OTC: Will Super Bowl Empty In A NY Minute Becasue Of The Cold? / Toma At SB

“Extraordinarily pungent smell of pee on my train. Even the bums are stepping up their urine game for Super Bowl week!”
Damon Amendolara, @DAonCBS, who covering the Super Bowl is broadcasting from NYC this week on radio row, Twitter

“The weather’s going to be a problem. They made a big mistake. The game shouldn’t be there. I mean, it’s stupid. First of all, it’s not fair to the players. It’s not going to be fair to the fans. It’s not going to be that enjoyable”
Mike Ditka, on the Super Bowl being played outdoors in the New York area this Sunday, Detroit Free Press
GH: The weather forecast for the NYC area has improved a bit with the kick-off temp predicted to be in the 30s. But with a 6:30 PM (ET) kick-off, you know temps will be dropping fast. My question is what is the cold tolerance level of the corporate big wigs who can afford those $3,000 seats? That stadium could look pretty empty by the time the third quarter kicks off.

“It’s so cold University of Michigan will close Tuesday. First time since 1978.”
Jeff Vaughn, @JeffVaughn, Twitter
GH: When the Big Ten schools start closing because of the cold, you know that Polar Vortex thingy is real! I still think Bo Schembechler would of made it to class. One of my favorite Bo quotes is now a slogan of the Wolverines, “Those who stay will be champions.” Bo made this promise to his football team when he took over the head coaching job at Michigan in 1969. Only 75 players survived his first training camp from the 140 who began Bo’s first camp. Another favorite quote from Bo had to do with the Michigan basketball team after Bill Frieder accepted the Arizona State job just prior to the start of the NCAA tournament in 1989. “A Michigan man will coach Michigan!” Bo declared in naming assistant coach Steve Fisher the head coach for the tourney.

“I’m off to New York Wednesday to cover some big Kansas City angles for Super Bowl week in NYC. Too bad the Chiefs couldn’t make the trip this year, too! Would love to see you in New York if you’re going!”
Matt Flener, @MattFlenerKMBC, TV reporter for Channel 9, Twitter
GH: Give Flener a follow on Twitter and check out his tweets from New York.

“Floyd Mayweather is betting $10.4M that the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl.”
Sports Update, @MySportsUpdate, Twitter
GH: Floyd may have taken too many shots to the head. Maybe Floyd should get in touch with Vince Young for a talk.

“It could be a mud bowl or a snow bowl but we’re ready. We can’t fight the weather. But we can be prepared. … We love pressure. When things get tough, we start to work. … My first job is to give the players the best possible conditions to perform on. The cheapest insurance for a football player is a good, safe playing field. And for the fans on the stands and watching on TV, we want to give them a field of beauty.”
George Toma, head groundskeeper for all 48 Super Bowls, Kansas City Star
GH: Kudos to Randy Covitz who wrote the story on the 85-year-old Toma for The Star. Toma is a Kansas City sports icon that somehow is still doing what he does best – making grass grow. Read on.

“Having George on site instills confidence that the game-day field and practice fields will be in top condition for our Super Bowl teams. The league, teams and coaches trust his experience and expertise. George has earned his place in Super Bowl history.”
Frank Supovitz, NFL’s senior vice president of events, Kansas City Star
GH: Covitz mentioned that Toma plans to do at least two more Super Bowls to give him 50. Wow.

“You do the job … and then some,” Toma said of his mantra. “That distinguishes the mediocre from the great. We want everything perfect. If it’s not perfect, we’re not doing our job.”
George Toma, Kansas City Star
GH: Toma was one of the best reasons to get a box seat at Royals Stadium. When our boys were just toddlers, Toma would pop up from the field during a game and place a piece of bubble gum on the rail of the box for the boys. He’d line them up until there were a half-dozen pieces for the boys to grab. He rarely said a word. Just a smile and some gum.

“I think college basketball would take a much bigger hit if there wasn’t the fan allegiance (to the schools) than any other sport. I think college basketball would be hurt more than any other sport (if you removed fan allegiance to one team) because the product really isn’t that good.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Parkins is a Chicago kid who loves the NBA. Michael Jordan’s greatness and the years Parkins spent of Jim Boeheim’s zone at Syracuse must have spoiled him from enjoying the nuances of college hoops.

“Mid-level college basketball is not enjoyable at all.”
Carrington Harrison, who agreed with Parkins in that the talent level of college hoops is too poor once you get below the big-school teams, 610 AM
GH: So The Drive Guys are basketball snobs? William Jewell hoops is a bad look? High school basketball isn’t entertaining? These two sound like Whitlock discussing a McRib!

