Take 5: A Trip To The K In May Is One Of Kansas City’s Best Gifts / Despite The Outcome

A windy but pleasant 80-degree night with the Royals in town to face Liberty’s Scott Carroll and his Chicago White Sox added up to more than enough reasons to head to Kauffman Stadium Monday evening. Here are some thoughts from my night at The K.

  • The Royals have done an excellent job of training their stadium staff on friendliness. I can remember many visits to Royals Stadium in the ‘80s and ‘90s where the parking lot attendants treated you like the enemy. I had my fender banged on a handful of times by overzealous hand waivers by then who did not appreciate my attempts at freelance parking. Every person who we came in contact with Monday evening from the lady at the parking entrance, to the security checker, to the ticket scanner to the hosts inside the Diamond Club wore a smile and greeted us with a sincere, “Welcome to The K.”

  • The security line to just get into the stadium was a joke. I understand that we now live in a terrorist-driven mentality when it comes to large gatherings of people. But open more gates and have more personnel available to check the fans who just want to get inside and find their seat. There were TWO men checking fans at the main gate Monday. Two.


  • My security line was held up when a black male in his late 20s was asked to empty his pockets od all items and electronics and then received a thorough search of his person. The guy behind me muttered, “Is this really necessary?” to no one in particular. The next five fans to enter (all of us middle-age white guys) where simply asked to remove our baseball cap (if we wore one) and then greeted with, “Welcome to The K.” This was a very small sample size but the message was obvious. The P&L might not have anything on The K when it comes to racial profiling.


  • The wind out of the south Monday night was Oz like. The flags up above the right-field stands were starched and rippling from the first pitch. The White Sox took advantage of the wind with two homers to left and one dong to straight-away center. The Royals Billy Butler doubled deep to center but no other Royals’ player came close to doing what three Sox players did with ease.


  • I would think the patrons who have purchased seats in the Diamond Club should be treated to a better cheese burger than the one I was served for $13. It tasted like typical stadium burgers – cheap and chewy. What is The K’s signature food item? Boulevard Beer?


  • Outdoor baseball at The K in May is one of Kansas City’s more pleasant ways to spend an evening. Over 16K folks showed up on a Monday to enjoy the weather and a ball game. None of them seemed too upset with how frustrating this one turned out. Royals fans and Chiefs fans differ greatly in this sense.


  • A guy from Detroit let everyone know in the men’s room he was rooting for the Royals. “The White Sox suck!” he slurred.


  • The audio from the PA system is almost indistinguishable in the Diamond Club. So we get to pay more and hear less? Get that fixed, Royals.


  • MLB’s relaxed ruling on showing replays is not being taken full advantage of at The K. I don’t know if this is how all stadiums conduct their replays on the video board but the Royals still don’t understand how to use this tool. I do not want to see close-ups of Escobar as he legs out a booted grounder. I want to see the boot.


  • While the stadium cameras were panning the crowd to identify “The Fan of the Game,” one guy mistook his time on the big screen as the Kiss Cam. He leaned over and sloppily licked the side of his date’s face. She was not pleased.


  • The kid shagging foul balls down the left-field line has some game. He moves well on and off his stool. The Royals need to keep an eye on his progress. He might be a better prospect than Bubba right now.


  • This is old news but even with lousy audio the chick they are using as a stadium MC is a mess. She is almost as annoying as that red-head spokesperson Wendy’s hired to make everyone hate their restaurants.


  • If you’re going to go live to the Little K to show us a kid playing home-run derby, make sure the kid has some pop in his/her plastic thumper bat. The young girl who was selected Monday night was so bad she was almost in tears when she finished. Who thinks that is fun?


  • The shuttle driver who drove us to our parked car said she had been trying to get this gig for three seasons. She said last week was a bitch with all the cold weather and rain. When I asked her how many drunks she has to escort she said it’s not bad early in the week but it gets much worse as the weekend approaches. “Sorority parties are some of the worst,” she added.


  • Get out to The K this month and enjoy the weather, the scenery and the simpleness of baseball. Despite this franchise’s many faults, not even they can screw up the serenity of an outdoor ball game.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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35 Responses to Take 5: A Trip To The K In May Is One Of Kansas City’s Best Gifts / Despite The Outcome

  1. tiad says:

    Yes, what’s with removing caps now? Pretty soon it will the shoes, just like the airport.

