OTC: Will KC Ignore Sporting KC On Its Biggest Day? Is The MLS Run By Rumdums?

“If Sporting goes out and wins this game, what will the reaction of the city be? Because when they won it in 2000 (as the Wizards), I think most of the city just yawned.”
Nate Bukaty, on Sporting Kansas City playing in the MLS Cup title match Saturday afternoon at Sporting Park, 810 AM
GH: How will an MLS Cup title effect Kansas City? Great question. I think the local soccer community will go berserk. I expect the Cerner boys will organize a parade downtown or maybe through The Plaza. But will the average sports fan who typically ignores soccer participate? It will be interesting to see the city’s reaction.

“I think winning this championship wins over some of the fans who are still hesitant to buying to soccer here in Kansas City. If your hometown team wins the championship in that league, I think that wins over a lot of people who are kind of hesitant to like soccer.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: I could not disagree more with Swarts. The anti-soccer segment in this town is not going to be swayed by winning the MLS Cup or even a bribe. I spoke at a local Rotary Club last week on the Missouri side of the state line and my presenter introduced me by saying, “…Greg’s going to talk about the Chiefs, the Royals and the Missouri Tiger – but’s he’s not going to say a word about soccer or the Kansas Jayhawks!” That line received the loudest ovation of the day.

“I think this is the biggest trophy that (Sporting) plays for…well, the Champions League could be a bigger trophy…”
Nate Bukaty, responding to a comment by Steven St. John that many peripheral soccer fans are confused by the multiple titles Sporting seems to be vying for, 810 AM
GH: This is a problem for Sporting and the MLS – they play for too many cups and too often are in some tournament against strange teams that the average fan doesn’t know or understand. And what’s the deal where star players just up and leave the team midseason to go play elsewhere?

“There is a huge percentage of Missouri fans in this town who will not watch the MLS Cup because they are watching the SEC Championship game.”
Nate Bukaty, on the Missouri and Sporting games both starting at 3:00 PM Saturday, 810 AM
GH: I would put that percentage right at about .05% — and that’s because I know that the guy who dresses as Wilfred the dog in the Cauldron is a diehard MU fan who will be at Sporting Park Saturday.

“This is a huge Saturday for college football. What if the MLS would have decided to play this game on Friday night? They could have owned it. This is where the MLS needs to get their head out of their ass sometimes.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty should be the new commissioner of the MLS. This is a great idea. Hell, is there still time to change the MLS Cup game to Friday night?

“Kansas plays at Colorado that day and I know a lot of my buddies are going to watch Kansas (basketball).”
Aaron Swarts, on the KU at CU game that starts in Boulder at 2:15 PM (CT) on ESPN2, 810 AM
GH: Okay, so remove another HUGE segment of the Kansas City sports fan base from viewing Sportings’ title match as Kansas fans watch their Jayhawks play basketball in Colorado. Oh, and the weather here on Saturday afternoon is supposed to be Artic…

“On Friday and Saturday it is going to be brutally and ridiculously cold. I know, Sporting Kansas City.”
Gary Lezak, KSHB Meteorologist, on the Arctic blast that is supposed to descend on KC later this week, 810 AM
GH: I will be on the couch watching Sporting, MU and KU. It’s kind of what I do.

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73 Responses to OTC: Will KC Ignore Sporting KC On Its Biggest Day? Is The MLS Run By Rumdums?

  1. Jack says:

    Ha Ha BlackJack! You say: “My experience is that since Greg, and several other people who comment on these boards seem to have a complex about soccer and feel threatened by it”.

    You have got to be kidding! Yes, soccer is on the cusp of taking over this town and making the Chiefs and Royals an afterthought. Sporting will be another KC Comets or Attack within 3 years and the TBones will be playing their games at Sporting Park!

    Soccer is a pussy sport with no scoring and ties! There is more action watching paint dry!!!

    P.S. The good news is that if we hear from 5 more Sporting fans on this site then we will have heard from all of them!