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17 Responses to OTC: Will Super Bowl Empty In A NY Minute Becasue Of The Cold? / Toma At SB

  1. kylerohde says:

    I don’t understand what Parkins is saying with that comment. That’s like saying, “people wouldn’t watch baseball if it wasn’t America’s pastime” or “people only watch hockey for the fights or auto races for the crashes” or, to use Danny’s beloved NBA, “people don’t watch the NBA because the players half-ass it most of the regular season.” Sure, there’s some of that perception vs. reality stuff with every sport but it’s not quantifiable.

    • Phaedrus says:

      I think he’s implying that people don’t watch a college basketball game if their team isn’t playing and/or the game doesn’t affect their team. In other words, a basketball fan that roots for KU may watch the NBA because the players are so good, but he wouldn’t watch a Pac 10 game that had absolutely no relevance to KU.

      U of M football has gone straight downhill since Bo died (day before the OSU game in 2006). Wonder how he’d feel about OSU’s dominance of the series the last 10 years.

      • Steve says:

        Yeah, that’s how I took his comments, and frankly, I agree with him. But at the same time I wouldn’t consider that exclusive for college basketball, at least for me. If there is a college basketball, college football, NFL or MLB game on while I’m flipping through the channels, I’ll probably stop and watch for a while depending on who is playing. But for me, if it’s not Mizzou, the Chiefs or the Royals, I’m just not as interested unless it’s the playoffs or is a big regular season matchup. And I love sports, it’s one of the few things I watch on TV, but I would venture to guess in a lot of the major sports once a game is over that a person has a rooting interest in, it’s not appointment-viewing to watch other teams. Maybe you leave it on in the background or catch bits and pieces here and there, but how many people are watching a Baylor-Iowa State game from start to finish if they’re a KU fan? Or LSU-Ole Miss if they’re a Mizzou football fan? I’m guessing not many.

      • Smith says:

        Regular season college bball games carry less than half the importance than regular season football games do (college or pro). There isn’t as much at stake, especially early in the season. So Parkins’ comments are a bit blind. And there are far fewer football games per season than there are basketball (college or pro).

        But his remark is preposterous to begin with, to even fantasize about a sport having no “fan allegiance.” And the “product” is good, if you can identify and differentiate from one brand to another. At least in college bball there are offensive sets. Pro ball is either one-on-one or pick and roll. And the majority of NBA stars don’t lift a finger on defense.

        By the way, when Carmelo Anthony had 62 pts the other night he had ZERO assists. Don’t ever insult the game by calling him a great player.

      • Mike says:

        Well, sure, since there’s 300+ D-1 hoops teams, compared to 120 BCS-level football teams, of which we pay attention to, what 50 teams from the power conferences? Thankfully all CFB takes is a Saturday.
        I think it’s quite the misnomer that fans don’t pay attention to the entirety of college hoops compared to college football. Because tracking college football is easier for the typical fan, who has a job, (likely) kids, and other obligations to take their time during the week. There’s just so much college hoops spread out during the week, it’s near impossible to carve out time to watch it. That’s why I prefer to carve out time to catch B12 games, along with the occasional marquee game (Duke-Syracuse Saturday). I don’t have the luxury to sit and watch 30 college hoops games a week, and outside of Seth Davis, I don’t know who does. To have Parkins and Carrington act condescendingly toward A) your typical college hoops fan, B) college hoops, and C) small-college hoops is just fucking asinine.
        How many hundreds of teams are in NCAA Div I-II-III, and NAIA, and Juco’s? And there’s how many NBA teams? And you make a statement that it’s not as good? Color me SHOCKED!
        Not everyone has the luxury to spout unentertaining, unintelligent stupid shit into a microphone and somehow maintain their perch behind said mic. But since they’re up against KK, maybe it’s a race to see who hits embellished idiocy first.
        Then again, there’s countless hours to fill, so maybe I’m too harsh on them. But goodness.
        PS…Parkins, remove fan allegiance from any sports entity, that entity will take a hit.

        On an unrelated note, Marcus Smart is turning into a punk on the court. His flop “skills” are an embarrassment to the game.

  2. Brian Mills says:

    “Pepperoni pizza would cease to be a pizza if there was no crust”

    –Danny Parkins

  3. mike t. says:

    kudos to George Toma. I hope he gets to 50 too. back in the days when he personally ran the crews for the royals and arrowhead, those fields always looked amazing.

    I could use a little of his magic on my yard, front and back! talk about a mud bowl when it gets wet and the bassets are out in it….

