OTC: Will KC Ignore Sporting KC On Its Biggest Day? Is The MLS Run By Rumdums?

“If Sporting goes out and wins this game, what will the reaction of the city be? Because when they won it in 2000 (as the Wizards), I think most of the city just yawned.”
Nate Bukaty, on Sporting Kansas City playing in the MLS Cup title match Saturday afternoon at Sporting Park, 810 AM
GH: How will an MLS Cup title effect Kansas City? Great question. I think the local soccer community will go berserk. I expect the Cerner boys will organize a parade downtown or maybe through The Plaza. But will the average sports fan who typically ignores soccer participate? It will be interesting to see the city’s reaction.

“I think winning this championship wins over some of the fans who are still hesitant to buying to soccer here in Kansas City. If your hometown team wins the championship in that league, I think that wins over a lot of people who are kind of hesitant to like soccer.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: I could not disagree more with Swarts. The anti-soccer segment in this town is not going to be swayed by winning the MLS Cup or even a bribe. I spoke at a local Rotary Club last week on the Missouri side of the state line and my presenter introduced me by saying, “…Greg’s going to talk about the Chiefs, the Royals and the Missouri Tiger – but’s he’s not going to say a word about soccer or the Kansas Jayhawks!” That line received the loudest ovation of the day.

“I think this is the biggest trophy that (Sporting) plays for…well, the Champions League could be a bigger trophy…”
Nate Bukaty, responding to a comment by Steven St. John that many peripheral soccer fans are confused by the multiple titles Sporting seems to be vying for, 810 AM
GH: This is a problem for Sporting and the MLS – they play for too many cups and too often are in some tournament against strange teams that the average fan doesn’t know or understand. And what’s the deal where star players just up and leave the team midseason to go play elsewhere?

“There is a huge percentage of Missouri fans in this town who will not watch the MLS Cup because they are watching the SEC Championship game.”
Nate Bukaty, on the Missouri and Sporting games both starting at 3:00 PM Saturday, 810 AM
GH: I would put that percentage right at about .05% — and that’s because I know that the guy who dresses as Wilfred the dog in the Cauldron is a diehard MU fan who will be at Sporting Park Saturday.

“This is a huge Saturday for college football. What if the MLS would have decided to play this game on Friday night? They could have owned it. This is where the MLS needs to get their head out of their ass sometimes.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty should be the new commissioner of the MLS. This is a great idea. Hell, is there still time to change the MLS Cup game to Friday night?

“Kansas plays at Colorado that day and I know a lot of my buddies are going to watch Kansas (basketball).”
Aaron Swarts, on the KU at CU game that starts in Boulder at 2:15 PM (CT) on ESPN2, 810 AM
GH: Okay, so remove another HUGE segment of the Kansas City sports fan base from viewing Sportings’ title match as Kansas fans watch their Jayhawks play basketball in Colorado. Oh, and the weather here on Saturday afternoon is supposed to be Artic…

“On Friday and Saturday it is going to be brutally and ridiculously cold. I know, Sporting Kansas City.”
Gary Lezak, KSHB Meteorologist, on the Arctic blast that is supposed to descend on KC later this week, 810 AM
GH: I will be on the couch watching Sporting, MU and KU. It’s kind of what I do.

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73 Responses to OTC: Will KC Ignore Sporting KC On Its Biggest Day? Is The MLS Run By Rumdums?

  1. Jim says:

    Sporting is playing for the MLS cup on Saturday? Hmmmmm, didn’t know that.

  2. JimmyD says:

    Maybe your comment was cheered because you mentioned the Jayhawks in a Missouri city. Just a wild guess though

  3. Jeff Gelski says:

    I definitely would have watched the soccer game on Friday night. Instead, I will watch MU game on Saturday afternoon.

  4. Dan says:

    My football team playing for the SEC championship >>>>> soccer. Simple as that. The fact that there’s even a question of what to do is an example why the rest of the SEC makes fun of Mizzou fans’s lack of passion. I guarantee you no Auburn fan would think “oh no, my favorite soccer team is playing for a title at the same time as the SEC Title Game. What will I do?” There should be zero doubt here. Soccer is not on the level of the big 3 (football, basketball, baseball). I hope Sporting KC wins but I will be devoting 0.0000% of my attention to it on Saturday. I have bigger and better things going on.

    • Kyle says:

      +1 (except for the mizzouri part). Anybody remember the Comets selling out Kemper in the 80′s and winning a championship? It’s about the same for me. Happy for them, no ill will, just could care less.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


  5. Superfreq says:

    Well ticket prices are insane for the match as listed by a Forbes article here http://www.forbes.com/sites/jesselawrence/2013/11/30/sporting-kc-tickets-for-mls-cup-are-most-expensive-championship-game-tickets-in-last-five-year/. They will be at fire code capacity once again and since I didn’t get a ticket I imagine I’ll be headed over to Futbal Club in OP to watch the match. I know there’s also a large watch party @ Johnny’s in P&L. Also P&L will be showing the MLS Cup over the SEC championship game on the large outdoor screen in the concourse.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Bingo…I’m a season ticket holder and can’t go to the game on Saturday. I sold my tickets for more than double their face value. They lasted maybe 3 minutes on Craigslist.

  6. JP says:

    I plan on watching the MLS game Saturday. It is for the league championship, and I have been following this team all year. It will be a great day for the entire region if Sporting wins. I will try to keep an eye on the games. If there is any entity to bash, it is the MLS. Why in the world are they playing their Championship on the same day as Championship Saturday? This one is on the League for scheduling the game on this day. If they waited one week, they would have that Saturday all to themselves.

