OTC: Yordano Ventura Shows Royals & AL What They Missed This Season While He Was Farming

“I don’t know what was going on in Triple-A, with guys getting hits off (Yordano Ventura), but that was dominating stuff. I mean, he’s got pretty special stuff.”
Terry Francona, Indians manager, after watching the Royals’ rookie pitcher’s MLB debut against his Indians, cbssports.com
GH: My question is why did the Royals waste this kid’s season in the minors? He started the season in Arkansas and finished in Omaha – and didn’t make it to pitch a meaningful game for Kansas City until September 17th? Are the Royals trying to win or just nurture talent? 

“Yordano Ventura (86) with the best debut by Game Score in #Royals history. Craig Chamberlain posted a 75 in a 6-hitter vs. Detroit in 1979.”
James Smyth, @JamesSmyth621, Twitter
GH: In Royals HISTORY! And Dayton Moore and Ned Yost had this guy pitching against Round Rock?  

“Yordano Ventura hit 101.9 mph in his MLB debut tonight, the fastest pitch thrown by any starter in last 5 seasons.”
@madisondecamp, Twitter
GH: In the last FIVE seasons! And Dayton Moore and Ned Yost kept rolling Wade Davis out to start every fifth game for the Royals? How does that show they are serious about winning a World Series? 

“Alright, maybe Ventura CAN pitch 5 innings tonight. But that’s it. He’s been awesome. Let’s not get greedy.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: Greedy??? Royals’ fans are anything but greedy. We are emaciated corpses looking for a drop of success that might fall from the chariot of a passing by Boston, NY or St. Louis franchise as it rolls over our battered hides. The kid was throwing the best debut in Royals history – and Rany couldn’t wait to yank him? This was one of if not THE most important game of the season for KC. We needed this win. We led 3-0. We lost 5-3.  

“I suppose it’s tough to escape that outlook when you stand 5-11, 180 pounds (he’s put on considerable weight over the past year to get even that big), and you chuck 100mph fastballs. There just aren’t many pitchers with that sort of frame who can sustain that sort of stuff over a full-season workload. He doesn’t pass the “eye test”, the scouts would say. However, he’s passing every other test there is.”
Scott Evans, Razzball.com
GH: Newsflash – Ventura probably isn’t going to last as a starter. He is too small and throws too hard. But he is fabulous RIGHT NOW! But the Royals would prefer to bring him along slowly so he can pitch in meaningless games next season and then have Tommy John surgery. Whoopee! 

“A couple of head-scratching decisions on how and who he used in the bullpen (Tuesday) night.”
Aaron Swarts, after the Royals blew a 3-0 lead and an outstanding debut performance from Yordano Ventura to lose 5-3 to the Indians Tuesday night at The K, 810 AM
GH: Yost used Hochevar the night before in a blowout win instead of saving his arm for Tuesday night when it was needed. Tuesday Yost brought in Herrera, who has been iffy most of the season in late innings…and then brought in Hoch late. Neither was effective. Indians win 5-3. Season all but lost.

“Big league managers know that anytime things don’t work out, they’ll get second-guessed. After the battle is over and the smoke has cleared, we all have a better idea of what should have been done. But having spent a lot of time around these guys, I’m a reluctant second-guesser. When you get to talk to them later, they almost always knew something about the situation you didn’t.”
Lee Judge, kansascity.com
GH: Yost simply cannot handle pressure. Milwaukee fired him for that reason. The Royals will at the end of the season. But it will be too late.

“Apologies to the fans. Embarrassing performance tonight.”
Graham Zusi, @gzusi, after his Sporting Kansas City squad tied Real Esteli 1-1 Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: Why can’t the Royals be like Sporting? 

“These are playoff games. Period.”
Danny Parkins, on the Royals current homestand, 610 AM
GH: These are not playoff games. Ask Jim Mora. 

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38 Responses to OTC: Yordano Ventura Shows Royals & AL What They Missed This Season While He Was Farming

  1. Alphonse Tooty says:

    “We are emaciated corpses looking for a drop of success that might fall from the chariot of a passing by Boston, NY or St. Louis franchise as it rolls over our battered hides.”

    Wow. Sometimes you are really an over-the-top horrible writer.

  2. JP says:

    Last night was it for me regarding Yost. His decisions regarding the bullpen were mind-boggling. First of all, he brings in Coleman to pitch to one hitter in the 6th. In the 7th, he brings in Herrera, whom the Indians have used as a batting practice pitcher. The result 3-1 turns into 3-3. (Was I the only one who heard the booing in the stands directed at Yost and Herrera?) In the 8th, he brings in Wade Davis, who has one of the highest ERA’s on the team. The result, 4-3 Indians. That was a playoff game, with a good energized crowd, and once again Yost choked it away with bad decisions.

