Win 10 Tix For Chargers/Chiefs Game Nov. 24 & Kick Cancer In The Butt!

Andrew Somora was just a guy like many of you who started reading my OTC column years ago and for some reason just kept following me around to the different newspapers and websites I frequented. I’m not saying Andrew was a bright guy. But he was a helluva nice guy. This photo of Andrew and me was taken in June of 2011. By October Andrew was dead.

I met Andrew after he emailed me back in 2011 after I ran my first Boston Marathon. He had recently been diagnosed with rectal cancer and he said my words inspired him to get well and run another marathon. Turns out my words were not enough as Andrew didn’t make it. His wife, Julie, started the Andrew Somora Foundation to increase the public’s awareness of how to identify colon cancer early and to fight this insidious disease known as cancer.

The Ultimate Kansas City Chiefs’ Tailgate Experience! 

Julie has also managed to put together an attractive raffle that should appeal to all Chiefs fans. Here are the particulars. Thanks to the generosity of TWT Refrigerated Service and System Transport, Inc., we have the opportunity to provide one lucky person The Ultimate Kansas City Chiefs’ Tailgate Experience!

What’s included:

  • 10 Lower Level tickets to the Chiefs v. Chargers on November 24th, 2013 – Section 122 Rows 34 (Seats 18-23) and 35 (Seats 20-23) and a tailgate for up to 50 people!
  • Bus (includes TV, sound system and bathroom – so no port-a-potty needed!)
  • Tailgate Meal – Catered by Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ
  • Bartender and waitress to handle food and drink – Beer – Coors Light, KC Pils, Boulevard Wheat and
  • Boulevard Bob’s 47 Oktoberfest – Bloody Marys
  • Appearance by 2 Chiefs cheerleaders for photo opportunities.
  • Bus will be at the stadium at 9am on Sunday.

If interested, you can go to:

and purchase one or more raffle tickets for a chance to win this amazing prize package!

1 Ticket – $25.00
2 Tickets – $50.00
3 Tickets – $75.00
6 Tickets – $100.00
8 Tickets – $125.00

Again, TWT Refrigerated Services and System Transport, Inc. have generously donated this amazing experience so all money raised by this raffle goes to the Andrew J. Somora Foundation to help us continue to make a positive impact on the lives of people facing colon cancer AND hopefully prevent others from ever having to face this disease.

Tickets will be available online until November 1st – the winner will be announced on Monday, November 4th – in order to give the winner plenty of time to plan for their big day.

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2 Responses to Win 10 Tix For Chargers/Chiefs Game Nov. 24 & Kick Cancer In The Butt!

  1. Matchy says:

    Greg- I’m one of those guys who has followed you for years. So sorry to hear about this man.

    Whatever I can do – I’m on it.

    And please- i could give two shits about tix- but would like to contribute.

  2. Greg Hall says:

    Matchy, I sent you an email. Thanks so much for your support.

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