  2. Tigerpiper says:

    Crown seats’ food is pretty good, and I am a good food fan. It is also plentiful. Dude I was with said he counted 3800 calories on a phone app. I would add a feature to that app that blew the phone up when it exceeded 2500 calories for a meal.

    • Greg Hall says:

      While the burger was very ordinary, the fries were hot and tasty. The side of BBQ sauce I asked for was also well above my low expectations.

  3. Chuzzwuzzer says:

    It’s a great place to see a game if your favorite team is visiting however….Twins…Tigers…Cardinals. Good teams.

    I realize the concept is a foreign one.

  4. Brummy says:

    Greg, you run in marathons but cant walk to your car? 🙂

    • Tigerpiper says:

      too wasted

    • Greg Hall says:

      Brummy, We just happened to time our stadium exit with the arrival of a pretty lady with an empty shuttle. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity or the conversation. When I was young and poor, I used to NEVER park in the pay lot. I always parked in a nearby neighborhood or one of the hotels and walked across the road to get to the stadium. I beleive the caped Royals’ Super Fan Chris still practices this cost-saving ploy.

  5. Will says:

    The Royals Billy Butler doubled deep to center but no other Royals’ player came close to doing what three Sox players did with ease.

    After watching the middle of the line-up (our franchise players) take mighty cuts last night in the 9th inning trying to hit a walk-off HR the problem is obvious that they are “trying” to hit home runs. That only works in home run contests and beer league softball right?

    Their domes are so messed up.

  6. tiad says:

    Well, Greg, shame on you for spending $13 on that cheeseburger. I’ll go to a game with free tickets – or cheap StubHub tickets – but I won’t spend a dime on concessions. Besides, I can still bring in my own sack of Gates BBQ (beef on bun with fries)!

    • Greg Hall says:

      tiad, Yeah, I was not proud of that purchase. I did hit them up for my one free refill of Diet Pepsi though…and I stole the plastic cup!

  7. JFP says:

    I was out there with my family last night as well. First game at The K in a couple years. Nice weather and all, but the concession prices are insane, even with expecting high prices when you walk in. $13.75 for the “combo” of two hot dogs and a soda. Yikes. Plenty of other choices were equally as jaw-dropping.

  8. Juan Pablo says:

    It is not a gift Greg, It cost way too much to go to a Royals game. You are nuts. For a family of 4 to get some decent seats and a little to eat and drink it will cost about $150 +. Like most pro sports the middle class cannot afford to go much. We have more fun going to a KU baseball games. Free parking $5 to get in , Kids love it.

    Since the KC media never puts any positive stories about KU , FYI KU baseball is having a great year ended up 3 rd in Big 12 and ranked in top 25. Playing in Big 12 tournament and should make the NCAA tournament.

    KSU was picked to be first in Big 12 they ended up in last place just like Missouri baseball also finished last place in the SEC , Both teams seasons are over as they did not make their conference tournaments.

    • mike t. says:

      caught part of a KU baseball game on TV several weeks back. I think they were playing Baylor. KU looked good in a tight game.

    • BS says:

      you are doing it wrong if you spend $150. i sell tickets in the parking lot every night. generally 4 nights out of 5 you can get hyvee box seats for $10 or less per ticket in the parking lot. parking is $11. $50 for 3 hours of entertainment is reasonable. the stadium lets you bring in your own bottled water and snacks.

    • Greg Hall says:

      JP, Tix for the ChiSox game Monday night were $8 in the upper infield seats. I enjoy HS and college events as well. But treating yourself to a MLB game in KC is still affordable if you plan ahead.

  9. BlackJack says:

    “Get out to The K this month and enjoy the weather, the scenery and the simpleness of baseball. Despite this franchise’s many faults, not even they can screw up the serenity of an outdoor ball game.”

    Sorry Greg, I am taking my $$ and business to Sporting Park. The weather is just as nice there, Soccer is more fun than baseball, plus SKC is actually serious about having winning seasons (the past 2 games not withstanding!)

    • Richard Cranium says:

      However then you have to hang out with all the dipshits with goofy hats and breath that smell like knockoff sugarless euro-gum. Soccer fans are the worst. Go chant in a hat meat boiler.

