

“What’s happened today is high schools have become so specialized that a lot of high school coaches try to get a guy to do just one sport. My thinking is if you want to play three sports then play three sports. By the time you get to college you can specialize on one sport. There are benefits to focusing on one sport year round but I always felt in high school you should live a full experience.”
Charlie Weis, when asked about high school athletes focusing on just one sport, JayhawkSlant.com
GH: Love this message. I wish more parents, coaches and kids agreed.

“This (loss to Minnesota) will be hard to overcome. This was tantamount to the first Bill Callahan loss to Kansas in 2005. This had a turning-point feel to it. The fan base has certain expectations. Losing to Minnesota — getting outslugged and outcoached by Minnesota — is not among them. Today those fans are upset. They should be. There are five games left in a division that’s up for grabs. But I don’t see Pelini washing the stink off from this one, unless he beats Ohio State and goes to the Rose Bowl. Did I just write that? The sound you heard is the clock starting on Pelini’s time in Lincoln. There’s a new athletic director, and though Shawn Eichorst doesn’t show his cards, you can be sure this is not what he has in mind for Nebraska football.”
Tom Shatel, columnist, after Nebraska fell to 5-2 with a 34-23 loss at Minnesota, Omaha World Herald
GH: Interesting that I read a story this week of how Bo Pelini was praising “the great fans” of Nebraska. It might be too late for that, Bobo.

“These type of losses are the defining trait of the Bo Pelini era…5 straight seasons with a ranked Nebraska losing to an unranked team.”
Garrett Gordon, @GarrettGordon, Twitter

“This game was Pelini’s Huskers to the core. This is an inconsistent program, one that gets in its way too frequently. Not showing up? Not playing smart? Wasting timeouts to get organized so you avoid delay of game? Six years later? This staff has been outcoached before, but typically when it’s an underdog or overmatched, by the likes of Ohio State or UCLA. Now you can add Matt Limegrover to the list.”
Tom Shatel, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Nebraska is in one of the most coach-friendly football conferences in the land. The Big Ten has one team in the top 20 this week. Compare what Gary Pinkel is facing each week to what Pelini is facing. If Pelini can’t make it here, he can’t make it anywhere.

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50 Responses to OTC: Wiggins Shows He’s Human / Pinkel Ignores Criticism / NU’s Pelini On Hot Seat

  1. Joe Blow says:

    I know it is impossible but I’d like everyone to back off about four feet and allow this kid room to be a freshman.

    I think posing for a GQ spread kind of eliminates that possibility..

  2. Uncle Dick says:

    You’d be lucky to get closer than four feet due to all the ganga and good pussy KU threw at him.

  3. Kyle Rohde says:

    That TV deal, as I remember when announced, is a financial windfall for KU. And KU basketball is probably powerful enough a brand to actually get people to switch providers. So good for them, though I’m a TWC subscriber to fine with it!

    • Johnny Utah says:

      When they came for me there was no one left to speak up.

      • Biff says:

        I don’t think KU was getting more money with TWC. KU was getting national exposure for all sports. This will help KU baseball. track, etc.
        Now KU fans all across America can see all the KU games. I don’t like TWC but the deal is great for KU.

  4. Kyle says:

    Easy fix if you want to watch KU. First, verify you have access to ESPN 3 via your TV or internet provider. Upload Google Chrome as your browser, then upload Google Zenmate (takes about 10 seconds). Zenmate will change your IP address from KC to New York. Hook an HDMI cable from your computer to your TV and watch via ESPN3. Worked very easily for me last night. Picture was about 90% as good as regular TV.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      ESPN3.com via Google Chromecast dongle works great for me in avoiding any blackouts or PPV games. Oh and an IP blocker like HotSpot Shield.

      • jerk says:

        Chromecast won’t cast when using an IP blocker from my experience. I was going to share Kyle’s basic suggestions above but you guys beat me to it. Are you out of state? So far I haven’t been able to get around the blackout with chromecast. I can get the game and go from laptop to tv with HDMI, but can’t cast it from my PC because of the proxy server. Any thoughts?

    • harley says:

      EASY FIX??????? are you serious. for us non techies nothing is easy!!!! that’s
      why we have techs on call 24/7.

  5. The Overrated Rug says:

    Wiggins has great pro potential. Too bad he went to Kan$a$ where pro prospects go to die. The next great NBA player produced by Bill $elf will be the first.

    • Kyle says:

      This bitter little bitch changes her name every day.