    • BlackJack says:

      Jack, i understand you are jin the business of trolling and are making these ridiculous statements just to provoke a reaction, but I’ll bite on two things:

      As far being a “pussy sport”, soccer is actually so physical that I will venture to say that most junior high school girl soccer player could probably knock your dick in the dirt. And let’s make clear – there is no other sport with more action than soccer. Two 45 minute halves, non-stop with no timeouts or commercials. Unlike the typical football game where 85% of it is clock stoppage, and only 12 minutes of actual action.

      But I’ll stop defending the sport, as it is apparent of it’s legitimacy what with the huge volume of comments on this board about it.

      • kcredsox says:

        +1 and I’m a football fan, but have discovered and grown to love soccer for a couple main reasons, no commercials except at halftime and the skill it takes to keep moving for 45 minutes straight. Again, if you aren’t a soccer fan no big deal, but spend one game in the Cauldron and you will become a Sporting KC fan…

      • Tim says:

        A running clock does not make the action entertaining. Marathons are also non-stop…also very boring

    • Jerk says:

      That’s an opinion straight from the pit of ignorance. Nobody cares for a troll anyway….

      Moving on:

      Perhaps the biggest thing that Sporting accomplished this year was breathing some life into Danny Clinkscale. A few weeks ago he did the radio call of the playoff game that was only on locally in KC. Danny did the play by play and Jake Gutierrez did the “color” I guess. Jake was kind of an afterthought but I was blown away by how good Danny was. To hear him do that call and communicate the excitement in that awesome game was amazing after listening to him drone on and on by KK all these years. I call them out when they stink, so I better praise them when they’re good. And on that night, Danny freaking hit it outta the park!

  2. Robert says:

    Jack, you are hilarious! Plus 1

  3. Brummy says:

    KC can’t support a pro basketball or hockey team in an arena with about the same capacity as sporting park, but SKC sells out most of their games? …hmmm,

    • Kyle says:

      41 home games in the NBA vs. 21 for SKC. Bit of a difference there. Also, if KC had an NBA team like the OKC Thunder, Sprint would be sold out most nights. KC will support a winner as well as anyone.

      • Brummy says:

        Yet we still have an empty arena.

        • david says:

          it’s full tonight

        • Kyle says:

          Correct, but that says nothing about the fans. It says everything about KCMO leadership. St. Louis had some of the worst attendance in the league with the football Cardinals, yet got a new team 7 years after they left. Leadership.

          • kylerohde says:

            Is it KCMO leadership, or is it the fact that there isn’t/wasn’t an owner willing to step up and put up the $? Not to mention the NBA isn’t expanding so that isn’t an option, and the NHL has seen a bit of movement but not much beyond KC being leveraged by Pittsburgh.

            • Kyle says:

              Looks like Seattle will be getting a new team before too long, so leadership comes into play. But you are correct, ownership is a major factor as well.

              • Brummy says:

                What about market analysis? We’ve had a pro basketball team before (I realize that was long ago). that said, I’m sure it requires more capital to get a pro BB team than MLS. That said, it is a growing sport that will eventually be #3…look at the demographics. SKC may outgrow its park.

                • Kyle says:

                  MLS will not overtake the NBA or MLB. It’s not even on the radar screen for the vast majority of America. A few pockets in the cities that have teams and that’s it.

                  • Brummy says:

                    It already has higher attendance per game than the NBA. IMO, this is impressive considering the lack of exposure compared to the NBA. I agree with you on about MLB; I don’t ever seem them being overteken.


  4. john doe says:

    soccer sucks

    when it is the topic on 810, I change stations.

  5. Java Man says:

    I ask because I do not know. Is this soccer championship just one game or will there be multiple games?

  6. Harold says:

    BlackJack you did a crappy job of defending soccer by saying there is 90 minutes of action yes most games end in a tie or 1 to 0 scores. Every once in a great while throw in a score to wake up the fans!
    P.S. Soccer Sucks!

  7. Jamie says:

    This is for Harold.and Jack. You are Mean, Mean, Mean! You may not be a soccer fan but does that give you any right to act like a big bully and criticize our sport. Maybe you should consider other peoples feelings before you make derogatory comments. See my boys in the Cauldron. Should be fun:)

  8. geoknows says:

    One game.