      • BlackJack says:

        Then stay home like the d-bag hater that you are. Don’t need any more bangwagoners anyways – Sporting Park sold out every game.

        A bonus: Sporting Park also best place for observing, ahem 18-25yr old females in short-shorts.

      • Futbol Duche says:

        But…but…but Richard… Don’t you want to love soccer liek the rest of us? Don’t you want to feel Euro? Don’t you want to feel progressive like BlackJack and I? please watch a game at our place in our Brookside or Valentine home.

        • BlackJack says:

          Futbol Douche, you can feel free to join me for the next SKC watch game this Friday. Except, I live in Olathe, not Brookside, and no Euro beverages or Spanish tapas, just good old Boulevard Pale Ale and BBQ.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Baseball is pretty boring and soccer is more boring than baseball. Most people that go to SKC have no idea who is on the team, can name the team they are playing or even name another player in the league. . SKC is just safe place for soccer moms to take their kids, Its a bunch of boring people that all look the same in the stands.

      • BlackJack says:

        Juan, have you actually ever even been to an SKC game – I thought not. Funny, but you are actually describing most Royals fans that go to the games at the K. Kevin Keitzman was describing when he was at the game on Saturday, there was actually some lady reading a magazine. And half the parents that are there are just there to take little Johnny or Susie to the ‘Little K’ or play on the jungle gym while the game is going on.

        Maybe you don’t like the scarves or the dumb hats, but trust me – the overwhelming majority of fans at SKC games are in their seats, paying attention to game, and are well-aware of who is on the field.

        But I understand you are just spouting off a bunch of crap to get a reaction..

  10. Fred Flintstone says:

    Yeah, but did you know that Missourah beat KU in women’s softball last weekend? The Border War returns! And just like every other time that Missourah beat KU in athletics, they promptly went out and lost to Nebraska (I believe) to end their season. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Beating KU is the pinnacle of MU’s season….nothing else to play for.

  11. Hot Carl says:

    The Royals still suck. I guess it’s nice we’re now a .500 team and not absolute bottom-dwellers but at the end of the season what’s the difference? Fuck this team and fuck their owner. I still can’t believe how this once proud franchised has been sodomized by the Glass family all these years. Not only am I no longer a Royals fan I can’t stand baseball. Thank you strikes and the Glass family!

  12. Ron says:

    All the people who won’t go the Royals games unless they have free tickets and brag about not spending any money on food or souvenirs are probably the same people who want the Royals to spend $15 million on a big name player who can hit 40 homers. How hypocritical is that? It’s quite popular to hate on baseball these days. KK does it nearly every day on the radio. His legions of listeners take the cue and make his every opinion their own. People love to brag on this blog that they never go to a game and hate baseball with a passion. Kinda weird for a bunch of sports fans. KC is one sick town. I hate to admit it, but I think KK is behind most of this baseball-hating. He’s convinced everyone that football is king, and if you love football you have to hate baseball. Back in the old days, people actually liked both the Royals and the Chiefs. Strange concept, I know.

    • Jim says:

      Ron, I think it’s more of a choice people make to get the most bang for their buck. The product the Royals has trotted on the field the last 20 years has been horrendous. I mean God awful! You can be a Royals fan and still decide NOT to go to The K because what you are getting for your dollar isn’t worth it. Some people consider spending their hard earned money on a franchise that hasn’t given a damn about winning since the 80’s a very rational decision. As a side note, many people might consider a $6.75 bottle of water and a $10 beer outrageous and refuse to be fleeced by this kind of pricing. Doesn’t make them a bad fan. Just means they really don’t want to spend $27/gallon for water. BTW – The amount of money that The Royals make from revenue sharing and their TV contract or not predicated on how many butts are in the seats. Many sources believe that these two revenue streams cover the Royals entire payroll without a single fan coming through the gates or a single hot dog sold.

  13. tiad says:

    Golly, Ron, I guess I could just make a charitable contribution to the team isntead, so that the poor owner and GM can afford to put a winning team on the field. Where do I contribute, and where’s the tax write-off form for that?

  14. Rico_suave says:

    great nite yesterday – Jordana bringing it . for a while anyway..

    btw.. a black female security guard busted the older White guy in front of me.. for carrying a pocket knife!

    He had to walk back to his car to leave it there…wouldn’t let him take it in.

    works both ways

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