OTC: Chiefs Stonewall Seahawks & Take Over AFC West / Is KU’s FB Coaching Search Over? / Kim Anderson’s Honeymoon Cut Short By Roos

“The Broncos lost to St. Louis and the @KCChiefs just beat the Suberbowl Champs. I don’t smoke, but pass me a Camel.”
Chris Stigall, @ChrisStigall, Twitter

“Three or four weeks ago we’re talking about Denver running away with the division and locking up home-field advantage…now all of a sudden Kansas City is in position to win that division.”
Howie Long, studio analyst, Fox

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OTC: ESPN Blows The Whistle On The K’s & Arrowhead’s Food Provider Aramark

“A cook at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City used a garbage can as a place to hold his ladle when it was not being used.”
Paula Lavigne, reporter, regarding a story broadcast by ESPN’s Outside the Lines on alleged unhealthy food practices at both Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead, ESPN.com GH: Lavigne and ESPN’s Outside the Lines does what they do best with this story – ring the alarm bell loudly and shine a spotlight on the cockroaches. And in this instance – they did that literally. Read on.

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OTC: Mizzou To Play BYU At Arrowhead Next November / Is That A Good Thing?

“We made a commitment to get Tiger football back here in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. So here you’ve got a matchup of two pretty darn good teams. There are an awful lot of people around the country that are excited about this game.”
Mike Alden, discussing Mizzou’s 2015 non-conference game versus BYU at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: The game is schedule for November 14, 2015, exactly a year from tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather is a bit better next year at this time. I like that MU is stepping up their non-con schedule but why play a no-count non-con game in November when you might be in the hunt for an SEC title? Would we be excited if MU played BYU this Saturday? Meh.

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OTC: Is Alex Smith The Chiefs’ Answer Or Is He Still A Question? / Can Kim Anderson Make STL Like Mizzou?

“I don’t know that there is a great deal of difference between an Alex Smith and a Russell Wilson. They are both so well read – they are both so well prepared. They’re very smart. They’ve got very sharp eyes and quick reactions. Both incredibly bright. Although it may be a kind of a far-reaching comparison, I don’t see a great deal of difference.”
Kevin Harlan, on the two quarterbacks that will meet at Arrowhead this Sunday, 810 AM
GH: So, just how good is Alex Smith? Is he Russell Wilson good or just Game-Manager good? The opinions on this topic continue to differ. Read on.

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Off The Couch: MMQB Suggest The Chiefs Are A Mirage / Fescoe Asks If TV Broadcasters Are “White Noise”

“A win is a win, but another ugly victory in Buffalo begs the question: Are the Kansas City Chiefs really contenders in the AFC? What should we make of the Chiefs? Are they true contenders, or are they pretenders?”
Greg Bedard, MMQB columnist, SI.com
GH: Who in the AFC doesn’t have some ugly wins or visible warts? The Chiefs spanked Tom Brady so hard on MNF that Bill Belichick pulled him out of the game. I think the Chiefs are as real as the Pats. Better yet, why not ask Brady what he thinks?

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OTC: Are The Chiefs Having A Royals Like Season? / K-State Just Isn’t TCU Good / Kansas FB Fans — Really?

“I think there is something to winning these types of games. You’re not always going to have success. I think these wins are different for sure. There’s a different kind of confidence you get.”
Alex Smith, on the Chiefs 17-13 comeback win at Buffalo,  810 AM
GH: Did this comeback win by the Chiefs remind anyone else of the Royals Wild-Card win over Oakland? The Chiefs looked dead almost from the start and the crowd, the Bills’ stifling front-wall defense gave me almost no hope. But a new breeze is lilting through the Kansas City sports franchises based at the Truman Sports Complex. It has the smell of victory and hope after years of despair.

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OTC: Chiefs Trade 2015 Home Game For London & The KC Whiners Cry Loudly / Moose MVP Good?

“If you look at the history of this franchise and specifically Lamar [Hunt] and what he did and the way he approached the National Football League and the importance of the greater good, this is another example of this family following that tact and that approach. The international series is a priority for the league. It’s something that more and more teams … are playing. Therefore, more and more teams have to give up home games. We’re not the first team to give up a home game … We think it’s a great opportunity … It puts us on a global stage. Our players, our fans and the whole region should benefit.”
Mark Donovan, on the Chiefs losing a home game in 2015 due to playing the Lions in London, ESPN.com
GH: What is the big deal about the Chiefs giving up as home game to play in London? If I am a Chiefs season ticket holder, I would be far more upset with getting forced to pay for worthless preseason games twice a year.

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