  9. geoknows says:

    Wow. Reply fail. My “one game” response was for Java Man – only one game for the soccer championship.

    (Why doesn’t “reply” put the answer in the right place?)

  10. FJH says:

    “they play for too many cups and too often are in some tournament against strange teams that the average fan doesn’t know or understand. And what’s the deal where star players just up and leave the team midseason to go play elsewhere?”

    I am trying to understand it. Real question – Can someone explain this? JH

    • gamartin11 says:

      The cups:

      Champion’s League is a tournament played in by the qualifying teams from the countries in North and Central America and the Caribbean. The United States gets four teams in the tournament: the two teams in the MLS Cup, the winner of the Supporter’s Shield, and the Winner of the US Open Cup.

      MLS Cup: The winner of the playoffs at the end of the regular season. This is the most “American” thing about the MLS, because in Europe, they don’t have playoffs. Instead, their championship is like our Supporters Shield.

      Supporters Shield: Awarded to the team with the best regular season record. Three points for a win, one point for a tie. If you can tie a “better” team on the road, that’s considered a good day’s work.”

      US Open Cup: A national single-elimination tournament that is open to more than just MLS teams. The winner of the cup this year isn’t an MLS team.

      The weird transfer thing: International soccer has two transfer times – summer and January. This fits in better with leagues who begin their season in the fall and end in the spring. So, when Kamara went to England, he went before the start of their season, but in the middle of ours. If we were on the same calendar as most of the rest of the world, these transfers would happen in the off season, along with a flurry of activity in the middle of the season in January. I’m not arguing that the MLS should change their calendar to match the rest of the world, because January soccer sounds terrible. It would solve some scheduling issues with things like the World Cup, though.

  11. bs says:

    It’s 3x as expensive to go to SKC match this weekend as it was to go to the Mizzou v TexAM game last weekend. Live soccer at Sporting Park is a better experience, ticket prices demonstrate as much.

    Televised college football compared to televised soccer isn’t even close — look at advertising costs for each. I doubt that people watching SEC champ on TV were in the pool of likely viewers for soccer ever.

  12. Jared says:

    I don’t necessarily have a dog in this hunt (I love soccer, but don’t care if others prefer to watch other sports — no skin off my nose), but since when does the freaking Rotary Club qualify as an accurate barometer of anything? Well, aside from old people who cling to outdated networking methods. If they don’t latch onto something new or challenging to the norm, I’d hardly call that a death knell.

  13. Maff says:

    Soccer would be a better sport if they got rid of off sides. Can you imagine 11 men in the box in football? Not much of a running game would happen. That is obvious. That is what you would get if the WRs were not allowed to run past a corner or safety until the QB had thrown the fucking ball. All that does is reward lazy defense. Soccer fullbacks are not really worried about getting burned deep. They just pack it in because the offense has to stay “onside” and can never go deep.

    I’d be ok with a no 3 line pass or similar, but you have to make the defenders cover more field area than they are currently dealing with. Imagine football with zero bombs. That is what soccer is. “Oh no Joey, you can’t use your speed, you’re too fast. We need to put a governor on you and slow your ass down.

    Just about the dumbest rule in sports.

  14. Tim says:

    Don’t you people see the big picture here? Kansas is playing Colorado! A Big 12 versus a FORMER Big 12!!!! Maybe this happened before in the Otis Campbell Berbiglia Bowl game, but is this the first step towards reunification?? C’mon, we can make the old East/West Germany reunion look like a wienie roast.

    By the way, good luck Sporting. You can have the parade around the Kansas Speedway track. It’s close to Sporting Park, and 75,000 fans can watch. Sorry I can’t make it, the Jerry Springer marathon will be on at the same time………..

  15. Biff says:

    I don’t think MLS will be popular as football, Baseball, golf or nascar.
    The star has a story on the MLS today. MLS is trying to add more teams but the league continues to lose money. Soccer will not get a great TV contract as there is few timeouts to sell commercials. Not sure if MLS can survive in the USA with out some changes to the game or how they schedule the season.

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