OTC: Royals’ Win Streak Despite George Brett? / Lefebvre Shilltastic! / KUboobs All A Twitter

“It’s pretty clearly the easiest week of the season (home for 6 vs. MIN & HOU). If KC goes 5-1, it doesn’t mean everything’s magically fixed.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, prior to the Royals’ homestand featuring the lowly Twins and Astros, Twitter
GH: The Royals did go 5-1 and with their win Monday night over the Tigers they are on a six-game win streak. Should we be excited? Probably not. Are we excited? Hell, yes!

“Look: the Royals were 21-29 overall and 4-19 over the previous 3 1/2 weeks before (George) Brett was hired. And look: they are now 28-32 overall and 7-3 since he was hired. Magic! Brett fixed the team! His aura and his awesomeness have fixed the Royals, turned them (back?) into something resembling a playoff team! Except not really. … Look: the Royals were hitting .261 with a .314 on-base and .375 slugging percentage while averaging 4.0 runs before Brett was hired. And look: the Royals are hitting .236 with a .303 on-base and .325 slugging percentage while averaging 3.5 runs in 10 games with Brett.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: The moribund offense of the Royals is reason enough to consider the past six wins an aberration in another lost season. This team just doesn’t score runs. But their pitching is on a ridiculous professional roll – and now leads the Al in ERA.

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OTC: KC Star Debuts New Sports Columnist / KU Wins Women’s Track Title

“I’d studied (the KU/MU rivalry), interviewed people about it and been here enough over 25 years that I thought I had a sense of that pulse. Yet it’s evident I’ve got a lot more to learn about the depths of that — not to mention plenty of other things about the area.”
Vahe Gregorian, new sports columnist for The Kansas City Star
GH: Gregorian chose the topic of calling for reviving the MU/KU rivalry for his first Kansas City Star sports column. An excellent choice when you consider the role of a sports columnist is to invoke conversation, opinion and buzz about the columns he writes. But it seemed too easy and too vague for my acerbic tastes in columns. This column could have waited a week – and added more punch from his St. Louis perspective. His first column needed to make me care about who I am reading. Tell me who you are, Vahe. What’s with that name? How does Kansas City look from up close as compared to your longtime view from St. Louis? Are you a fan of any teams or has the journalism business dried all your sports passion from your fingers? Why did you make the move? What do your STL peeps think about you heading west? What are your goals as a KC sports columnist? Who is the big cheese at the Star’s sports desk – you (as the old guy) or Mellinger (as the established guy)? I have lots of questions. You up for an OTC interview? Let’s talk.

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OTC: Andy Reid Is Lucky To Be In Kansas City / Enjoy Tom Watson While We Can

“Andy Reid is comfortable in his own skin. He knows what it’s like to have the heat put on him as an NFL coach.”
Stan Weber, on the Chiefs head coach, 810 AM
GH: How much heat will Reid feel here in Kansas City compared to the firestorm of media that he faced for 14 years in Philadelphia? Are we just happy he picked us? Kind of like the homely guy who finally gets a date with the cheerleader? Read on.

“This is just a great place to be. It’s refreshing to him. This is a great football city. Philadelphia is great, too, but it’s tough. In Philadelphia, they’re passionate and intense. In Kansas City, people are just as passionate but not quite as intense.”
Dick Vermeil, on why he promoted Reid for the Chiefs’ head coaching job, Kansas City Star
GH: I am not a great fan of Kansas City being a “not quite as intense” kind of place when compared to Philly. I hope Reid sees his new town as a place that demands winning every bit as much as they do on the east coast.

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OTC: KK Thinks Brett Sounds Like Royals New Manager / GH Thinks KK Sounds Like KK

“If you haven’t heard (George Brett’s press conference) you need to go listen to the podcast on our website. It is amazing! George Brett sounded like he is the manager! … How in the world is Ned Yost going to take what I just heard today?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: You can hear Brett’s press conference with the Kansas City media by clicking here. Judge for yourself if George Brett sounded like he was usurping the role of the Royals’ managerial job from Ned Yost. I didn’t hear any of that from Brett – but it would not be the first time KK and I listened to the same audio and came away with polar-opposite opinions. Read on.

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OTC: Should The Royals Start Over? / Realignment Strengthened The B12 / NBA Time Is Now

“This year feels like the first year we have a chance to compete from the first day to the last day… The starting rotation certainly gives us hope and a lot more consistency.”
Dayton Moore, prior to the start of spring training, Royalsreview.com
GH: As the Royals open an important home stand against the Twins, Astros and Tigers, it again appears that the Royals’ season is in the balance – and that is being kind. Many have already written off the Royals after an 8-20 month of May. It is panic time for the Royals. They need to win six of the nine home games to even feel good about themselves. A poor homestand should result in major changes. Read on.

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