    • Mike says:

      If only he didn’t have to deal with that rotten carpet at the TSC for 20 years, imagine the fields of beauty he could have cultivated through the 70′s, 80′s, and early 90′s?

  4. Phaedrus says:

    Im thinking this is what Parkins meant…
    In KC, the pecking order for tv watching would probably be:

    Chiefs, KU bball, Mizzou football, Royals, nba game, etc

    If none of the local teams were playing, it might be

    Nfl, cfb, mlb, nba, golf, college bb, nhl, etc

    No idea if his assumption is correct, but tht’s what I think he meant.

    Btw, listening to his show makes me feel old. 1/2 the shit he talks about is just asinine.

    • Gavin says:

      It shouldn’t make you feel old. It’should make you feel not like a dumbass. At least that’s what I tell myself because who knows WTF he’s blathering on about sometimes?

    • BB_Guy says:

      Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou Football, NBA Game, KU BBall, etc..

  5. “‘Even the bums are stepping up their urine game for Super Bowl week!’ Damon Amendolara”.

    “Bums”? Nice talk, out-of-town guy whom I always found annoying. In 2014, we call them hobos, for the record. Stick that on the end of your bindlestick and smoke it at the game. Just keep said items away from George Toma’s nicely groomed field.

  6. JP says:

    Parkins is full of excrement. He has the right to his opinion, but this is not an NBA town. We are nearing 30 years without a local NBA team. I tried to watch some of the games on League Pass and they were boring. Unless it’s one of the star laden teams, NBA basketball is dull until the 4th quarter.

    I hope the Super Bowl is cold and the empty seats are shown on TV. The game is for the corporate suits anyway. This will ensure that we don’t get a cold weather Super Bowl again. Although since it does put Denver at a disadvantage, my protest will be a little muted this year.

  7. Tim says:

    What the hell is Flener talking about? The Chiefs have went to the Super Bowl every single year. This year their seats are in the upper deck 40 yard line.

  8. SDPETE says:

    When did Ditka become soft? ‘It’s not fair to the players’…boo, freakin’, hoo. You know who it’s finally ‘fair’ too? The teams that got to the Super Bowl by having to adapt their teams to their own weather. No advantage for a pass happy team this year by having perfect conditions.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Ditka is correct, but too old to remember the middle letter in NFL has never stood for ‘fair’… more so ‘fate’. Mike’s right of course – it isn’t fair any more than human error has been fair regarding it variously affecting the outcome sporting events blown call(s). Soon, with instant replay (and soon enough footballs/goal lines as baseballs/strike zones with greater innovations) the powers that be will (try and) completely regulate and perfect every throw, catch, swing, miss, hit, tackle, penalty & official’s call ensure equity… but will still be subject Mother Nature as well power outages, etc.

    Before pro football went to a modern post season format where (say only slightly tongue in cheek) everybody and their brother qualified, there was unfairness:

    1967 was the first year of the NFL’s new four-team playoff tournament, the four divisional winners. This resulted in the BALT Colts (loser of just one game that season, tying them with the Rams for best record in the NFL) not even making it to post season; they had to play & lost to the Rams an divisional playoff game; same thing happened to the Chiefs in 1968, traveling to OAK, losing and missing post season despite a 12-2 record, tied with the Raiders for best in the AFL.

    Ditto the ’67 Dallas Cowboys who did not believe it fair play for the Championship in temperatures below 0 in Green Bay’s ‘Ice Bowl’, but play and lose they did. Perhaps a game played in a vacuum or a hermetically sealed gridiron would’ve produced a different outcome; ’66 Championship, same teams played in Dallas on the latter’s home field much closer to ideal weather conditions; Packers won that day as well.

    Gamesmanship has always existed too (among others, the Raiders were oft accused of watering down their field in Oakland to their advantage… Chiefs accused OAK of this; true or not, Oakland Alameda Coliseum also happened to be built on the former site of a garbage dump. Similar sour grapes were the claim the Rams (Packers manipulated the field) in a 1967 playoff game played in Green Bay.)

    The NFL (as AFL) tack then was to rotate the site of Championship Games each season (weather as fairness beside the point) in lieu playing them on the field of the team sporting the best regular season record; in the parlance be known as luck of the draw, fate, unfairness, etc. Otherwise, the 1966 Chiefs (who had the best record in the AFL with only two losses) would’ve hosted that AFL Championship Game instead of having to travel to Buffalo, New York & play/win in below freezing temperatures; they did win, earning the right to play on a hot day in LA two weeks hence… where they lost Superbowl I.

    When you’re hot you’re hot, when you’re not you’re not. `


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