    • Tim says:

      Has anyone ever given credit to the guy who really delivered Andrew to KU? After KU hired this guy away from his executive job (and his crazy blonde secretary) and make him a part time recruiter, he simply got on the phone with Andrew’s mother and said “Uh Missis Uh-Wiggins”…………

      • Lance The Intern says:

        Here he is:

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Is it just me or is NU heading towards another Frank Solich debacle with Pelini. Here’s a guy that’s won about 9 games per year since he’s been at NU, and they’re ready to whack him. Personally, I think he’s a jackass who is in dire need of a punch in the face. Last time NU thought they were too good for a coach, they ended up with Bill Callahan.

  7. The Overrated Rug says:

    Truth hurts huh little chicken chest doesn’t it? Kinda like every Saturday in September, October and November. Kan$a$ fans are absolutely fucking pathetic.

    • Kyle says:

      Always a great day to be a Jayhawk. Thanks for your intellect.

    • JP says:

      Must be fun going through life anonymously bombing other fan bases, because of what again? Jealousy? Envy? Your pathetic posts speak for themselves, Rug, or whatever you are naming yourself this week in order to post a typically idiotic anti-KU rant.

  8. DJ says:

    GH: Nebraska is in one of the most coach-friendly football conferences in the land. The Big Ten has one team in the top 20 this week. Compare what Gary Pinkel is facing each week to what Pelini is facing. If Pelini can’t make it here, he can’t make it anywhere.

    Don’t understand why the cutoff was top 20, i guess so you would have to count the other 3 teams ranked in the 20-25 range?

    How is this different then what Pinkel has been facing each week? Since your measure is top 20 teams this week, Missouri is 0-1 against teams in the current top 20.

    • Will says:

      You’re discounting the fact that Mizzou beat the two top 20 teams they have,which helped push them out of the top 20. They were there when we played them and that’s on the record.

  9. The Overrated Rug says:

    You mean like homecoming 2013 when your team gave up 60
    unanswered points at home? What a great day. You may never win another Big Texas football game.

  10. JP says:

    If Pelini gets to 9 wins and gets fired, good luck getting a top flight coach. Nebraska needs to meet reality. The 90’s are a long time ago, and firing coaches for winning 9 games looks bad to potential candidates. The Frank Solich firing was ridiculous and set a bad precedent. Furthermore, the walk on program isn’t the same as back in the day. Kids want to play and have numerous choices of where to play and get on TV.

    The Nebraska job is arguably now #3 in the Big Ten behind Ohio State and Michigan (who Huskers will soon learn believe they are equals to Texas and any program in the country.). It is not the job it once was, due to external factors (the climate, population, etc.) It can be a very good program, but firing coaches for simply winning 9 games is not going to play well in the coaching community, no matter how big an A-hole Pelini is perceived to be.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      you’re kidding yourself if you don’t see things falling apart in Lincoln. Solich didn’t lose to programs like Minnesota. He didn’t have a starting QB regress every year for four years (T-Magic). The last real W Nebraska put up was in the spring game (much like Kansas), when the make-a-wish touchdown occurred.

    • Joe Blow says:

      The Nebraska job is #3 in the Big 10?!

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        It’s just about on par with Wisconsin and Penn State at this point, with Michigan State and Iowa, and even Northwestern, probably not that far behind!

  11. Observer says:

    Greg, I debated reaching out to you on Sunday because I was so angry and ranting about how Pelini needed to go and the staff with him. I wanted to start some sort of campaign to get him fired. I calmed down thanks to our surprising Chiefs. But, I’m still left with questions. Questions that reveal too much of what makes me angry as a Husker fan. How many bowl games have our beloved Huskers won with Pelini as head coach? How many of the national marquee games have our Huskers squandered away? How many top 10 teams has Nebraska beaten with Pelini at the reins? The answer to those questions, which are the standard measuring stick for Nebraska football, is embarrassingly low.

    It’s time to start from scratch. It’s time to embark on a whole new line of thinking within Huskernation. It’s time to lure Chip Kelly out of Philadelphia where his game seems to have sputtered in the NFL and bring him, his offense, his recruiting to Lincoln and make the Big 10 heads spin just as Missouri and Texas A&M has done to the SEC.

    Whew, I do feel just a tiny bit better.

  12. I don’t know what Shatel’s thinking, expressing his opinions like that. As a result, I can hear the expletives flying all the way from Lincoln as I type this.

  13. Ed says:

    Bo’s brother Carl is toast…http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/sports/college-football/fau-head-coach-carl-pelini-resigns-ad-cites-drug-u/nbcsK/

  14. Buster says:

    Lee’s Summit West is CLASS 5 and went toe to toe with Blue Springs before losing on a fluke play 42-35. They are also the last team to beat them (last year). I look for both of these schools to bring state championship hardware to the west side of the state.