    They have not re-upped him for another year, and I hope this is the end of the line for him. He was outmanaged by Francona. Witness the pitching changes the Indians made. They knew how important this game was, and they set out to win it. I agree with Parkins, it is post season now for the Royals. That game may be the nail in the coffin as time and games are running out.

    • JP says:

      I meant to say that Yost should have stuck with Coleman for the 7th, then Hoch then Holland and get the win.

  3. Kyle says:

    “Apologies to the fans. Embarrassing performance tonight.”
    Graham Zusi, @gzusi, after his Sporting Kansas City squad tied Real Esteli 1-1 Tuesday night, Twitter
    GH: Why can’t the Royals be like Sporting?

    Check out Ervin Santana on twitter. Great stuff every day.

    That’s too bad about the tie. Especially with that old pesky nemesis Real Esteli. Great rivalries like this is what makes the MLS so special.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I find Ervin to be a nice guy but he is simply blowing the company line on Twitter. “Get them tomorrow.” “Tough loss, we win tomorrow.” Not really from-the-guy stuff. Zusi sounded real to me.

  4. Brummy says:

    “These are not playoff games. Ask Jim Mora.”


  5. Barles james says:

    Went to the game last night and felt ned’s burning intensity with every pitch from my seat 15 rows away. Unfortunately, this mostly inexperienced team needed a confident, dick howser type. Awesome atmosphere in the ballpark, too bad we probably won’t see a crowd into every cool, september evening pitch like that until at.least next season

    • Kyle says:

      I was there and it was phenomenal. Felt like a Friday night game with the Cardinals in town, except everyone was wearing blue (or green).

  6. Tigerpiper says:

    Please fire Yost.

    So it’s a 24 hour job (except when you take a day off during the season to go to your daughter’s wedding), but during game time, he’s just awful.

    The two glaring examples being leaving Guthrie in to “get his win” and taking Shields out for the same reason. Both times putting the interests of the player ahead of those of the team.

    I get it- he’s a player’s manager.

    The incessant bunting is awful too. Just awful.

    But does he make up for the public flubs in non game time managing? Esprit de corps? Teaching fundamentals or something?

    Not in making good lineups or knowing when a player sucks (e.g. Francoeur and Getz).

    I can’t see it, but is it possible?

  7. nick says:

    Late last night, Vernier and Carpenter questioned Yost’s moves. Vernier also pinned the loss on Gordon, Lough and Hosmer. All 3 didn’t make fairly tough plays that they usually do. SSJ and Fescoe had no problem coming down hard on Yost.

    Bukaty and Petro feel the need to defend Ned often. KK will likely do the same later. I don’t get it.

    For me, the biggest negative from Yost last night was how he treated the 6th-7th innings. Giving Smith and Coleman only 1 batters each seemed trigger-happy. Did it signal a little panic to the team? The way the defense played would suggest that. I’d love to have seen Coleman stay in. Ned keeps bringing up the lefty/righty strategies, suggesting he’s aware of all the geeky stat stuff. Yet SSJ said Bourn is now 4-4 against Herrera. When Herrera came in, I assumed Hochever must be resting. But then Hochever came in later. But not until Wade Davis got to give up the go-ahead run. Would the world have come to an end had Ned brought in Holland in the 7th or 8th? Last night’s game was HUGE. They HAD to win it. Had they won, a win tonight would have the Royals in a virtual dead-heat in the wildcard race.

    Yost puzzles me often. In the 2nd, up 1-0, Moose led off with a double. Yost then had Lough sacrifice Moose over. Why? So it will improve our run-scoring chances with “Sac-Fly” Eskie coming up? Predictably, Eskie struck out and Dyson grounded out. You don’t give away an out in that situation.

    • Tigerpiper says:

      He doesn’t believe in using the “closer” in non-save situations. It’s stupid outdated thinking just like the bunt in early innings. Use your best reliever when you need him most. Pretty simple. But wanting to get artificial saves for his player puts the interests of the player above the team. Yost is a dinosaur.

      • Brad says:

        Perfectly said. Use your best pitcher when the game is saveable….in what other sport does the best player hold out and often never get used. Stupid.