  7. Brummy says:

    Soccer is confusing but I’m sure the English, as do many American women, say the same thing about our football.

    I would be watching the SEC championship if the royals were playing in game 7 of the World Series (if that was possible).

    That said, I’m hoping to find a bar that is showing both..I know several people in my office doing the same. I’m sure there will be many people in JOCO trying to catch SKC and KU.

  8. kylerohde says:

    Extraordinarily idiotic decision by the MLS to have the match on the same day as college football conference championships. And I’m glad Nate Bukaty actually gave a strong opinion with some stones behind it; that’s rare from him.

    I hadn’t realized that the KU game and MU game were both at the same time, which is a huge bummer for KC. But the reaction if Sporting wins is going to be a microcosm of where MLS is overall right now. There are enough fans that the ticket prices are nuts for the MLS Cup, but it’s still a small overall chunk of the city. If 20,000 can attend, there may be 100K (5% of the metro area) that are truly vested in the game. That’s plenty of people to sell out the stadium, but not nearly enough to be a huge, city-wide event like the Super Bowl or World Series would be.

    All that said, my buddy has a Cauldron ticket for me (hopefully) so I’m going to be out there cheering and freezing my ass off. I care little about a December KU vs. Colorado game, compared to this match, and I’m a huge KU basketball fan/slightly-above-average Sporting fan.

  9. nick says:

    1. KU vs. CU basketball
    2. Sporting KC
    3. Big Bang Theory re-runs
    4. Put up Christmas decorations
    5. Whatever movie’s on ABC Family
    6. Pick up frozen dog poop in yard
    7. Spongebob Squarepants
    8. Laundry
    9. Check final minutes of Tigers vs. Tigers*

  10. Joey says:

    Are you kidding me! I would watch re-runs of The Love Boat before I spend 10 minutes watching the MLS Cup! All Sporting does is take time away from the Chiefs and MU/KU in the KC Star and on local sports. Please stop wasting time on them!!!

  11. Del Griffith says:

    The only buzz you hear about the SEC championship around here is from MU fans. It doesn’t register outside of that bubble in these parts. Ironically, this may be one of those years where there really just isn’t any “great team” in college football. Just a handful of really good teams all jostling for the top two spots in a flawed system.

  12. Mike says:

    Maybe if MLS didn’t put so much damned space between playoff matches, just maybe, this title match would have played in something other than dick-shrinking arctic weather.

  13. Brett says:

    Would love to watch the MLS Championship but have to…. Well I have to do nothing to do at that time and still wouldn’t watch that boring ass sport!

  14. Brett says:

    I put Sporting KC right behind the T Bones as far as interest goes! No real sports fan gives a rats ass about a minor league soccer team!!

    • Floyd says:

      Continue to spout your tired rhetoric – soccer sucks, it’s boring, they’re not athletes, etc. So very funny and original. If you were willing to look, there’s a huge number of young-ish (teens to low 40′s) Sporting KC fans across the city and over to Wichita and up to Omaha. Go ahead and try to find some cheap tickets for the Sporting game this weekend. I’ll wait. Do you think that the T-Bones would have that level of interest in their league’s championship? As Herm would say, “C’mon man.”

  15. Al says:

    + 1! Sporting KC Sucks!

  16. Al says:

    I am a KU fan and would rather cheer for MU than be forced to watch a Sporting game!

  17. Raul says:

    To all of you ripping soccer… You suck!! Soccer is the greatest sport ever and if we win the MLS Cup then you will see more people at our parade than the Royals of Chiefs would have ever gotten to show up!

    • kcredsox says:

      I would bet if you put most of the doubters in the Cauldron for the Sporting KC game they would become Sporting fans. Maybe not soccer fans, but Sporting fans. I have never been in the cauldron before, but in my younger days it would have been a fucking blast, and I had no clue what soccer was back then.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      LOL @Raul. What planet do you live on? If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl someday, the entire city will shut down. Same with the Royals.

    • kylerohde says:

      Yeah, Raul, love your team but come back to Earth. Soccer is nowhere near the Chiefs, Royals or KU basketball in this town in terms of popularity. Not even close.

  18. “There is a huge percentage of Missouri fans in this town who will not watch the MLS Cup because they are watching the SEC Championship game.”

    May be hard for Bukaty to grasp, but there are at least some of us who’ve actually been trained and checked out on how to operate that danfangled DVR contraption. I, for example, will be watching one of the two games at 3:00 and then — and get this now — I’ll be watching the other game afterwards! Who’da damn thunk it.

  19. Mick says:

    Johnny’s @ P&L will have the Mizzou game/sound on the main floor. The Sporting Wizards volume will be on the upper deck and the Jayhawks on the patio. At least that’s what they told me last weekend.

  20. BlackJack says:

    All of you numbnuts do realize that the MLS Cup match sold out in, like 7 microseconds, right? Prices for tickets are highest for a MLS Cup final, ever. There is a HUGE segment of fans in this town who care not one whit about the SEC championship, and will tune in at least to portions of the MLS Cup. And anyone who is conflicted about what to watch between KU, MU and SKC likely has a DVR and knows how to use it.

    Make not mistake – soccer in this town is not on par with the other Big Three sports, and nobody ever said that it was. But do not underestimate – the disdain shown for SKC and soccer on this message board is not representative of the larger fan support in this town as a whole.

    My experience is that since Greg, and several other people who comment on these boards seem to have a complex about soccer and feel threatened by it, they will go out of their way to minimize the acheivements and importance of MLS and SKC at every chance.

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