  15. The Independent Rage says:

    Tonight There Is No Joy in the PoorMan’s ChicagoVille. The Mighty Cardinals Have Stuck Out.

  16. Big D in the O says:

    Well, I feel for all the poor KU fans that can’t see all the games but I guess that makes up for the bastardization of Metro Sports the F’n KU channel 20 hours of the day. I mean “KU Press Pass”? GMAFB. Nobody needs to see that.

  17. dman says:

    Well, I guess KU bball fans now get to feel the same pain Mizzou bball fans have felt for the last several years where select games were only shown on Metro Sports instead of being widely available. I am sure TWC will earn a lot more subscribers now which is good for them.

    Thankfully the SEC network starts for us next year and I won’t be tied to TWC for my cable – I can’t wait to ditch those bastards.

    • Biff says:

      MU games were only available to Metro sports viewers. KU games will available to everyone in America that can get ESPN 3 outside of KC. Its a great deal for KU, Better than some conference network. Who knows where the SEC or Pac 12 networks will be available

      • harley says:

        Biffy….the sec will have millions of viewers all over the nation
        because they know how to market a league. KU is stuck with
        inferior big 12 conference and who’s gonna watch ku track
        and baseball.
        Sorry….outside of this little world of Lawrence to Topeka to
        joco…there’s not much for ku.
        ranked way way way down on numbers of fans nationwide.
        its just hard when your program is so short on money that
        you have to take a small small poorly run time warner
        segment to push your games.
        KU deserved better. but they (the ones running it ) can’t
        get beyond a basketball team that can’t generate cash.
        Its real simple…ku is a dying institution. Self and wiggins
        can win it all…makes no difference…the conservatives
        in Kansas are killing higher education…its their master goal.
        good luck biff…your dreams will never become reality.
        but ku should win it all…and wiggins is newcomer of the year.
        and 16 points from a freshman in his first game? that’s bad?
        who said….this wiggins kid is going to be fun to watch…
        for a couple of months.
        self is changing his philosophy because he wants to win
        another one now…then bolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Biff says:

          I doubt the SEC network will be more successful than the Big 10 network. the Big 10 network has been around for a long time and they share all revenue. With all that the Same Big 10 teams dominate the league, a conference network does not help much just maybe some more money.

      • dman says:

        Biff, were you born stupid, or was it more nurture over nature.

        I could see all of the MU games on ESPN3 outside of KC as well – so its not like this is any different (and this doesn’t help you if you live in KC like most of us do).

        Hopefully the KU folks will get theirs in High Def, but I imagine your bball production will be better than the crappy one we had the last several years.

        • Biff says:

          How stupid are you. MU had to have a football game on PPV because nobody wanted to show it. The MU /Vandy game was on something called CSS. You must be drunk watching games.

          • Bob Sacamano says:

            Poor Mizzou, they had their game against Vandy broadcast on Channel 5 during primetime. Oh the horror!

          • dman says:

            You are obviously too dumb to read. Mizzou’s tertiary BBALL games (not football, moron) fell under Metro Sports in KC and ESPN3 outside (just like KU’s does now). We are not talking about football – Metro Sports does not have a contract with Learfield communication (who owns Mizzou’s 3rd tier rights) for football. This entire conversation centers on tertiary basketball games.

            You need to pimp-slap your mom for dropping you on your head too many times as a child.

            • Will says:

              The learfield contract is done after this year. MU bought it out for SEC network rights that start in 2014. Just a footnote. Any yes this whole pissing contest is about the broadcast rights of pre-season games and non-con games against sub standard competition.

            • Biff says:

              you are mistaking Missouri sports network for ESPN 3. MSN did not have ESPN3. .have you been watching all of MU games on your computer?

              • dman says:

                Yes, I was watching all of the MU games that were shown on Metro Sports on ESPN3 – it used to be ESPN+ out of market.

  18. Biff says:

    “What’s happened today is high schools have become so specialized that a lot of high school coaches try to get a guy to do just one sport. My thinking is if you want to play three sports then play three sports. By the time you get to college you can specialize on one sport. There are benefits to focusing on one sport year round but I always felt in high school you should live a full experience.”
    Charlie Weis, when asked about high school athletes focusing on just one sport, JayhawkSlant.com
    GH: Love this message. I wish more parents, coaches and kids agreed.

    If you have a kid playing youth sports you see some crazy parents. I think youth soccer may be the worse. Some parents have their boys and girls playing soccer all year long. you should let your kid play all the sports the want.

    • Big D in the O says:

      I’m with ya. I love it when I hear a fellow parent say something like “well his future is in baseball” I’m thinking to.myself “Dude…he is 9″

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