    • JP says:

      They need to put in the Manager’s contract-“No bunting unless it’s during the 9th inning or extra innings of a tie game and we are home.” That showed me that something was off last night.

    • Jerry Mathers says:

      I don’t think Hosmer’s play was all that tough–should have been a double play. Gordon’s was a little tougher, but from the TV broadcast, it appeared he nonchalanted it but realized too late he had misjudged it, then overreacted and missed the catch. (Victorino made almost the same misplay (in centerfield) to give up a triple and the eventual winning run in the Boston-Baltimore game.)

      • Greg Hall says:

        Gordon was styling on his miss. He floated instead of concentrating and sprinting to the spot he needed to be to make what was actually a routine play — or should have been.

  8. Steve says:

    Not sticking with Coleman for the 7th was mind-boggling. He has a 0.35 ERA!!!! Meanwhile, Herrera has been a roller-coaster all season. Then he brings in Davis for a tie game but doesn’t put Hochevar in until we’re down 1. There’s just no logic behind it. As one of the guys on The Border Patrol said this morning, he’s like a Little League coach who is just trying to get as many guys into the game as he can.

  9. Phaedrus says:

    I think you’re overreacting just a tad Greg. Ventura had 6 good innings, but that doesn’t mean it was the wrong decision to leave him in the minors. You sound like Rany when you say that kind of shit.

    If he would have gotten bombed, I’m guessing your column today would be about how this is just another sign showing how incompetent the Royals are. I mean, it’s their most important game in the last 25 years and they have to start a pitcher that is making his major league debut!?!? Dayton Moore should be fired because the Royals have no depth, blah, blah, blah.

    • Stringer Pete says:

      After seeing so many young players brought up too early to appease the fan base I’m more than willing to err on the side of caution. Better to wait to be sure than to rush and be sorry. If management wants to address Ventura’s service time by not having him on the opening day roster, it’s okay by me.

  10. Who have been the two most disappointing pitchers for KC this year? Herrera and Davis. So Yost made sure last night that they both pitched in crunch time in the biggest game of the year. In Yost’s defense, however, at least he didn’t try to run Guthrie out there again last night for the 8th inning. So Frank has learned from his mistakes! Regardless, I just don’t see Yost going anywhere at the end of this season, which would seem to be wishful thinking.

  11. Twy's Gibman says:

    this is off topic, but since we had a lot of Huskers commenting yesterday, can you all tell me how in the world Nebraska nation is backing Pelini in this “F___ the fans” gate? He told you “FU,” and his best defense is “noone was supposed to know I told the fans to F___ themselves”. Anyone?

  12. Ultimate Dude says:

    Royals fans, good lord you an insufferable fanbase. 3 runs is not going to win many games in the majors, no one dare talks about the inept hitting that has plagued this team all year. Running to blame the manager or GM with every loss shows just how clueless Royals fans are. Players make plays, not coaches. I don’t like every move Ned or Dayton has made this year, and there have been some that are mind blowing, but I’m not naive enough to blame those two with each and every head shaking loss. Royals fans act like the PLAYERS are the ones in little league, and it takes a tremendous manager to get any production out of them. Quit pretending like every fan or pundant could have this team winning more games. I’m hopeful the Royals find a better manager and scouting staff, but I pray on my knees, its not someone with the mindset of this fanbase.

    • Kyle says:

      The manager is supposed to put the right players in place to make plays. When you have a guy that has struggled all year to get people out as opposed to relievers who have been lights out, and you bring in the guy that has struggled, it’s a bad move. Period. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that he is the only manager ever to be fired with 12 games left in the season with his team on the brink of the playoffs? The Royals have not been to the playoffs in 28 years. We have EARNED THE FRIGGIN RIGHT to be pissed when our dumbass manager yanks the carpet out from under us. 3 runs or not, they were in control of the game. A 12 year old who knows about baseball would know that Herrera was not the man to go in there. That was the biggest Royals game since October 1985. Frankly if you have a problem with Royals fans bitching after 28 years of ineptness, then go live somewhere else and see if it’s any better.

      • Ultimate Dude says:

        Players losing focus and not having the ability to hit and score runs has been the biggest problem with this team, way more than Ned. When Hosmer or Bonafacio makes a lackadaisical play because they weren’t focused, which happens all too often, you probably blame Ned for that as well, right? This is my point!! The players aren’t accountable with the fanbase and I get it, its so easy to blame the manager, and I’m referencing the season as a whole more than last night, but it is easy. It’s also simpleminded. A better manager could conceivably have the Royals 5 games better than they are now. We’d be trying to stave off teams rather than catch them for a wildcard spot. But if these guys didn’t have the incredible slumps they went through in June and at other points in the season, you’re looking at possibly 10 games better than they are now with a division title probable and wildcard spot, most certain.

        I do like your “you can move away” stance though. Maybe China would be nice?


        • Kyle says:

          I don’t know why you think people have not put the blame on the players throughout the year. They were ready to send Moose to the minors early on. They have been ready to run Getz (one of Ned’s favorite’s) out of town all year, and they have been all over Butler for not producing enough. But the fact of the matter is that they are in a position to make the playoffs and Ned is pissing down his leg at crunch time. Do you honestly think anyone would be bitching about managerial decisions from last night if he would have kept Coleman in the game with his 0.35 ERA after a huge strikeout in the 6th? And if he started to falter, do you think anyone would have bitched if Hochever came in and squandered the lead? Hey, we put our best guys in and they beat us. But you can’t go down with Herrera driving the bus. It’s flat out unacceptable. Bottom line, you put your best players in position to give you a win when you’re in a playoff chase and he does not do it. It’s a pattern and most everyone can see it.

          • Ultimate Dude says:

            No one blames the players, ever. Its always Ned and sometimes deservedly so. Case in point, a week ago the Royals are the envy of every other team with their outstanding bullpen, today, the bullpen is horrible. I agree he should have never brought in Herrera, but my point is more to the season as a whole. Royals fans are wishy washy and speak outside both sides of their mouths. The one constant after every loss regardless if they score 1 run or 6 is Ned. The manager and GM will always be despised by the fans whoever it is. I choose to hold the guys at the plate and in the field accountable. They’re in the Majors for a reason, play like it. If Herrera can’t get through one inning, it reflects bad on the manager but worse on the player in my opinion.

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Dude’s got it right.

          • Kyle says:


            • nick says:

              Ned doesn’t seem to know the right times to let players play, and the times to intercede.

              Moose had a HORRIFIC slump early in the season but Moose kept playing. I’d argue his bat in the lineup cost the Royals 3-4 wins in the first half of the season. How many games did Franceur’s bat hurt us before Lough FINALLY got a chance? How many games of poor offensive output at 2nd did Ned put up with before letting Tejada play?

              Other times, Ned DOESN’T let the players do their job. Why bunt Lough last night in the 2nd inning, with Moose on 2nd and nobody out? Trust one of your speedy 7,8,9 hitters to get on base, and hopefully Gordon gets up. Why pull Smith after one batter? Why pull Coleman after one batter? Why start Jamie Carroll the night before at 3rd when Moose has been playing great the last couple months?

            • Alphonse Tooty says:

              Well, I don’t go along with his notion that the entire Royals fan base is insufferable, but he’s right about being too quick to blame the manager. I’ll bet there are more fan bases than not that think their manager is an idiot. Hell, plenty of people were calling La Russa a moron while he was winning two World Series in St. Louis.

              I’d be fine with a change in managers but I also think the manager’s moves would not be under so much scrutiny if the team could manage to score more than 3 runs a game.

              • Kyle says:

                I have actually not been very critical of Yost until the last month or so. It truly seems like he is making more bonehead decisions the more things heat up.

  13. geoknows says:

    I don’t have a clue who James Smyth is or where he dreamed up Ventura’s game score, but you don’t get an 86 unless you pitch much deeper into the game and strike out a bunch more guys. I looked it up: Ventura’s game score was 56. He did, however, throw 86 pitches; maybe that’s where he got confused. Don’t believe every tweet you read, Greg.

  14. Babe Ruthless says:

    +1 No more entries today. We have a winner. Thanks for playing everybody.

  15. Babe Ruthless says:

    my reply was intended for Kyle’s comment about the MLS. I didn’t go where it should have gone

  16. Husker82 says:

    If he can get the Defense to give up under 600 YPG and less than 30 PPG, then he can call me an F’ing F all day long. I’m annoyed with him, but that is his personality. If anything gets him fired, it will be the play of the defense and his insistance on sticking with an extremely inexperienced Defensive Coordinator. It’s easy to say, “Fire HIM”, but who do you replace him with? Are you sure you can get someone better? He’s had a record (9+ wins) that a lot of schools would be content with. As a Husker alum, my concern isn’t the losses per se, it is how badly we have been outplayed in those loses.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      This sounds a lot like, “the welts don’t hurt for very long. It’s just his personality…I could leave, but where would I go? Could I take care of me and the children?”

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